Hi Andrew,

Sorry for the long delay.

I ran a test with X2Go Client, and the connection was
successful. This is the output from the command-line ssh:

$ ssh
Test banner!
Last login: Sat Sep 17 09:43:55 2016
[mike@dropship ~]$

Note that the banner is configured with "Banner /etc/issue.net" in sshd_config.

Also note that there has been restructuring of our code, both before
and after's release, to improve our handling of
keyboard-interactive authentication. Specifically, commits 10405481 &
c5ee1ba6 (2016-01-29, before and 044f22fd (2016-06-19, after, part of bug #1027).

If you are still having trouble, please copy & paste the output from
the command-line ssh. If you have Windows clients, use cygwin ssh.
Also, please confirm that you are using "Banner /etc/issue.net" in
order to display the banner.

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