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New Revision: https://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/doc:howto:tce
Edit Summary: [List of open ToDos/FIXMEs for this page] added bug for 
minidesktop and ssh private keys
User        : stefanbaur

@@ -1150,8 +1150,10 @@
     * If a session is set to "Try auto login (via SSH Agent or default SSH 
key)" and NO keyfile is set, then X2GoClient will try **all** secret keys in .ssh. 
Showing a password prompt if a key is password-protected is handled by X2GoClient, so 
needs no extra work.
     * To specify a keyfile, either:
       * use ''~/.ssh/keyfilename'' as path and use ''copysecring'', or
       * do not use
''copysecring'' and use ''/media/vendor_model_name/sdxn/path/to/keyfile'' as 
keyfile path/name
+ + FIXME copying ssh private keys seems to fail in MiniDesktop-Mode - possibly because of the priming/pruning/cleanup action performed on the homedirectory by the minidesktop init scripts? FIXME 2200-xserver-xorg-getxorgconf should be taught to understand file:<nowiki>//</nowiki> URLs. FIXME Parsing the output of e.g. <code>udevadm info --query path /dev/sdb

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