Jörg Sawatzki schrieb:
> Hi Heinz, Alex and list,

Hello Jörg, list

Please excuse us, that we cannot answer on all of you e-mails, but we
have a lot of stress with our jobs, vacations and developing new version
of x2go. We will try to answer in this e-mail on some of your questions
that you asked in the mailing list.

> As you told me some days ago, the plugin source is here:
> http://x2go.obviously-nice.de/mozplug/
> That is indeed true - but where's the rest of it? As far as I can tell
> from the code, it starts an instance of x2goclient with some "secret"
> command line options. Where is that modified x2goclient's source? It's
> not the 3.01 x2goclient that is floating around around somewhere in
> x2go.obviously-nice.de/deb, is it?

There is no "modified x2goclient's source". We have only plugin and
x2goclient which embedding itself in Firefox. You can always download
sources of all software  which we developing. All our solutions are open
and we have no secrets from our community. The newest "testing" version
of x2go client(including source code) is here:
All of that stuff is testing. We working on x2go Plugin based on
QtBrowserPlugin. If we will satisfied with it, there will be only one
source tree for client and plugin.

here is a small FAQ:

Q: Where is a source code of X2goclient for Windows?
A: There is a only one source tree of x2goclient for windows, linux and

Q: Why x2goclient don't use libssh or shared ssh connection instead of
starting a lot of ssh connections?
A: There are several reasons not to use shared connections. X2go client
starting ssh to run some commands on server. But also x2goclient
starting a couple of ssh-tunnels and reverse ssh-tunnels. All client
ssh-connections have the same options as a master connection. This make
impossible to use shared ssh connections to create reverse tunnels. We
are testing now if libssh can do all this stuff in one connection and
how stable it running on all platforms. If all tests with multiply ssh
tunnels and reverse tunnels running at the same time will be successful,
we will integrate libssh in x2goclient.

Q: Why x2goclient-cli have not many features of x2goclient, not
finishing all child processes, etc?
A: We have wrote x2goclient-cli only for purposes to testing x2goserver.
Last changes which we made on this package are dated with 15. Sep. 2009.
We have no planes to develop other clients than Qt X2go Client. But I
wish a lot of success to all of your who want to develop other clients
for x2go (for example Jörg with his pyx2go). I only hope that those
clients will stay compatible to x2go. If we have more time, we will help
you with a pleasure. But unfortunately, now we have not enough time even
to comment all e-mails in our mailing list.

Q: Where is a git ????!!!!!!
A: Coming soon. I promise.

Q: What is current status of project? What are you doing all this time?
A: A lot of things. We are working hard to make x2go better.
QtBrowserPlugin, windows full screen mode, solving problem with windows
clipboard is our main occupation at this time.

I hope with this E-mail we have answered on some of your questions.

Yours sincerely,
Alex and Heinz

Ugly English is only from Alex, not from Heinz. I hope you can still
understand all what I have wrote :)

Oleksandr Shneyder
Dipl. Informatik
X2go Core Developer Team

email:  oleksandr.shney...@obviously-nice.de
web: www.obviously-nice.de

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