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 **[[http://www.washington.edu/|University of Washington]]**
Another donation (not a new donation, actually, as we still have some money left from their last year's donation) came from the [[http://www.washington.edu|University of Washington]] - part of their money will be used to cover travel expenses and accomodation of our US-based core developer Mike 'Mike#2' DePaulo, if he can make it, with the remainder of the donation being
used for paid code (and hopefully, documentation) improvements of X2Go.
- [[http://cfd.direct|{{:events:sponsor-cfd-direct-logo.png?nolink|}}]]
And finally, [[http://cfd.direct|CFD.direct]], the sponsors of our cloud-based macOS build servers, have also agreed to sponsor this event with an additional 500 EUR.

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