Hello to all.

I just joined the mailing list.
First, I would like to say a word about how great I have found x2go since I
started using it : I was looking for a remote desktop solution that was
easy to set up and x2go worked amazingly easily and well.

Now the purpose of this email:
After tinkering around my x2go server install, it seems I have broken it
<https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2386633>. I am not here to ask
for help me fixing it (although, I wouldn't mind) but I have been looking
for instructions in the x2go wiki
<https://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/wiki:advanced:start> about where to look
for the origin of errors (logs, etc ...) and I have not found such page.

Indeed, I already searched the /var/log/auth.log , but haven't found a clue
of what's wrong.
So, I thought there must be some basic steps that one may undertake looking
for what's wrong (logs to search, command lines to execute and check the
result ...) but I cannot figure out which ones.

I am willing to help the community by filling some pages in the wiki (so
nobody will have to bother the mailing list again asking what I am
currently asking) - I just need to find out how one create an account for
the wiki.

Regards / Grüße
and thanks for your work !

Manfred A.
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