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Aaron Plattner (1):
      nx-X11: Backport: randr: Fix REQUEST vs. REQUEST_SIZE_MATCH mismatch

Alan Coopersmith (2):
      nx-X11: Backport: RRModeCreate: plug memory leak of newModes if 
AddResource fails
      nx-X11: Backport: ProcRRGetScreenInfo: swap configTimestamp as well

Bernard Cafarelli (1):
      nx-X11: link to libdl to fix undefined references to 'dlopen' and 
'dlsym'. Fixes: #853.

Clemens Lang (3):
      nx{comp{,ext,shad},proxy}: use path discovery for finding makedepend. 
Remove old cruft. Adds:
      nxcomp{,shad}: fix dynamic library linking on OS X. Use -dynamiclib 
instead of -bundle.
      nxcomp{,ext,shad}: use the correct library naming scheme on OS X. It 
differs from other UNIX-based systems.

Emanuele Giaquinta (1):
      nx-X11: Fix alpha premultiplication in XRenderParseColor. Fixes: #893.

Jaroslav Šmíd (1):
      nx-X11: Backport: Bug 51375: Xorg doesn't set status for RRGetOutputInfo

Julien Cristau (1):
      nx-X11: Backport: randr: fix server crash in RRGetScreenInfo

Keith Packard (4):
      nx-X11: Backport: Drop a reference to user mode after create
      nx-X11: Backport: Free randr crtc and output pointer arrays
      nx-X11: Backport: randr: Clean up compiler warnings about unused and 
shadowing variables
      nx-X11: Backport: Make RANDR 'set' timestamps follow client specified 
time. Bug 21987.

Mihai Moldovan (146):
      CVE security review [1/2].
      CVE security review: Add 
1041-nx-X11-lib-font-fc-fserve.c-initialize-remaining-buf.patch & 
      debian/changelog: merge with 3.6.x development branch.
      nx{comp{,ext,shad},proxy}: try really hard to find makedepend. Do not 
fail if it is not available.
      nx-libs.spec: Versioned libXcomp* should obsolete unversioned libXcomp*, 
not libNX_Xcomp*.
      nx-libs.spec: add overlooked Obsolete: statement to libNX_Xfixes3.
      Only use the first three numbers in the full version for current_version 
on OS X. ld(1) on 10.6 fails otherwise.
      nx-X11: handle source pictures (those without a Drawable surface) 
      nx-X11: fix typo in previous patch.
      nx-X11: add more NULL guards to TEST and DEBUG sections of Render.c.
      CVE patches were previously not included in release tarballs.
      debian/ use more quotes.
      debian/ convert tabs to spaces.
      debian/ use more curly braces.
      debian/ don't escape last newline of a multiline command.
      debian/ whitespace changes for consistency.
      debian/ next batch of quotes.
      debian/changelog: document the last commits.
      README.keystrokes: copy actions documentation from the wiki.
      README.keystrokes: add documentation for branding behavior.
      debian/changelog: unify entry for README.keystrokes.
      etc/keystrokes.cfg: fix whitespace errors.
      README.keystrokes: remove accidentally copied Dokuwiki syntax.
      libnx-xinerama1: also create libXinerama symlink in 
libnx-xinerama1.postinst.postinst (and remove in 
      debian/libnx-xinerama1.*: move Xinerama dir back to nx-x11-common. Only 
delete known files. Fixes RPM build failures.
      debian/changelog: add changelog entry for the last two changes.
      nx-libs.spec: actually create symlink during build phase.
      debian/control: workaround missing dependencies of nxagent on Ubuntu for 
      debian/libnx-xinerama1.*: fix faulty logic when creating symlinks.
      Security fixes: X.Org CVE-2014-8100:
      debian/changelog: add entry for last change.
      Security fixes: X.Org CVE-2014-8100:
      debian/changelog: add entry for last change.
      nxcomp: fix DEBUG, TEST, DUMP, FLUSH, TOKEN, PING, MIXED et al builds.
      debian/changelog: add entry for last change.
      debian/changelog: typo fix.
      nxcomp/Misc.cpp: fix build failure introduced in 
      Security fixes: X.Org CVE-2013-4396:
      Security fixes: X.Org CVE-2014-8092:
      Security fixes: X.Org CVE-2015-3418:
      Security fixes: X.Org CVE-2014-8099:
      debian/control: add xkb-data to nxagent's Recommends.
      nx-libs.spec: add xkeyboard-config to nxagent's Requires.
      debian/control: add myself as uploader.
      debian/changelog: add entry for last change.
      debian/: add x2goagent.options file for compatibility with x2goserver 
      debian/ copy new debian/x2goagent.options file into real 
tarball environment.
      debian/Makefile.nx-libs: install/destroot new x2goagent.options file.
      debian/rules: symlink and remove new debian/x2goagent.options file 
into/from build environment.
      debian/x2goagent.install: add new x2goagent.options file.
      nx-libs.spec: copy new debian/x2goagent.options file into build 
environment, analogous to what debian/ does.
      nx-libs.spec: add new x2goagent.options file to installed file list of 
x2goagent package.
      nx-libs.spec: let x2goagent package satisfy x2goagent-virtual.
      debian/changelog: whitespace only.
      debian/control: add Breaks statement on pre- x2goserver to 
x2goagent package.
      nx-X11: use the "old", non-NX header location.
      {debian/control,nx-libs.spec}: add proper dependencies upon xkbcomp for 
RPM and DEB packages.
      debian/changelog: add missing bug closure.
      debian/patches: refresh all patches.
      nx-X11: Render.c: Improve situation for multiple trapezoid requests.
      debian/patches: fixup series file to include previous patch.
      nx-libs.spec: add -mno-vxs to general C(XX)FLAGS on ppc64le.
      OPTFLAGS: Properly propagate build option flags to nxcomp{,ext,shad} and 
the nx-X11 build scripts.
      debian/changelog: fixup changelog.
      nx-libs.spec: drop ugly sed hack to push optflags to build system.
      nx-libs.spec: pass CDEBUGSFLAGS and friends directly to the make command 
in %build.
      debian/control: change Breaks statement to pre- x2goserver and 
add a Replaces: x2goserver << section to x2goagent package.
      nx-libs.spec: let x2goagent conflict with pre- x2goserver 
      nxcomp: Handle launchd sockets in DISPLAY variable correctly when 
fetching X cookie.
      nxcomp: Hardcode X11 and (legacy/xfs) font UNIX paths.
      nx-libs.spec: fix SHLIBSGLOBALSFLAGS => SHLIBGLOBALSFLAGS typo spotted by 
Orion Poplawski.
      debian/x2goagent.options: reenable XFIXES extension.
      Merge branch '3.6.x'
      nx-X11/config/cf/ don't override default CC options for 
      nx-libs.spec: only remove files in the BuildRoot.
      nxcomp/ call aclocal with the correct include dir argument.
      nx-X11/config/cf/ recursive macros aren't a thing.
      nxcomp/test/logging_test.cpp: return a value in non-void function.
      {nx-X11/lib,nxproxy}/ also use correct aclocal flags in the 
other locations.
      nxcompshad/ also correctly call aclocal here.
      nx-libs.spec: also own %{_datadir}/nx/X11, since %dir explicitly does not 
recurse down.
      debian/: add file containing compatibility logic for older 
Debian and Ubuntu versions.
      debian/rules: execute new debian/ file before the actual build.
      Support building with legacy (pre-1.4.2) libXfont(1) versions.
      nx-libs.spec: older *SUSE versions do not split up (all) libraries in a 
useful manner.
      nx-libs.spec: imake is part of xorg-x11-util-devel on older *SUSE 
versions and the splitted imake package on later versions.
      nx-libs.spec: pixman is called libpixman-1-0 on older *SUSE versions.
      Makefile: correctly quote variables when passing them down to other 
      debian/control: add dependencies needed for debian/
      nx{comp{,shad},proxy}: use dist-bzip2 instead of dist-xz.
      nx-libs.spec: add xorg-x11-libXext-devel build dependency for older *SUSE 
      Revert "nx-libs.spec: add xorg-x11-libXext-devel build dependency for 
older *SUSE versions."
      Support building with legacy (pre-7.1.0) Xext proto versions.
      Support building with legacy zlib versions that do not ship a pkg-config 
      nx-X11/programs/Xserver/include/misc.h: add compat define for SHMNAME.
      zlib compatibility: whenever we want -I flags only, assume that the 
headers are directly available.
      Handle SHAPE proto splitup gracefully for legacy Xext proto versions.
      nx-X11/programs/Xserver/Xext/shape.c: pull in shapestr.h for legacy Xext 
proto versions, since shape.h would pull in Xlib.
      nx-X11/programs/Xserver/Xext/shape.c: avoid pulling in Xlib in legacy 
mode via the _SHAPE_SERVER_ macro.
      Drop SHMNAME workaround again, it *is* defined in shmstr.h, which is 
actually header I was searching for.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: log message fixups only.
      nx-libs.spec: re-add %{optflags} to CDEBUGFLAGS.
      nx-libs.spec: show compile calls during RPM-based builds.
      mesa-quilt: ignore user configuration file when applying MESA patches.
      mesa-quilt: drop debugging option erroneously committed.
include stdlib.h and string.h for memset, malloc and free prototypes.
      nx-libs.spec: make sure pass additional configure flags through, not 
discard them.
      nx-X11/programs/Xserver/hw/nxagent/Screen.c: update screen size after 
modifying CRTC modes.
      testscripts/*: fix "randlomly" typos.
      testscripts/run-nxproxy2nx*: drop echo -ne "...\n".
      testscripts/run-nxproxy2nx*: use more quotes, common variables and braces.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: fix small memory leak.
      nxcomp/src/ChannelEndPoint.cpp: don't use C-style casting in C++ code...
      nx-X11/programs/Xserver/hw/nxagent/Screen.c: re-enable normal 
error/warning output.
      nxcomp/src/Log.h: use initializer lists instead of initializing member 
variables in-block.
      nxcomp/src/Log.h: NXLogStamp constructor should actually take a 
size_t-typed line parameter.
      nxcomp/src/Log.{cpp,h}: provide infrastructure for appending to already 
existing log lines.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: whitespace only.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: use new log continuation mechanism.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: whitespace in log messages only.
      nxcomp/src/Log.h: make sure we don't pass NULL pointers to strstr().
      nxcomp/src/Log.cpp: don't confuse users with useless warning messages in 
case that a log line append operation was requested, but the message level has 
lower precedence than the current log filter.
      nxcomp/src/Log.h: take a reference-type in generic has_newline() function.
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/reduce_uninitialised' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/silence_nxcompshad_warnings' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/fix_abstract' into 3.6.x
      nxagent: implement RPATH/RUNPATH override for libX11.
      nxcompshad/src/ implement libX11 RPATH/RUNPATH override.
      nx-X11/config/cf/{gnu,lnx}Lib.rules: enable new ELF dtags to force 
RUNPATH creation for nxagent.
      nxcompshad/src/ enable new ELF dtags to force RUNPATH 
creation for libXcompshad.
      nx-X11: build programs with a temporary RPATH/RUNPATH value and a 
relinked version with the system location.
      Makefile: install relinked program binary instead of the "temporary" one.
      nx-X11: reintroduce creation of libX11 compat symlinks.
      Makefile: only try to copy/dereference libNX* files when installing data.
      nxproxy/ drop --enable-cxx11.
      nxproxy/ enable libtool support.
      nxproxy/src/ build library using RUNPATH instead of RPATH.
      Merge branch 'Ionic-bugfix/rpath' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/fix_strings' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/reenable_xc-misc' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/fix_xext_includes' into 3.6.x
      nxcomp/ add check for ::ctime_s.
      nxcomp/src/Timestamp.{cpp,h}: use ::ctime_s or ::ctime_r instead of plain 
ctime, on-stack buffers and return std::string objects.
      Merge branch 'Ionic-bugfix/ctime' into 3.6.x
      nx-X11/config/cf/{gnu,lnx}Lib.rules: add RPATH entries for temporary 
nxcomp and nxcompshad libraries.

Mike DePaulo (5):
      Fix RPM spec syntax error
      Fix build when LDFLAGS (etc) contains spaces.
      Fix FTBFS due to the nxproxy executable already existing under 
/usr/lib/nx/bin/nx CVE-2015-0255 patch and its 3 prereq patches
      {nx-X11,nxproxy}: correct manpages: --help -> -help

Mike Gabriel (44):
      fix for last commit
      Add patch 700_nx-X11_mesa-initialize-server-support-correctly.full.patch. 
Initialize server_support array with correct size. Fix Mesa upstream bugzilla 
bug #7353. (Fixes: #776).
      Merge pull request #1 from uli42/x2go
      Drop patches: 017_nx-X11_update-autotools-helper-files.full.patch, 
019_nx-X11_expat-build-against-system-libxmltok.full.patch. They patch files 
that are not used at build time.
      Update 031_nx-X11_parallel-make.full.patch. Don't patch .original files 
in NX code tree.
      Update 600_nx-X11+nxcompext+nxcompshad_unique-libnames.full.patch. Don't 
patch files matter to the NX code reduction efforts.
      Drop 604_nx-X11_recent-freetype-API.full.patch. Not used in current build 
      Update 991_fix-hr-typos.full.patch. Don't patch files that get removed by 
the NX code reduction effort.
      update changelog
      Revert "Add patch 
700_nx-X11_mesa-initialize-server-support-correctly.full.patch. Initialize 
server_support array with correct size. Fix Mesa upstream bugzilla bug #7353. 
(Fixes: #776)."
      fix long-line in changelog
      Remove upstream nx-libs ChangeLog during override_dh_clean.
      Makefile.nx-libs: Run make install for nxproxy first, then create the 
wrapper script.
      Revert "Fix build when LDFLAGS (etc) contains spaces."
      Use proper quoting on build flag vars (they may contain spaces).
      Patch system: Prepend a "0" to every patch file name in debian/patches/. 
Adapt only this changelog stanza to this modification.
      remove item from changelog that got reverted
      40 patches, fixing several X.Org CVEs in NX.
      nx-libs.spec: Typo fix in comment.
      Install "%{_libdir}/nx/bin" into nxproxy package.
      Make install-lite rule in Makefile.nx-libs more predictable and not rely 
on nxproxy/
      Makefile.nx-libs: Fix uninstall-lite rule. The nxproxy and nxcomp 
uninstallation has to be in uninstall-lite, not in uninstall-full.
      debian/changelog: fix too-long lines
      Update 1042-Do-proper-input-validation-to-fix-for-CVE-2011-2895.patch. 
Fix broken comment paragraph, whitespace fix.
      Security fixes: X.Org CVE-2013-7439:
      nx-X11: Prevent underlinking by linking to libNX_X{11,damage,fixes).
      nxcompshad: Prevent underlinking by linking to libNX_Xext.
      Security fixes: X.Org CVE-2015-3418:
      debian/ Make sure *.keyboard, debian/**, nx-libs.spec, 
.pc/** don't end up in tarball (special focuse on the nx-libs-lite tarball).
      debian/COPYING.full+lite: Replace content with GPL-2 license text, 
because that is the overall (i.e., strictest) license we have to deal with in 
      Add 9900-dxpc-license-history.full+lite.patch. Document license history 
of DXPC (where nxcomp got forked from).
      Allow patch files names having a dash next to the four digits (i.e., 
      Support tarring up the HEAD of the current branch.
      nxcomp/README.on-retroactive-DXPC-license: Some layout and 
interpunctuation fixes.
      debian/control: Add Breaks:/Replaces: for qvd-libxcomp3 and qvd-nxproxy.
      Revert "debian/libnx-xinerama1.*: fix faulty logic when creating 
      Enforce symlink creation for Xinerama et al. library symlinks.
      Xinerama symlinking: Attach Xinerama symlinking to nxagent bin:package 
(and not libnx-xinerama1).
      debian/changelog: Add closures for #757, #758, #760. The issue occurred 
earlier (#410) and was resolved by properly setting up Xinerama symlinks
      debian/Makefile.nx-libs: make sure that 'make all' only calls 'make 
build' and _not_ the global '%:' ruleset afterwards.
      hw/nxagent/Screen.c: Additionally check for noRRXineramaExtension set to 
FALSE before using the nxagentAdjustRandRXinerama() function and providing a 
Xinerama-like user experience.
      Merge branch 
'sunweaver-pr/keep-disabled-rrxinerama-disabled-on-reconnects' into 3.6.x

Oleksandr Shneyder (1):
      nxcomp: Set TokenSize to 1536 for link type ADSL and WAN.

Peter Åstrand (1):
      nx-X11: Backport: xserver: Avoid sending uninitialized padding data over 
the network

Simon Matter (1):
      nxcomp: Reduce control->TokenSize slightly again in order to fix 
fragmentation of packages when on VPN (or otherwise encapsulated) connections.

Tiago Vignatti (1):
      nx-X11: Backport: randr: check for virtual size limits before set crtc

Ulrich Sibiller (52):
      Fix patch rollout in tarball
      nx-X11: Backport CVE-2017-2624 (timingsafe_memcmp)
      reduce usage of uninitialised bytes
      nxcompshad: silence GCC warnings
      Loop.cpp: Fix memset (size was 0)
      Loop.cpp: free display before leaving SetupDisplaySocket()
      Loop.cpp: always close testSocketFD
      Loop.cpp: delete structs when no longer required
      ChannelEndPoint.cpp: re-scope/improve getSpec
      Loop.cpp: delete passed object prior to overwriting it
      Loop.cpp: some reformatting/simplification/FIXMEs
      Loop.cpp: improve/fix usage of s(n)printf
      Loop.cpp: create xServerAddrUNIX only if required
      Loop.cpp: drop ugly ifdef indentation
      nxcomp: implement correct length handling for unix socket structs
      EncodeBuffer.cpp: add VALGRIND guard
      ChannelEndPoint.cpp: fix another memleak
      ChannelEndPoint.cpp: remove unneccessary code
      ChannelEndPoint.cpp: fix possible memleak in getUnixPath()
      Loop.cpp: fix memleak happening with unknown tcp host
      nxcomp: drop strncpy in favour of snprintf
      EncodeBuffer.cpp: add another VALGRIND guard
      Dialog.c,Display.c,Font.c,NXdixfonts.c: don't use hardcoded string buffer 
      Dialog.c,Display.c,NXdixfonts.c: replace strncpy() by snprintf where 
      Dialog.c: fix possible buffer overflows
      Keyboard.c: fix memory leak
      Keyboard.c: improve user messages for keyboard file handling
      Keyboard.c: replace malloc + strcpy by asprintf
      Font.c: shorten string handling
      Screen.c: string handling improvements
      Font.c: make nxagentGetFontServerPath more readable
      Replace hardcoded string lengths by macros
      Display.c: pass down buffer size to nxagentLookForIconFile
      Font.c: pass down size
      Error.c: remove empty ifdef
      Error.c: remove trailing whitespace
      Error.c: use standard file descriptor macros
      Error.c: replace strcpy/strcat by snprintf
      Error.c: update nxagentPrintError
      Args.c: use strdup instead of malloc
      Args.c, Error.[ch]: introduce own length macro for nxagentClientsLogName
      Args.c: simplify nxagentGetDialogName()
      Font.c: replace memcpy by sprintf preventing possible buffer overflows
      Font.c: free possibly allocated mem
      Font.c: replace malloc + strcpy by strdup + fix memleak
      Keystroke.c: replace calloc + 2 * strcpy by asprintf
      Keyboard.c: rework string allocation/building
      Events.c: add FIXME
      Error.c: replace malloc+strcpy by strdup
      Display.c: drop helper variable in loop
      Re-enable XC-MISC extension
      panoramiX: fix includes

Vadim Troshchinskiy (1):
      nxcomp: fix "negotiation in stage 10" error.

X2Go Release Manager (13):
      debian/ fix tarball creation in lite mode: do not try to 
fixup NX-X11 directory (it won't be there.)
      Continue development
      Continue development
      Mid-release fixup: Rename *nxcomp{ext,shad}*.full+lite* to 
      Continue development
      Continue development
      Mid-release fixup: rename 
debian/patches/1400_nx-X11_Render.c-Improve-situation-fo.full+lite.patch to 
      Mid-release fixup: split up 
      Continue development


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