On Thursday 2012-02-16 00:40, Mike Gabriel wrote:
>Using libXcompshad-3.5.0.so is only second choice, as described here:

(That just echoes what's written on the opensuse page; though arguably
I edited a lot of it). ""Every time the shared library ABI changes in a way
that may break binaries [...] the SONAME of the library [...] should change.""

A heuristic that this change is done consistently is for example when
the SO version is different from the package version (e.g.
libgcrypt11 for libgcrypt-1.5.0). The antipole is that it's not done
at all. So when the SO version == package version, it sure is going
to raise some eyebrows, and perhaps jumping a gun when it cannot be 
established that the numbering is not a mistake (and with NoMachine 
being virtually unavailable...)
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