Dear all

The X2Go project is proud to announce a new release of the X2Go
component ,,x2godesktopsharing''.

New gains of this version of ,,x2godesktopsharing'' are:

  o port to Qt5 (only SLES 11.x builds continue to use Qt4)
  o move x2goserver-related functionality to X2Go Server
  o support installation-time configuration via debconf (questions about package
    setup) and defaults for RPM-based distributions
  o build fixed for newer CentOS/Fedora versions
  o updated translations

The X2Go Project thanks Ricardo Díaz, Robert Parts, Ruda Vallo and Sébastien
Ducoulombier for improving the internationalization support of our software.

Since some functionality has been moved into X2Go Server, please wait for the
X2Go Server (or higher) release BEFORE you update this package.

This package now contains the graphical interface only. It will be more or less
useless without the proper x2goserver integration.

X2Go Component: x2godesktopsharing
Timestamp: 1543377632
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2018 05:00:32 +0100
 x2godesktopsharing ( RELEASED; urgency=medium
   [ Mihai Moldovan ]
   * New upstream version (
     - sharetray.cpp: fix misleading if indentation warning.
     - sharetray.cpp: fix another misleading if indentation warning.
     - accessdialog.cpp: re-enable Qt4 compatibility.
     - misc: pre-release copyright updates.
     - misc: fix Oleksandrs mail address and last name.
     - misc: fix links and switch to HTTPS URLs where appropriate.
   * x2godesktopsharing.spec:
     + Pull in redhat-rpm-config manually. This should probably be done by
       something else, like... gcc or qmake or qt(4)-dev, but it isn't.
     + Whitespace only.
     + Add Pre-dependencies on shadow/pwdutils/shadow-utils for scriptlets.
     + Remove obsolete EPEL 5 support.
     + Whitespace only.
     + Build against Qt5.
     + Use qmake-qt5 globally.
     + Call lrelease before running qmake.
     + We actually care about SLE{S,D} 11.x still... fixup comment.
     + Fix lrelease-qt5 call (missing number).
     + Use Qt4 for SLES 11.x builds.
     + Remove first erroneous Group line.
   [ Mike Gabriel ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Drop KDevelop configuration files.
     - Define TARGET as x2godesktopsharing.
     - simplelocalsocket.cpp: Stop using deprecated QString::toAscii() function
       (replace it by toLatin1()).
     - Drop build cruft (moc_listdialog.cpp).
     - Add possibility to have a system-wide settings file in
       /etc/x2godesktopsharing/settings. The user preferences always
       supersede the system-wide settings, so system-wide settings can
       act as a default set of settings, but not as a limitation to the user.
     - Make the desktop sharing group configurable system-wide and by the user.
     - man/man8/x2goterminate-desktopsharing.8: Grammar fix.
     - resources.qrc: Rename file from resources.rcc.
     - Replace QMessageBox based access dialog by a QDialog based access dialog.
       QMessageBox in Qt5 is not suitable for adding a QCheckBox widget into it
     - Rephrase notifications (we need a i18n run already anyway...).
     - Add a soothing notification to the local user when the local user
       actively disconnects the remote user.
     - Don't create empty parameters in .x2godesktopsharing/settings as
       '<param>=@Invalid()' but really as empty strings.
     - Fix auto-accept and auto-deny based on whitelists and blacklist.
       Regression fix for Git commit ef3dfac2.
     - Drop forgotten-to-remove man8 man pages (moved over to x2goserver
     - Re-generate .ts translation files (run Qt5's lupdate).
     - dlg.ui: Update the about dialog.
     - Fix copyright headers (development started in 2006, not 2009).
     - Drop Oleksandr and Heinz from the x2godesktopsharing.features file. No
       work contributed by them.
     - Update Oleksandr's mail address in all headers etc.
     - i18n: Update German translation.
     - Update upstream version string in man page and sharetray.cpp.
     - White-space cleanup.
     - (et al.): Integration Czech translation file into
     - Drop all type="obsolete" and type="unfinished" tags from Czech
       translation file.
       Probably not wanted by the translator.
   * debian/*:
     + Convert to DH packaging style. Build against Qt5.
   * debian/control:
     + Bump Standards-Version: to 4.2.1. No changes needed.
     + Use https:// URLs in Vcs-Browser: and Homepage: fields.
     + Drop empty R field.
   * debian/rules:
     + Add dh_clean override, so that the build dir gets tidied up
       properly after build (this really needs to go into the qmake
       .pro file, but debian/rules is easier...).
     + Pass-through of compiler flags to qmake call.
     + Run lrelease during auto-configure. Make sure all resources are available
       for building the executable.
   * debian/
     + Drop file. The menu file is not allowed if a .desktop file is present.
   * debian/<debconf>:
     + Add debconf configuration dialogs that facilitate setting the system-wide
       default desktop sharing user.
     + Add two more questions asking for auto-start on logon and auto-activation
       on logon.of X2Go Desktop Sharing applet.
   * debian/copyright:
     + Turn into DEP-5 copyright file format style.
     + Update copyright attributions.
   * debian/x2godesktopsharing.install: Add EOL at EOF.
   * x2godesktopsharing.spec:
     + Don't try to copy scripts from bin/* into buildroot. They are gone now.
     + Package needs to own /usr/share/x2go/versions.
     + Also bump upstream version (again) in .spec file.
   [ Ricardo Díaz ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Update Spanish translation file.
   [ Robert Parts ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Update Estonian translation file.
   [ Ruda Vallo ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Initial translation of X2Go Desktop Sharing to Czech.
     - Update Czech translation file.
   [ Sébastien Ducoulombier ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Update French translation file.


Mihai Moldovan

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