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Upstream version


Martti Pitkänen (1):
      debian/po: translate DebConf templates to Finnish.

Mihai Moldovan (57):
      x2goserver.spec: add mandatory perl-generators Build-Requires as per
      debian/changelog: sync up with master branch.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: don't overzealously try to remove old 
nxagent sockets.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: convert X2GO_PORT searching algorithm to 
pure bash and let script fail if no display port is available.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: fix syntax error introduced in last 
change to this file.
      debian/control: whitespace fixes.
      debian/control: add BD on dh-systemd.
      debian/rules: call the systemd addon to process and install the systemd 
service file.
      debian/rules: don't fail if we don't have the systemd addon.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: make compatible with changes in Arctica's 
      debian/changelog: add closure for #1151.
      x2goserver.spec: correct usage of mime and desktop database upgrade 
scriptlets and dependencies.
      Simplify systemd usage a bit and make sure that it's restarted on Fedora 
and RHEL-based distros.
      x2goserver.spec: use Suggests instead of Recommends, as an even weaker 
      x2goserver.spec: fix RPM spec syntax error in shared-mime-info dependency 
      x2goserver.spec: fix %{?fedora} macro usage.
      x2goserver.spec: add the correct package name to the %posttrans 
scriptlet, we only need it for x2goserver-fmbindings.
      x2goserver.spec: make sure that we don't go into branches just because a 
macro is not defined on our platform.
      x2goserver.spec: work around a bug in SuSE's mime DB update script...
      x2goserver.spec: make sure that there's always at least one (nil) command 
in the if command list.
      x2goserver.spec: break older SLES builds on purpose to see what branch is 
*actually* taken.
      x2goserver.spec: fix typo in %if condition (0%?{?fedora} instead of 
      x2goserver.spec: contrary to other information that says "brackets" and 
consistent with RPM's source code, grouping is done via "(" and ")" in 
      x2goserver.spec: more platform-specific condition fixup.
      x2goserver.spec: pull in shared-mime-info as a build requirement only on 
*SuSE and add comment regarding why desktop-file-utils is always needed.
      x2goserver.spec: also add a trans(action)-requirement on shared-mime-info 
for older RHEL-based distros.
      x2goserver.spec: RPM spec does not allow %elif or %elseif, which lead to 
all weird kinds of errors.
      x2goserver.spec: there is no %trans scriptlet, we're using %posttrans, so 
the dependency should be specified as Requires(posttrans) as well.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: fix a typo that caused the script to not 
work properly - with or without Arctica's nx-libs.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: rename ${setxkbcomp_opts} to 
${setxkbmap_opts}, that's what it really is.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: setxkbmap expects a parameter called 
"-option", but nxagent uses the key "options". Make setxkbmap happy.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: $BASH_REMATCH is tricky, actually fetch 
the first match.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: only match up the first ending quote 
character in a non-greedy way.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: try to enable lingering via systemd's 
loginctl utility before calling x2goagent. Fixes: #1198.
      x2goserver-xsession/etc/Xsession: support Devuan just like Debian, give 
useful error message in case the OS is unknown.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: fetch hostname via "hostname -s" and do 
not rely on the HOSTNAME variable.
      x2goserver/bin/x2golistshadowsessions: whitespace only.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: close syslog at program exit.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: whitespace only.
      x2goserver/bin/x2golistshadowsessions: copy and use a few needed utility 
functions from x2gocleansessions.
      x2goserver/bin/x2golistshadowsessions: mark unavailable functionality 
with FIXME comments.
      x2goserver-xsession/etc/Xsession: add support for OS RT via 
/etc/os-rt-release (file needs to be created by upstream first, bug pending.)
 backport listshadowsessions* DB functions and unmark them as FIXME entries.
      x2goserver/lib/x2go{,}: allow arbitrary-length 
user names, user names starting with digits and drop $ as a valid user name 
character. Fixes: #1229.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goruncommand: use dbus-run-session to start a new dbus 
user session if available.
      debian/control: depend upon dbus for dbus-run-session.
      x2goserver.spec: pull in dbus-run-session if possible.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-session: backport HOSTNAME changes from 
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-session: catch errors while inserting values 
into database more gracefully. Fixes: #1230.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: write hostname errors to stderr to make 
X2Go Client (and maybe PyHoca?) fail.
remove hopefully redundant HOSTNAME export commands.
      debian/control: pull in x2goagent >= explicitly, first version 
that reflects the x2goagent.options file move.
      x2goserver.spec: pull in x2goagent >= explicitly, first version 
that reflects the x2goagent.options file move.
      x2goserver/etc/x2goagent.options: remove file, moved to x2goagent.
      x2goserver/Makefile: actually unreference x2goagent.options file as well.
      x2goserver/bin/x2go{resume-session,startagent}: revert error catching 
while inserting values into database.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: log x2goagent startup command to syslog in 
debug mode.

Mike Gabriel (4):
      x2goserver/bin/x2goruncommand: stop exporting LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using 
Arctica's nx-libs and its new Xinerama feature. Fixes: #1153.
      Make x2goruncommand aware of the LXQt desktop shell.
      x2goserver/x2gosqlitewrapper.c: fix implicit declaration of execv().
      x2goserver/: backport x2golistshadowsessions.

Orion Poplawski (5):
      x2goserver.spec: Requires(post) does not imply Requires, and missing ones 
on grep and the SQLite perl module.
      x2goserver.spec: Fedora >= 21 and (Open)SUSE >= 11 now allow Recommends.
      x2goserver.spec: perl(:MODULE_COMPAT...) is only needed for perl modules.
      x2goserver.spec: delete .packlist which may be in different locations.
      x2goserver.spec: sort some %files entries.

X2Go Release Manager (2):
      Continue development


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