Dear $ALL,

since nobody has replied to the call for volunteers for the IT-Kongress
event (see
and since we've lost a sponsor, compared to the previous years, it is
very likely that X2Go: The Gathering 2018 will have to take place at
Stuttgart's hackerspace "shackspace" (<>) - "will
have to" meaning that we're out of suitable alternatives due to both
time/volunteer staff as well as financial constraints.  Thus, there will
be no voting period regarding the location this year, we'll simply have
to pick the only option that seems to be left at the moment.

The last-resort fallback option would be Ulm's youth hostel (both as an
event location as well as for sleeping arrangements), but this would
mean groups of 4 people would have to share one room, as they do not
offer smaller rooms - which, judging from previous years' feedback, is
not a situation most of our participants would be happy with.  This is
why we're not offering a poll with Stuttgart and Ulm as options.

For Stuttgart, we're looking at a hostel-like place that offers single
and double rooms, as well as at a hotel nearby, for people that prefer a
higher-quality sleeping arrangement.  Details will be published on the
Wiki at <> as
soon as the two sites have confirmed room availability and replied with
their booking cancellation terms.

Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur
(with my X2Go Event Planner hat on)

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