Dear all

The X2Go project is proud to announce a new release of the X2Go
component ,,x2gobroker''.

New gains of this version of ,,x2gobroker'' are:

  o supports offline builds
  o make builds reproducible, patch by Chris Lamb
  o new WSGI symlink as /usr/lib{,exec}/x2gobroker/wsgi/x2gobroker-wsgi
    (whatever location is appropriate) to x2gobroker-wsgi in the bindir
  o agent's host key policy now configurable globally, per backend and per
    session, defaulting to rejecting unknown host keys; potentially backwards
    incompatible, since the old default was to print a log file warning but
    accept it!
  o misc. bug fixes
  o updated translations (fetched from Debian)

The X2Go project thanks Linnea Skogtvedt and Chris Lamb for their valuable input
and submitted work.

X2Go Component: x2gobroker
Timestamp: 1555918018
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2019 09:26:58 +0200
 x2gobroker ( RELEASED; urgency=medium
   [ Mike Gabriel ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Makefile.docupload: Ignore clean failures. Helpful to Debian package
       build chain.
     - Fix some man page typos.
     - x2gobroker/ Support offline builds with no DNS or other
       means of hostname resolution..
     - sbin/x2gobroker-keygen: Fix call to
       x2gobroker.utils.get_fingerprint_with_colons(). Thanks to Linnea
       Skogtvedt for spotting and reporting this.
     - Make builds reproducible. Thanks to Chris Lamb for providing a patch.
       (See Debian bug #922137).
     - Correctly initialize the loggers when using x2gobroker via WSGI in
     - x2gobroker-wsgi: Place WSGI script symlink (pointing to
       <BINDIR>/x2gobroker) into a dedicated folder and configure Apache2
       to use WSGIScriptAlias from that folder. (See Debian bug #922040).
     - sbin/x2gobroker-testagent: Fix retrieval of available tasks.
     - Permit `asyncio` to create event loops on any thread (required on
       multithreaded WSGI servers using Python 3).
     - Make remote agent's SSH HostKey policy configurable globally,
       backend-wise and per session profile. Fallback to RejectPolicy by
       default. (See Debian bug #922314).
     - x2gobroker/ Assure that remote_agent['host_key_policy'] is
       always the name of the Parmiko MissingHostKeyPolicy, not the class object
     - sbin/x2gobroker-testagent: Fix indentation, set 'host_key_policy' as a
       string (not class).
     - etc/x2gobroker.conf: Update info about default-agent-hostkey-policy
   * debian/po:
     + Adopt debconf translations from Debian.
   [ Linnea Skogtvedt ]
   * New upstream version (
     - x2gobroker/brokers/ Log IP address of authentication
       attempts. (See Debian bug #922458).
   [ Mihai Moldovan ]
   * New upstream version (
     - man/*: update date and version stamps pre-release.
   * x2gobroker.spec:
     + Install new wsgi symlink for %{_bindir}/x2gobroker-wsgi.
     + Fix wsgi symlink location.
     + Also own %{_libexecdir}/x2gobroker (in wsgi package, for now).
     + Also own %{_libexecdir}/x2gobroker/wsgi (in wsgi package).
     + Switch to python36 on EPEL 7.


Mihai Moldovan

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