Am 17.05.2018 um 13:02 schrieb Mike Gabriel:
> Same issue here with pyhoca-cli and Arctica Greeter's remote logon feature.
> I'll read the full scope of this mail thread and join in tomorrow...

No local Window Manager equals no working XINERAMA.

TCE-NFS has none, so fails.

TCE-Live comes with one (OpenBox), so works when OpenBox is running.

If you enable the magicpixel-workaround in TCE-Live, OpenBox will be
killed once the NX-Window opens (because without a Window Manager, the
magicpixel's minimize request is ignored).  This is sometimes too soon
for XINERAMA, it seems, that's why XINERAMA will occasionally fail on

The solution is probably to disable MP on the Server and disable the
workaround, to keep OpenBox running all the time.
$SOON, it will be possible to disable MP on the client side, so no
server-side actions will be needed.

Having OpenBox (or any other WM) active brings additional advantages,
like window decoration and text field focus for X2GoClient's interactive
popups, so I strongly suggest going the "we need a WM" way, rather than
trying to "fix" this somewhere else in the code, with possible new side


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