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Adam Jackson (4):
      Coverity # 807: Fix a memory leak in XFixesExpandRegion.
      Coverity # 487: Check version number correctly.
      Coverity # 491: Check version number correctly.
      Coverity # 337: Remove useless NULL check.

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Add asprintf() implementation for platforms without it

Colin Harrison (1):
      Typo in xserver Xvasprintf()

Daniel Kurtz (1):
      os/xprintf: add Xvscnprintf and Xscnprintf

Daniel Stone (2):
      Allow options to appear with other components.
      DIX: XKB: Set xkbInfo to NULL as well as freeing it

Giuseppe Bilotta (2):
      randr: always realloc crtcs and outputs
      randr: free crtc->outputs on destroy

Lars Knoll (1):
      devPrivates fixes

Mihai Moldovan (40):
      nxcomp/ prettify AC_ARG_ENABLE() calls, use more quotes and 
AS_IF() where appropriate.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: whitespace fixes only.
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/nxcomp-tokensize-in-vpn-tunnels' into 3.6.x
      **/.gitignore: add stray files.
      .gitignore: ignore vim swap files.
      nx-libs.spec: add -mno-vxs to general C(XX)FLAGS on ppc64le.
      nx-libs.spec: drop ugly optsflag sed hack, hopefully obsoleted by passing 
      nx-libs.spec: handle potentially undefined variables more gracefully.
      nx-libs.spec: pass CDEBUGFLAGS and friends directly through via make 
command. add short Windows section and mention that using Cygwin tools 
is imperative when working with the git repository.
      nxcomp/ rename --{en,dis}able-info to --{en,dis}able-debug, 
as originally planned.
      nx{comp{,shad},proxy}: add configure flag --enable-cxx11 to enable and 
setup optional C++11 support.
      nxcomp: add AX_PTHREAD code from autoconf-archive and check for pthread 
      nxcomp/Log.h: also clear the buffer after setting it to an empty string.
      nxcomp/Log.h: delete stream_ member before class object destruction.
      nxcomp/{,Log.cpp}: implement configure-time std::put_time 
check and use macro value in Log.cpp.
      nxcomp/src/Log.{cpp,h}: port to std::stack as internal buffer structure.
      nxcomp/src/Log.h: block signals while writing out data.
      nxcomp/src/Log.cpp: add PID to thread ID output if requested.
      nxcomp/src/Log.h: prepare for logger testing application.
      nxcomp: add basic logging_test utility in test subdirectory.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: fix whitespace errors on continued lines.
      nxcomp/m4/ax_pthread.m4: move to top-level m4/ directory, use symlink.
      nxproxy: use ax_pthread.m4.
      nxcomp/src/Auth.cpp: handle launchd sockets in DISPLAY variable correctly 
when fetching X cookie.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: hardcode X11 and (legacy/xfs) font UNIX paths.
      nx-X11/lib/include/xtrans/Xtranssock.c: drop UNIX path overrides as well.
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/nokeyconv' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/drop-bin-wrappers' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/improve_nxproxy_help' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/various_backports' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-p/xquerytree_leak' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/keep_co' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/fix_memleaks' into 3.6.x
      nx-X11/programs/Xserver/os/xprintf.c: remove doubly-defined Xscnprintf 
function, add missing header includes.
      nxcomp/src/Log.cpp: only create a new queue entry if we actually intend 
to write it out later.
      nx-X11/programs/Xserver/os/xprintf.c: completely drop NX-related changes.
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/fix-compiler-warnings' into 3.6.x
      nx-libs.spec: add back erroneously dropped xkeyboard-config dependency.
      nx-libs.spec: actually use a weak dependency for xkeyboard-config.

Mike DePaulo (1):
      nx-libs.spec: Add missing BuildRequires and fix paths to files.

Mike Gabriel (47):
      debian/control: Drop non-required B-D libxmltok1-dev.
      debian/control: Bump Standards-Version: to 4.1.0. No changes needed.
      .gitignore: Improve all .gitignore files, adapt to autotools build-flow 
and its build cruft.
      Merge branch 'Ionic-add-stray-files-to-gitignore' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'theqvd-media_argument_bugfix' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'theqvd-improved-logging' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'theqvd-improved-logging-loop' into 3.6.x
      Regression fix for f855b3b6. Caused FTBFS with Loop.cpp:2669:0: error: 
unterminated #ifdef (#ifdef TIME).
      Merge branch 'Ionic-bugfix/fix-X-cookie-on-osx' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'Ionic-bugfix/hardcode-some-socket-paths' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/fix_manpage' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-small_fixes' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/options_on_reconnect' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/simplify_free' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'Ionic-bugfix/hardcode-socket-paths-in-libX11' into 3.6.x
      nxproxy.1 man page: Update explanation for NX_TEMP env variable.
      nxcomp/src/Misc.cpp: Update explanation for the NX_TEMP env variable.
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/fix_global_tcpFD' into 3.6.x
      Drop bin wrappers for nxagent and nxproxy, directly install nxproxy and 
nxagent to BINDIR.
      Makefile: Don't use DESTDIR in configure.
      Makefile: Quote '$@' in make calls with double quotes.
      Merge branch 'Ionic-feature/backport-asprintf' into 3.6.x
      Xserver/os/xprintf.c: Drop NoMachine's own implementation of 
Xvasprintf(). Use stock implementation instead.
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/drop-NoMachines-own-Xvasprintf-implementation' 
into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/simplify_xtrans' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/fix_shadow_warning' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/pre-rrxinerama-fallback' into 3.6.x
      debian/*: Adopt from official Debian package where appropriate.
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/improve_keyboard_light' into 3.6.x
      debian/control: All Priority: extras packages are required to be changed 
to Priority: optional by recent Debian Policy.
      debian/control: Set Section: to "libs" for libnx-x11-6.
      Add missing/renamed patches. (Ouch!).
      debian/rules: Fix override_dh_clean target for older Debian/Ubuntu 
      debian/rules: Don't remove our main Makefile.
      debian/rules: Neither overzealously remove nx-X11/Makefile.
      Xserver/Xi/chgfctl.c: Fix compiler warning: misleading-indentation.
      hw/nxagent/NXdispatch.c: Fix compiler warning: misleading-indentation
      hw/nxagent/NXxvdisp.c: Fix compiler warnings: misleading-indentation
      hw/nxagent/Events.c: Fix compiler warnings (with NX_DEBUG_INPUT): format.
      Xserver/GL/glx/glxfb.c: Fix compiler warning: pointer-sign.
      glx: warning fixes
      lib/X11/Xrm.c: Compiler warning fix: logical-not-parentheses
      Xserver/GL/glx/glxcmds.c: Cast small-int values through intptr_t when 
passed as pointers
      Xserver/hw/nxagent/compext: Xfree -> free and Xmalloc -> malloc.
      Xserver/hw/nxagent/Clipboard.c: Fix free calls (free back to XFree).
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/more-X-memory-macro-fixes' into 3.6.x

Simon Matter (2):
      nxproxy/src/Main.c: Silence compiler warning.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: Reduce control->TokenSize slightly again in order to 
fix fragmentation of packages when on VPN (or otherwise encapsulated) 

Ulrich Sibiller (50):
      nxagent manpage: some minor formatting improvements and typo fixes
      keysym.h: fix include path
      glxext.c/NXglxext.c: merge two functions into one
      NXglxext.c: rename and relocate variable
      fix broken path due to missing /
      Fix options parsing on reconnect
      Args.c: Fix compile bug with DEBUG enabled
      Args.c: simplify nxagentProcessOptionsFile()
      simply free() calls
      Error.c: simply nxagentGetClientsPath()
      Keyboard.c: Use booleans for nxagentKeycodeConversion
      add option keyconv=(auto|on|off)
      Keyboard.c: make nxagentKeycodeConversion a Boolean
      nxcomp: Fix setting of global tcpFD
      nxcomp: remove unused return values
      nxcomp: use lowercase abbreviations for seconds and milliseconds
      nxcomp/nxproxy: add missing hint for keyconv option
      nxcomp/nxproxy: slightly improve the usage message of nxproxy
      nxproxy/nxcomp: document logging options
      Events.c: move variable to inner scope
      Events.c: drop unused variable
      Make sure XQueryTree results are freed
      Events.c: add ifdef around nxagentRemoteWindowsTree
      Reintroduce -co as no-op
      nxcomp: fix double free
      nxcomp: simplify free calls
      ChannelEndPoint.cpp: fix two memleaks
      Loop.cpp: fix two memleaks
      Loop.cpp: fix more memory leaks
      nxcomp: use new macro SAFE_FREE(ptr)
      Xtranssock.c: simplify code in SocketWritev
      nxcomp: fix shadow warning
      Silence warning: "ar: 'u' modifier ignored since 'D' is the default"
      re-implement pre-xinerama behaviour
      always notify on size changes
      small code cosmetics
      Keyboard.c: Improve TEST output
      Keyboard.c: print message class for user messages
      Keyboard.c: Add some comments with changelog explanations
      nxagent manpage: Improve explanation of -noignore and -noxkblock
      Keyboard.c: Some code cleanups
      Keyboard.c: Make xkblock more robust
      nxagent manpage: Extend keyboard documentation
      Keyboard.c: Use calloc instead of malloc + memset
      Keyboard.c: XkbDfltRepeatDelay and XkbDfltRepeatIntervall are int not uint
      Keyboard.c: set variables to NULL after free
      Keyboard.c: Fix indentation
      Keyboard.c: Replace some memsets by zero initialization
      Events.c/h: Rename & restructure some Xkb functions
      nxagent manpage: extend description of keyboard option

Vadim Troshchinskiy (8):
      Fix nxagent argument parsing logic
      Merge pull request #519 from theqvd/fix_nxagent_arg_parsing
      Fix bug #525: PANIC! No port specified for multimedia connections
      New logging implementation
      Set default log level to WARNING
      Conversion of Loop.cpp to the new log system
      Fix whitespace and line splitting issues reported by ionic
      Remove leading \n in NXTrans* logging


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