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 To get started you'll need to configure your local system to access the 
official X2Go Debian repository. Please keep in mind that this installation 
manual will guide you through the installation on a Debian wheezy (jessie, 
stretch, sid) system. The repository will basically offer you packages for i386 
and amd64 architectures.
__Exceptions:__ - * **Debian lenny:** If you really use X2Go under Debian lenny and require us to provide recent X2Go versions
for lenny, then you have to contract us to do that. The lenny packages will be 
removed from our archives at the end of 2013.
   * **Debian squeeze: **X2Go packages will be offered for Debian squeeze at 
least until squeeze is still officially supported as ''oldstable'' by the 
Debian project.
   * **ARM architecture:** for Debian squeeze and wheezy on ARM-based 
(Debian/armel) devices we provide (currently outdated) client-side packages 
(x2goclient, pyhoca-gui, pyhoca-cli plus dependencies). No nightly-builds, no 
server packages, though.
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