The X2Go Debian repository for the codename "stretch" and component "main"
contained a few packages that were not meant for end-user, but internal
package-building usage.

These packages have now been removed.

Please check your installation for the following packages and their binary

│     Source Package    │         Version         │
│          rpm          │ │
│        libcomps       │      0.1.11-0x2go1      │
│        librepo        │      1.10.5-0x2go1      │
│        libsolv        │     0.6.35-3.0x2go1     │
│ gobject-introspection │     1.50.0-1.1x2go1     │

The corresponding binary packages have the same version number, so identifying
them should be easy.

If any such packages are installed on your system, please remove them and
reinstall the packages from your downstream distribution again.

Note: these packages did not pose a security risk. They are either backports
from a newer Debian version (rebuilt for Stretch), new packages or slightly
modified ones with fixes backported to the original package version. If you use
them, they might be incompatible with your original data, though

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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