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package: x2gobroker
priority: bug

Context : I'm using PAM auth with the X2Gobroker which relies on Samba/Winbind to use ActiveDirectory based authentication. It works pretty well but some users couldn't auth even though we triple checked their username/password combination. It appears these users had some accentuated characters in their password so I suppose there is a charset issue there, not sure if the broker uses iso/latin encoding or UTF8.

Walid Moghrabi

Regarding the above issue, can you please test, if an authentication via the test tool works?


1) Make sure the x2gobroker-authservice is running

2) x2gobroker-testauth --user=<user>

(Password is queried then after having hit <ENTER>.

Does that work? Or does this also fail? (Here it works).


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