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Upstream version


Bernard Cafarelli (1):
      {res/,}: rename .rcc files to .qrc. Fixes: #1096.

Daniel Lindgren (2):
      res/i18n/x2goclient_sv.ts: update Swedish translation file.
      res/i18n/x2goclient_sv.ts: fixup Swedish translation file.

Jason Alavaliant (1):
      src/{onmainwindow.{cpp,h},help.cpp}: modify autostart option to support 
multiple autostart apps at the same time. Fixes: #1024.

Martti Pitkänen (1):
      res/i18n/x2goclient_fi.ts: update Finnish translation file.

Mihai Moldovan (319):
      src/sessionbutton.cpp: replace drop down menu button on session buttons 
with a more prominent, bigger settings gear icon.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: add debug statements to createRSAKey () regarding 
the host pub key locations on OS X.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: fix error message string in 
printSshDError_noHostPubKey ().
      res/: fix up previous change, the renaming of changelog.qrc was not 
correctly committed.
      debian/changelog: add entry for the latest change.
      src/sshmasterconnection.cpp: add SecurID prompt to challenge auth code 
      debian/changelog: fixup latest entry and add closure for #1105.
      src/sharewidget.cpp: fix compile on UNIX-like platforms by defaulting to 
ISO-8859-1 not just on Linux but also other platforms. Fixes:#1124.
      src/x2goutils.cpp: don't try to wrap absolute paths as legacy resource 
URIs in wrap_legacy_resource_URIs (). Fixes: #910.
      {res/img/svg/,res/resources.qrc}: add new file hamburger.svg, a 
custom-created hamburger icon.
      src/sessionbutton.cpp: replace drop down menu button on session buttons 
again with the custom-created hamburger icon.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: add new function images_resource_path (), 
similar to iconsPath () but without explicitly referring to icons.
      src/sessionbutton.cpp: we cannot use ".." in resource paths to move up 
one level, so use images_resource_path () instead and hope that we finally get 
a yummy hamburger.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: let iconsPath () take a const-reference instead 
of an object and make it a const member function.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: let images_resource_path () take a new, 
optional "base" parameter, that might be empty and is put in-between the fixed 
resource path string and the filename parameter.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: use images_resource_path () in iconsPath ().
      src/sessionbutton.cpp: instead of using the hamburger.svg file directly, 
render it to a raster image and use this Pixmap as the icon file - otherwise 
the icon will not show up.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: remove left-over debug test message.
      {unixhelper.{cpp,h},{maemo}}: add unixhelper stub.
      unixhelper.{cpp,h}: implement cleanup program for process group.
      x2goclient.cpp: wrap X2Go Client main function and use that.
      x2goclient.cpp: add fork_helper() function to start up the UNIX cleanup 
      x2goclient.cpp: use setsid() on UNIX to become session and process group 
      x2goclient.cpp: add myself to copyright header.
      x2goclient.cpp: add legacy <sys/types.h> header needed for old operating 
      x2goclient.cpp: fix std::edit -> std::exit typo.
      unixhelper.{h,cpp}: also include <QtCore/qglobal.h> to have Q_OS_UNIX 
defined on UNIX-based platforms. Move guards around.
      unixhelper.h: forgot to declare type of unix_cleanup() function.
      unixhelper.{cpp,h},x2goclient.cpp}: unixhelper should really be a 
(module) namespace, not a class.
      unixhelper.{cpp,h}: add documentation/comments.
      x2goclient.cpp: return return value of unixhelper::unix_cleanup().
      unixhelper.cpp: kill process group on error.
      unixhelper.{cpp,h}: implement signal unblocking in 
unixhelper::unix_cleanup(). Update documentation.
      unixhelper.cpp: port from std::signal() to sigaction(). Handle errors.
      x2goclient.cpp: clean up.
      x2goclient.cpp: don't start the UNIX cleanup helper process right after 
      x2goclient.cpp: fix compile problems introduced with the last commit.
      x2goclient.cpp: fix string comparison.
      x2goclient.cpp: create new argv array on the heap instead of on the stack.
      unixhelper.{cpp,h}: raise sleeping time to two seconds and grace period 
to 10 seconds.
      {unixhelper.{cpp,h},x2goclient.cpp}: switch main cleanup handling to 
parent PID polling.
      unixhelper.{cpp,h}: ignore SIGINT, SIGTERM, SIGPIPE, SIGQUIT, SIGUSR1 and 
      x2goclient.cpp: fix failing exec() call for the UNIX helper utility: 
correctly terminate arguments vector.
      {appdialog,configwidget,onmainwindow,unixhelper}.cpp: fix some compile 
warnings with GCC. Fix a few whitespace issues.
      appdialog.cpp: initialize parent in default case. Another GCC compile 
warning fix.
      onmainwindow.cpp: correctly use ~/.x2go/.ssh as ssh directory when 
starting sshd in user mode.
      compat.{cpp,h}: new files. Implements strndup on OS X 10.6 and below. Add 
to x2goclient.cpp, and
      compat.{cpp,h}: remove inline keyword, because function is not defined in 
header file.
      compat.h: include QtCore/qglobal.h for Q_OS_... macros.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: new class for PulseAudio management.{maemo}: reference new pulsemanager.{cpp,h} files. add new MACPORTS_PREFIX detection/variable. add new dependency_error() helper function. add new lazy_canonical_path() helper function. add new get_nesting_level() helper function. add new repeat_str() helper function. refactor nxproxy detection to use MACPORTS_PREFIX. add EXE_DIR and FRAMEWORKS_DIR internal variables. define PulseAudio libraries and binaries to be later copied. copy PulseAudio libraries and binaries. add phase output for bundling nxproxy. add work-in-progress PulseAudio bundling. add Linux library file name scheme regex as a precaution. directories are "executable", so the first check must 
explicitly include a check for the argument being not a directory. add some more debugging output. remove libpulse and libpulsecore from libraries to be 
bundled, as something else will bundle them anyway. use while-read-loop and find to actually recurse through 
directories. check current file name against regex, not a (now) full path. add the correct file path to the library bundling array. when actually bundling libraries, use @executable_path 
instead of @loader_path. fix echo call to also show the intermediate lib dir, not 
just the library file name. also install libraries into staging area with intermediate 
library path. add new, more or less Proof of Concept, and Work in 
Progress file deduplication script. add duplicates-to-real mapping. add missed local variable declaration. new function for parsing otool's output and printing 
library dependencies if no error occurred. non-functional: change WARNING to ERROR in error messages. add first skeleton for library dependency rewriting of 
deleted duplicates. correctly unset an array element. change range-based for loops to "${!arr[@]}" to handle 
"sparse" arrays correctly. quote "${arr[@]}" correctly to not suddenly force word 
splitting. fix parse_otool_output: we want to return failure only 
iff any of the strings are present in otool's output and actually handle the 
failure string *ARRAY* correctly as that. change exit to return in parse_otool_output. record crafted "library path" values in duplicates 
replacement to_files array. debug parse_otool_output fiercely for the time being. prevent word splitting when parsing otool's output. switch to range-based for loop in fixup section for 
duplicate array walking as we need to access the same element index in the 
replacement array. add more useful information in fixup section's error 
message. unstub fixup section. parse_otool_output: jump over first matching entry, which 
is - hopefully - the id line. actually include file name in install_name_tool pseudo 
output. save dependency format base string as a readonly variable 
and use that instead of repeating a fixed string. copy lazy_canonical_path from for now. more temporary debugging output in fixup section. surprisingly, it turned out that only checking the 
duplicate's basename against the current dependency's basename is not good 
enough. cleanup as announced in the last commit - using 
lazy_canonical_path. remove a bit of noisy debug output, but turn on 
parse_otool_output debugging. fix wrong return value capture. add WARNING to status message. remove some noisy debug output. replace tabs with two spaces. No functional changes. replace tabs with two spaces. No functional changes. merge content in. spelling fix. more debug messages and a whitespace change. fix removal of base prefix in deduplication if base prefix 
ends in a slash. copy "special" files, so that they can be removed later on. rewrite ID line detection algorithm.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: use name and underscore for member variables, not 
underscore and name.
      pulsemanager.cpp: minor non-behavior changing fixes.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: reformat only.
      pulsemanager.cpp: use initializer list for constructor.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: add pulse_version_{major,minor}_ member variables.
      pulsemanager.cpp: reformat only.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: switch port definitions to std::uint16_t.
      pulsemanager.h: add std:: namespace selector for uint32_t version 
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: add ESD support.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: rename relaunch () to restart ().
      pulsemanager.cpp: reformat only.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: fixup preprocessor usage.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: add server_args_, server_binary_ and 
server_working_dir_ class variables.
      pulsemanager.cpp: make start () wrap the "real" OS-specific start 
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: new function create_client_dir ().
      pulsemanager.cpp: add Windows support to shutdown ().
      pulsemanager.cpp: add cleanup support to on_pulse_finished ().
      pulsemanager.cpp: add Windows stuff to initial env in constructor.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: add new function start_generic () to split off 
common functionality.
      pulsemanager.cpp: let start_osx () use start_generic ().
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: implement start_win () as part of Windows 
      pulsemanager.cpp: also load module-esound-protocol-tcp module.
      pulsemanager.cpp: make generate_server_config () Windows-compatible.
      pulsemanager.cpp: make generate_client_config () Windows-compatible.
      pulsemanager.cpp: only play startup sound if DEBUG macro is defined.
      pulsemanager.cpp: make startup sound playing via slot_play_startup_sound 
() Windows-compatible.
      pulsemanager.h: whitespace only.
      pulsemanager.cpp: typo fix in member variable name server_working_dir_.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: find_port () actually returns a value, fix 
declaration accordingly.
      pulsemanager.cpp: fix compile errors in find_port () by renaming the ret 
or port variable to search_port.
      pulsemanager.cpp: fix another compile error due to typo'd versions of 
generate_server_config () and generate_client_config ().
      pulsemanager.cpp: another typo fix: findPort -> find_port.
      pulsemanager.cpp: reorder member variables in initialization list.
      pulsemanager.cpp: add "dummy" start_linux () function.
      pulsemanager.cpp: generate platform-dependent values for member variables 
server_working_dir_ and server_binary_ in constructor.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: new member function fetch_pulseaudio_version () 
with first skeleton.
      pulsemanager.cpp: re-initialize buffer string on each run while getting 
CWD on Linux.
      pulsemanager.cpp: fix some error messages by removing redundant newlines.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: some older PA versions used the major, minor and 
micro numbering scheme together with a descriptive string.
      pulsemanager.h: reformat a bit by adding newlines and moving lines in a 
(hopefully) logical fashion.
      pulsemanager.cpp: add algorithm for actually extracting PA version number.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: only allow changing PA or ESD ports when server is 
not currently running.
      pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: add record and playback private members, as well as 
getters and setters.
      pulsemanager.cpp: reorder member variables in initializer list.
      pulsemanager.cpp: fix compile error in startup sound function.
      pulsemanager.h: more moving around.
      pulsemanager.cpp: use record and playback member variables.
      pulsemanager.cpp: cleanup, don't use copy assignment operator when we 
just need to construct a new object. PulseAudio has been updated to version 8.0. Reflect this. libpulsecore.dylib also resides in the "private" pulseaudio 
subdirectory now, adding it to "special files workaround".
      pulsemanager.cpp: remove while doing post-exit cleanups.
      src/pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: add get_pulse_dir () for fetching the 
(OS-dependent) PulseAudio config and cookie directory.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: replace hardcoded modules paths with dynamic ones 
depending on the detected PA version.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: add "FIXME" debug logging (and cleanup.)
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: backport fix for 526.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: backport fix for 422.
      src/configdialog.{cpp,h}: add "no record" support for OS X (through 
      src/configdialog.cpp: whitespace only.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: hook PulseManager in - for both OS X and 
      src/mediawidget.cpp: reflect new capabilities through PulseManager.
      src/pulsemanager.h: move x2gologdebug.h inclusion into implementation 
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: output PA stdout/stderr via x2goDebug, not plainly 
to stdout.
      src/configdialog.cpp: fix compile error by removing obsolete (and now 
faulty) line for removed restart message.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: fix compile errors due to misspelled function names.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: let start () act as a wrapper and do nothing if the 
PA server is already running.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: fix compile error due to misuse of #ifdef.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: convert QDir object to QString for further 
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: make use of new PulseManager::start () behavior and 
always use it, no matter whether server is up already or not.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: fix compile error due to typo.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: hide Windows-only code behind #ifdefs.
      src/pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: add debugging setter and private variable.
      src/pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: port to new debugging feature.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: port to new debugging feature of PulseManager.
      src/pulsemanager.h: fix compile error due to mismatching function 
declaration for set_debug ().
      res/sound: add startup.wav sound to be played back when starting the PA 
daemon in debug mode.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: don't time out while trying to start PA or paplay. add support for copying resource files.
      res: rename "sound" to "audio". fix copying of resource files. also add PA binaries to deduplication fixup list. don't error out while executing parse_otool_output (). save return value of parse_otool_output ().
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: fix typo in fetch_pulseaudio_version ().
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: don't overwrite the temporary string variable for 
the current line with what was supposed to hold new data in 
fetch_pulseaudio_version ().
      src/pulsemanager.{cpp,h}: rename on_pulse_finished () to 
slot_on_pulse_finished ().
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: actually only play startup sound if debugging is 
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: don't insert stray newline into
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: insert PULSE_SERVER and PULSE_COOKIE variables into 
environment as used by PulseManager.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: don't remove PA config and log file in 
~/.x2go/pulse on PA shutdown if debugging has been requested.
      src/x2goutils.{cpp,h}: add new function find_binary ().
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: auto-detect PA binary in $PATH and MacPorts default 
prefix as well on OS X.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: add comments to Qt 4 code part.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: add reminder for Linux-implementation in 
play_startup_sound ().
      src/x2goutils.cpp: fix compile error.
      src/pulsemanager.h: add new system_pulse_ variable to indicate that a 
system PA binary shall be used.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: correctly initialize and set system_pulse_ when 
      src/x2goutils.{cpp,h}: add application modality parameter to 
show_RichText_Generic_MsgBox () and its wrappers.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: add error message boxes throughout PulseManager.
      src/x2goutils.h: fix compile error due to typo.
      debian/changelog: fix typo in function name.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: fix compile error on Windows.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: fix startup when using the system-PA version.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: fix startup sound playback when using the system-PA 
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: add warning message boxes where appropriate.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: remove extraneous newlines from debug output.
      src/x2goutils.cpp: fix faulty logic in find_binary (): only reset the 
given path to CWD iff it's actually empty. Not the other way around.
      src/x2goutils.cpp: add some debug logging to find_binary ().
      nsis/x2goclient.nsi: add startup.wav to installer package.
      src/: new file windows_stdint.h for Windows-compatibility when using 
std::(u)int*_t types.
      src/pulsemanager.h: use windows_stdint.h header on Windows, cstdint 
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: short out code parts unconditionally checking for 
the userSshd variable.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: drop obsolete pulseVersionTest variable 
initialization in Windows-only code.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: drop obsolete pulseVersionIsLegacy variable 
initialization in Windows-only code.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: add another pair of braces to in_addr-type variable 
initialization on Windows to silence compiler warning.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: fix compile error on Windows after moving some code 
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: use correct C++ universal initializer for 
initializing in_addr-type variable, the C-style universal zero initializer 
won't cut it here.
      src/pulsemanager.h: include accidentally omitted wapi.h header file.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: make PA version parsing function more generic and 
don't expect that a number is always terminated with a period or dash.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: make sure that wherever we interface with non-Qt 
functions, paths are in native form (i.e., containing empty separators, instead 
of the "generic" slash UNIX-style separator.)
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: fix PA version fetching on OS X again.
      src/unixhelper.{cpp,h}: make argument of kill_pgroup () const.
      src/unixhelper.h: style and general fixes within comments.
      src/unixhelper.{cpp,h}: split off core functionality of kill_pgroup () 
into a new function called real_kill_pgroup ().
      src/unixhelper.{cpp,h}: rewrite kill_pgroup () to act as a wrapper around 
real_kill_pgroup ().
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: remove unused variables.
      src/unixhelper.cpp: code cleanup.
      src/{unixhelper.cpp,x2goclient.cpp}: fix errno usage - save before use.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: document createRSAKey () because what it does is 
completely non-obvious.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: add support for explicitly setting the private key 
bit size based on type and use values (currently) regarded as secure to 
generateHostKey ().
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: rename generateHostKey () to generateKey () and 
add a boolean parameter with a default of false to request a public key.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: refactor generateKey () a little bit to compact it.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: rewrite generateKey () function to actually 
also generate user keys.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: add more error handling to generateKey () and fix 
up a broken error-handling section.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: fix up a few debug strings.
      src/{onmainwindow.{cpp,h},configdialog.cpp}: remove userSshd variable and 
code related to non-user-mode-sshd setups.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: when starting sshd on Unix-based plattforms, raise 
maximum startup time to 5 seconds and break out early, if the process went into 
running state earlier.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: uppercase key type in debug output and comment 
string in generateKey ().
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: terminate sshd more correctly.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: add new function check_key_type ().
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: add new function key_type_to_string ().
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: add new function default_size_for_key_type ().
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: use the new functions in generateKey ().
      src/onmainwindow.h: move generateKey () declaration around.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: reformat generateKey () only.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: move createRSAKey () around.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: reformat createRSAKey () only.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: let startSshd () act as a wrapper and be called 
multiple times.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: add some comments only to createRSAKey ().
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: rename createRSAKey () to the more-appropriate 
name createKeyBundle (). switch to bundling PA 9.0.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: move QProcess startup check in startSshd () to 
non-Windows code section and add a listening socket check loop.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: add comment to last all-in listening check in 
startSshd ().
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: add listening-check loop to the Windows-specific 
code of startSshd ().
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: make startSshd () private.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: add ssh_key_type_ member variable and getter 
and setter to WinServerStarter class.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: add SSH key type parameter to startSshd ().
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: pass new ssh_key_type_ member to startSshd () call 
in WinServerStarter::run ().
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: pass key_type parameter to startSshd () in 
createKeyBundle ().
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: add and use key_types parameter to startWinServers 
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: actually use key_type parameter in startSshd () and 
make selection more generic.
      src/onmainwindow.h: move WinServerStarter class definition around to 
hopefully get the definition of ONMainWindow::key_types.
      src/onmainwindow.h: remove WWrapper definition, seems to be unused.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: don't try to initialize non-static 
ssh_key_type_ member variable directly, but in the constructor.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: re-order initializer list of WinServerStarter 
      src/onmainwindow.h: actually, we do need startSshd () to be public. Move 
it back.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: only pass non-Cygwin paths to QFile::exists () in 
generateKey ().
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: use QFileInfo to get the key file's basename in 
exportDirs () instead of the old, potentially faulty string replace dance.
      src/x2goutils.{cpp,h}: make find_binary () and add_to_path () available 
on all UNIX-based operating systems.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: refactor PA binary searching code.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: fix sshd_config generation on UNIX by searching for 
the real sftp-server binary path.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: fix PA binary searching logic.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: move generateEtcFiles () call to startSshd ().
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: stop duplicating the list of known sftp-server 
binary locations.
      src/{onmainwindow,pulsemanager}.cpp: actually *use* what we got back from 
add_to_path ()...
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: remove trailing slash from Mageia/SUSE/Arch 
sftp-server binary search path.
      src/x2goutils.cpp: add debugging output to add_to_path ().
      src/x2goutils.cpp: fix add_to_path ().
      src/unixhelper.cpp: use cstdio instead of stdio.h.
      src/: create new file unix_stdint.h which imports the (u)int*_t types 
into the std namespace.
      src/pulsemanager.h: use unix_stdint.h on non-Windows-platforms to get 
std::(u)int*_t types without having to use C++11.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: fix Linux-based code by fixing a really stupid typo 
("erange" instead of "errno") and including the cerrno header.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: use std::ssize_t for the path length, because it 
could be -1 and std::size_t is not applicable.
      src/pulsemanager.cpp: cast the return value of realloc () to char*, as 
GCC doesn't seem to like reassigning the pointer otherwise.
      src/unix_stdint.h: use same hack to import ssize_t into std namespace.
      src/onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: remove left-over parec references and code.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: convert piece of code to non-Windows and 
non-Darwin, so that not only Linux but other operating systems are covered as 
      src/mediawidget.cpp: unify some redundant code.
      src/mediawidget.cpp: simplify expression.
      src/mediawidget.cpp: add deprecation warning for ARTS.
      src/mediawidget.cpp: add deprecation warning for ESounD. make compatible with new llvm-based otool binary, which now 
uses proper return values.
      res/i18n/: refresh translation files.
      misc: bump to version
      common: update copyright notices. Happy new year! remove file, now obsolete and merged into
      res/i18n/: refresh translation files again after copyright date changes.
      res/i18n/x2goclient_fr.ts: fixup French translation file.
      res/i18n/x2goclient_sv.ts: fixup Swedish translation file a little bit 
and add comments/requests for re-translations for the next time. switch to bundling PulseAudio 10.0 since it's now available 
in MacPorts.
      src/x2goclient.cpp: no need to put new_argv_c_str std::vector onto the 
      src/x2goclient.cpp: use $PATH-exploration when re-executing x2goclient in 
UNIX cleanup helper mode. Fixes: #1139.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: correctly initialize pulseManager and 
pulseManagerThread member variables.
      src/onmainwindow.cpp: correctly guard the new lines from the previous 
      res/i18n/x2goclient_es.ts: fixup Spanish translation file where necessary 
and add comments/requests for re-translations for the next time.
      res/i18n/x2goclient_es.ts: remove obsolete comments and very minor 
whitespace fixup.
      res/i18n/x2goclient_de.ts: fixup German translation file, including typo, 
whitespace, grammar fixes and other stuff.
      res/i18n/x2goclient_sv.ts: remove obsolete comments and very minor 
whitespace fix. sanitize find input, as BSD find and GNU find behave 
differently. get rid of problems and use gfind directly. We need special 
GNU features.
      src/appdialog.cpp: logic so that X2Go-Top applications are shown again.
      res/i18n/x2goclient_fi.ts: fix up Finnish translation file, including 
typo, whitespace fixes and marking untranslated entries as such again, after 
removing the English "translation" text.

Oleksandr Shneyder (1):
      Fix SSHFS on Windows client.

Ricardo Díaz Martín (2):
      res/i18n/x2goclient_es.ts: update Spanish translation file.
      res/i18n/x2goclient_es.ts: update Spanish translation file.

Stefan Baur (1):
      res/i18n/x2goclient_de.ts: update German translation file.

Sébastien Ducoulombier (1):
      res/i18n/x2goclient_fr.ts: update French translation file.

X2Go Release Manager (2):
      Continue development


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