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+ | 
Thomas-Krenn LESv3 ]] |  Intel Celeron N3160 , 4 Core, 1.6 - 2.24GHz, 
Dual-HDMI-out, Single DisplayPort-Out, Analog Audio out, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, 
several USB3 ports, RS232 Serial Port, fanless, diskless by default (but allows 
internal SSD mounts). | Requires Debian-Stretch-based TCE - will not work
smoothly with Jessie or older (gfx hardware too new to be fully supported by 
Jessie and older). No problems with Stretch. When using HDMI out, you need to 
specify ''audioout=list'' and pick the proper boot parameter value from the 
console output on /dev/tty8 if you want to use sound via HDMI - the default is 
the analog audio jack. When using DisplayPort, depending on the screen used, 
you may need to specify boot parameters ''earlyblankdpmsfix'' or 
''blankdpmsfix''. This issue is not the LESv3's fault, but a general issue some 
screens have when using DisplayPort - HDMI is unaffected. According to the 
manufacturer, it is possible to run this client with three screens if you 
attach a DisplayPort-VGA-Converter to the DisplayPort output. Lacking such an 
adapter ourselves, we did not test this functionality. We did test 
single-screen DisplayPort and single- as well as dual-screen HDMI. | ~250 + Tax 
including ram, power supply, casing, but without optional SSD |
 D945GSEJT]] | + Fanless \\ - No Dual-Link DVI | Didn't work: x2Go was not able to 
connect the server and crashed a lot (unstable version?). Used Ubuntu & 
live-build (morty) | [[http://www.cartft.com/catalog/il/1085| ~200€]] including 
ram, power supply, casing |
 | [[http://www.rangee.de/site/de/thinclient/thinclient_uebersicht_864.html| 
Rangee LT360]] | + Fanless \\ + DVI + VGA \\ - No cardreader| Works fine on 
about 50 stations - more than 512 MB Ram recommended. Dual monitor not tested. 
Used Debian custom-build (h1) | 
~260€]] including ram, power supply, casing |
 FUSION350]] | + Fanless \\ +Displayport (2560 x 1440) \\ - No cardreader| Works fanless in a 
very airy case, a fan might be a good idea in summer
| ~260 including ram, power supply, casing |
 | [[http://www.fit-pc.com/web/fit-pc/fit-pc3-info/ | fit-PC3 Pro ]] | + Fanless \\ 
+Displayport (2560 x 1440) \\ - No cardreader | Only the Pro-version supports 
displays >  1920 x 1200 | > 400€  |

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