Dear $ALL,

I am very sad about this outcome, but we will need to cancel X2Go: The
Gathering 2021 this weekend and need to postpone it to a later date.

We currently have two core members that have become unavailable due to
illness, another core member is likely unable to make it due to
connectivity issues while being on the road.

So, sadly, hosting the event on this weekend does not make sense.

The same applies to the ORCA meeting that was planned for Sunday.

ORCA members have been informed about the situation via individual
E-Mail already.

Please, stay safe, everyone!

Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur

Am 16.11.21 um 18:19 schrieb Stefan Baur:
> Dear $ALL,
> As stated in the subject line, X2Go: The Gathering 2021 - AKA "Over
> 9000!" - will be an entirely virtual event and will take place from
> Friday afternoon, 2021-12-03, to Sunday afternoon/evening, 2021-12-05.
> If you're wondering what the “Over 9000!” is about, take a look at
> <!> and at
> <>,
> especially the box titled “COVID-19-Fälle” (active Covid-19 cases),
> which is way over 9000.
> Under normal conditions, X2Go: The Gathering would be the annual event
> where users, admins, and developers (including the i18n volunteers) of
> X2Go, as well as members from the Arctica project and the orca e.V.
> nonprofit meet face to face, to discuss current X2Go-related issues, fix
> open bugs, and have a good time getting to know each other.
> Sadly, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this year's X2Go: The
> Gathering will have to remain entirely virtual.
> Due to various reasons, we were unable to schedule the event earlier in
> the year, where Covid-19 infection numbers were lower and where meeting
> outside or keeping the windows open all day might have worked, so we're
> stuck with this late event date, which sadly coincides with the fourth
> Covid-19 wave here in Germany.
> This means we will be meeting via Jitsi and we will be live-streaming
> the event via YouTube. Links to the streams will be posted on
> <> each day
> before the stream begins.
> You can join in any time, even on short notice, no sign-up required.
> We will be updating the Wiki page
> <> as more
> information becomes available - especially the schedule, which is
> currently still in the works.
> We plan to release (at least) three new features for X2Go at or at least
> shortly after this year's X2Go: The Gathering, namely:
> - the HTML5 client
> - server-side X2Go-KDrive support, and
> - X2Go support in Remmina.
> The former two are currently already available via nightly builds, but
> we intend to declare them stable and turn them into a proper release.
> The latter should become available with the next Remmina release.
> Also, we intend to present the current state of X2Go-TCE on the
> Raspberry Pi.
> If time permits (and the individuals required for this are available for
> it), we will also attempt to move our bugtracker and git to our own
> gitlab instance (at least for new bugs).
> As this year's event is an entirely virtual event, there is not really a
> need for event sponsorships.
> However, if you're a company that had planned to sponsor the event, we'd
> appreciate it if you'd redirect the money to some paid work on X2Go
> instead.
> A list of companies/individuals available for this can be found
> here: <>
> If you're not sure what to sponsor - while the features already
> mentioned above are ready to be included in a stable release, they could
> still use some more love and affection.
> For example:
> - The HTML5 and Remmina clients don't support file and printer
>   sharing yet
> - The HTML5 client also lacks sound support
> - The HTML5 client only works with KDrive, not "classic" X2Go-NX
>   (to be honest, NX inside HTML5 doesn't really make sense since we are
>   about to release KDrive as stable, but if you feel you have a good
>   reason for it, let us know ...)
> - Remmina only works with "classic" X2Go-NX, not KDrive, and only on a
>   client that still supports X11 (even though Remmina in general also
>   works on a Wayland-only client) -> KDrive support would require a
>   shared library for KDrive, either written in GTK or with more low
>   level rendering toolskits (e.g. Glib-2.0 and Cairo, etc.).
> - KDrive probably needs some more work on the Windows (and possibly
>   macOS) Client side.
> - X2Go-TCE on the Pi, while functional in general, still has some
>   untested areas and is a little rough around the edges.
> - Also, we have been contacted once again regarding USB forwarding
>   support in X2Go, so anyone interested in co-sponsoring this feature
>   should speak up or at least contact me off-list - maybe we can get a
>   co-sponsoring going, lowering the cost for all parties involved.
> And of course, you can also make donations, either in general or
> specifically earmarked for X2Go, via orca e.V.
> The entire schedule, save for the time and date of the orca e.V. meeting
> on Sunday, is still in a state of flux. We may move some presentations
> to a Saturday slot, depending on the availability of the speakers
> involved. If you would like to present something, please contact me via
> E-Mail (<>) and let me know the title of
> your presentation/talk, the expected duration and the times you would be
> available. Of course, you can also pre-record your presentation/talk if
> you want, but you will have to upload it to YouTube yourself and let us
> know the link (it may be unlisted, but must not be marked "private").
> Sincerely,
> Stefan Baur, "X2Go: The Gathering" event organizer
> PS: Please heed the "reply-to" when replying, and make sure your reply
> gets sent only to <>, as this message is
> sent to multiple X2Go mailing lists at once (and it is likely you are
> not subscribed to all of them, so your replies would clog up the
> moderation queue for the others).

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