Dear all

The X2Go project is proud to announce a new release of the X2Go
component ,,x2goclient''.

New gains of this version of ,,x2goclient'' are:

  o authentication bug fixes
  o only support single display settings if machine has more than one display
  o Xinerama support with X2Go Server
  o new --broker-logout-button functionality that can be used to switch to
    another broker after the initial authorization

The X2Go project thanks Walid Moghrabi for his valuable input and submitted 

X2Go Component: x2goclient
Timestamp: 1518727111
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 21:38:31 +0100
Fixes these bug report(s): 408 559 1122 1209 1214 1227
 x2goclient ( RELEASED; urgency=medium
   [ Mihai Moldovan ]
   * New upstream version (
     - src/pulsemanager.cpp: print out PA --version output as a debug message.
     - also bundle xauth binary as nxauth binary.
     - switch to bundling PulseAudio 11.1 since it's now available
       in MacPorts.
     - src/sshmasterconnection.cpp: don't ask for private key passphrase if
       auto-login merely failed due to the server denying the public key.
       Fixes: #1122.
     - src/{httpbrokerclient,onmainwindow,sshmasterconnection}.{cpp,h}:
       introduce new passphrase_type enum and replace the old verificationCode
       boolean value with that. Allows using more messages, including a new one
       for plain password prompts. Adapt usage accordingly. The implementation
       is ugly, but there's no good way around that (short of using C++11
       features). The enum would really logically belong to ONMainWindow, but
       since we also have to use it in SshMasterConnection, that may not
       include onmainwindow.h to avoid a circular dependency, it has to be
       part of SshMasterConnection for now.
     - src/sshmasterconnection.cpp: query for password if it wasn't already
       provided. Fixes: #1122. This usually happens if auto-login is enabled,
       which bypasses the password prompt. If auto-login fails, authentication
       normally continues via challenge auth or plain passwords, but since
       users had no chance to input a password, such authentication will always
       fail. Give users a way to enter passwords, in case the auto-login
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: finally include version information in debug
     - res/i18n/x2goclient_*.ts: apply last change to translation files
     - src/sshmasterconnection.cpp: error out with a useful error message in
       case no password has been provided when doing password authentication.
     - src/sshmasterconnection.cpp: don't output an empty error message if
       password authencation has been requested but the server does not support
       this mechanism. Fixes: #408.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: wrap user name for client-side mounts in quotes.
       Fixes: #559. Will fail with user names that contain quotes, but oh
     - {example/x2goclient-cli,src/onmainwindow.cpp}: remove hopefully obsolete
       HOSTNAME exporting into environment.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: remove client-side LD_LIBRARY_PATH meddling.
       Nothing of value is in that directory and nxproxy hasn't needed that for
     - src/settingswidgets.cpp: don't incorrectly enable whole display settings
       in single display setups. Let debugging mode override this behavior,
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: pass X2GO_RANDR_XINERAMA=[yes,no] to
       x2gostartagent as an environment variable based upon the xinerama
       session setting. Has no effect when connecting to older X2Go Server
       versions and handles startup correctly with X2Go Server
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: fix another leaked X2goSettings object.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: rename xinerama env variable on session startup to
       X2GO_XINERAMA in accordance with server changes.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: supply xinerama option as another parameter to
       x2goresume-session on session resume.
     - src/sessionbutton.cpp: make button non-sensitive in bottom right part if
       it's editable. Fixes: #1214.
     - {src/{help.cpp,onmainwindow.{cpp,h}},man/man1/x2goclient.1}: reformat,
       whitespace fixes, split out close button slot in a separate function.
     - src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: let close button be a member variable.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: disable and enable close button during and after
       connection startup.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: initialize directRDP to false to be able to call
       slotSuspendSessFromSt () even if no session has previously been started.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: only initialize directRDP variable if platform is
       Linux. Fixes compile failures on Windows and OS X.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: always create close button, but either hide or
       show it based upon whether --closebt was provided or not.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: revert 3060183a78d8b6bd81bec9968c985c38bfd1e5c2.
       Being able to suspend sessions via the close button is complex and
       unnecessary, since in thinclient mode, for which this feature is
       useful, users will not be able to see the client window while a session
       is executing, due to it running in full screen mode.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: always enable close button, let it log out from a
       broker if already authenticated or close the client on click. Fixes:
     - man/man1/x2goclient.1: clarify what the close button now does. It either
       lets the user re-login to the broker or closes the client.
     - src/onmainwindow.cpp: correctly initialize brokerAuthentication member
       of ConfigFile struct.
     - {res/{img/png/close-button.png,resources.qrc},
        man/man1/x2goclient.1}: rename close button to broker logout button.
       Reimplement the way it is shown - disable it upon startup and only
       enable it after successful broker authentication.
     - man/man1/x2goclient.1: add missing escape signs before dash/minus
   [ Oleksandr Shneyder ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Change echo mode for user input in InteractionDialog.
   [ Walid Moghrabi ]
   * New upstream version (
     - {res/img/png/,res/resources.qrc}: add close-button.png file.
     - {src/{help.cpp,onmainwindow.{cpp,h}},man/man1/x2goclient.1}: add new
       option --closebt. Fixes: #1227. Adds a close button in the top-left
       client corner (maybe next to the halt button) that currently just
       terminates the client.


Mihai Moldovan

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