Dear all

The X2Go project is proud to announce its bundle release of X2Go
components called

   X2Go Saimaa (ESR)

X2Go Saimaa is (arguably) the fifth bundle release in the history of the X2Go

This time around, the acronym "ESR" stands for "Extended Security Release".

Deviating from previous bundle releases, Saimaa will at most get security fixes
if necessary and only contain core packages. Users who require non-core packages
will need to also use the release repositories and set up their system to
prioritize the Saimaa repository or codename accordingly.

This release is deliberately published before the upcoming, soonish big updates
of nx-libs (switching to the version as developed within the Arctica Project for
the past few years) and X2Go Server

If you do NOT want to be automatically switched to the new, less-well tested
versions of these core packages when they are released and prefer to stay on the
current code base for a while until you have evaluated the new package's
stability and usability for you, migrate to the Saimaa codename/repositories 

For further information visit the wiki page:



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