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Alan Coopersmith (39):
      When makekeys fails to find a good hash, print error instead of 
      makekeys: move buf declaration from global to main to silence gcc -Wshadow
      Give GNU & Solaris Studio compilers hints about XEatData branches
      ximcp: Prevent memory leak & double free if multiple %L in string
      integer overflow in _XQueryFont() on 32-bit platforms [CVE-2013-1981 1/13]
      integer overflow in _XF86BigfontQueryFont() [CVE-2013-1981 2/13]
      integer overflow in XListFontsWithInfo() [CVE-2013-1981 3/13]
      integer overflow in XGetMotionEvents() [CVE-2013-1981 4/13]
      integer overflow in XListHosts() [CVE-2013-1981 5/13]
      Integer overflows in stringSectionSize() cause buffer overflow in 
ReadColornameDB() [CVE-2013-1981 6/13]
      integer overflow in ReadInFile() in Xrm.c [CVE-2013-1981 7/13]
      integer truncation in _XimParseStringFile() [CVE-2013-1981 8/13]
      integer overflows in TransFileName() [CVE-2013-1981 9/13]
      integer overflow in XGetWindowProperty() [CVE-2013-1981 10/13]
      integer overflow in XGetImage() [CVE-2013-1981 11/13]
      integer overflow in XGetPointerMapping() & XGetKeyboardMapping() 
[CVE-2013-1981 12/13]
      integer overflow in XGetModifierMapping() [CVE-2013-1981 13/13]
      Convert more _XEatData callers to _XEatDataWords
      Move repeated #ifdef magic to find PATH_MAX into a common header
      Make XGetWindowProperty() always initialize returned values
      unvalidated lengths in XAllocColorCells() [CVE-2013-1997 1/15]
      unvalidated index in _XkbReadGetDeviceInfoReply() [CVE-2013-1997 2/15]
      unvalidated indexes in _XkbReadGeomShapes() [CVE-2013-1997 3/15]
      unvalidated indexes in _XkbReadGetGeometryReply() [CVE-2013-1997 4/15]
      unvalidated index in _XkbReadKeySyms() [CVE-2013-1997 5/15]
      unvalidated index in _XkbReadKeyActions() [CVE-2013-1997 6/15]
      unvalidated index in _XkbReadKeyBehaviors() [CVE-2013-1997 7/15]
      unvalidated index in _XkbReadModifierMap() [CVE-2013-1997 8/15]
      unvalidated index in _XkbReadExplicitComponents() [CVE-2013-1997 9/15]
      unvalidated index in _XkbReadVirtualModMap() [CVE-2013-1997 10/15]
      unvalidated index/length in _XkbReadGetNamesReply() [CVE-2013-1997 11/15]
      unvalidated length in _XimXGetReadData() [CVE-2013-1997 12/15]
      Avoid overflows in XListFonts() [CVE-2013-1997 13/15]
      Avoid overflows in XGetFontPath() [CVE-2013-1997 14/15]
      Avoid overflows in XListExtensions() [CVE-2013-1997 15/15]
      Unbounded recursion in GetDatabase() when parsing include files 
[CVE-2013-2004 1/2]
      Unbounded recursion in _XimParseStringFile() when parsing include files 
[CVE-2013-2004 2/2]
      Use calloc in XOpenDisplay to initialize structs containing pointers
      _XkbReadGetMapReply: reject maxKeyCodes smaller than the minKeyCode

Daniel Stone (1):
      makekeys: Scan vendor keysyms as well as core

Dave Airlie (1):
      os/access: fix regression in server interpreted auth

Derek Buitenhuis (1):
      makekeys: Fix build/target word size mismatch when cross-compiling

Eamon Walsh (1):
      Fix multiple warnings in os/xdmauth.c.

Erkki Seppälä (1):
      Xrm: Handle the extremely unlikely situation of fstat failing

James Cloos (1):
      Increase size of working arrays in the makekeys utility program.

Julien Cristau (1):
      Add a couple fixups for the security patches

Karl Tomlinson (1):
      MakeBigReq: don't move the last word, already handled by Data32 (X.Org 

Keith Packard (2):
      dix: GetHosts bounds check using wrong pointer value [CVE-2014-8092 pt. 6]
      os: Eliminate uninitialized value warnings from access.c

Matthieu Herrb (1):
      XListFontsWithInfo: Re-decrement flist[0] before calling free() on it.

Mike DePaulo (2):
      nx-libs.spec: Add BuildRequires: imake
      Merge pull request #203 from mikedep333/issue-202

Mike Gabriel (25):
      Merge branch 'uli42-remove-misc' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/improve_include_path_handling' into 3.6.x
      Makefile: Adapt install target to the new situation where we fake X11 
headers in .build-export. This fixes FTBFS during file installation into .deb 
and .rpm packages.
      hw/nxagent/X11/include/Xrandr_nxagent.h: Reduce injected 
libXrandr(_nxagent) header file, so that it only contains the 
XRRScreenChangeNotifyEvent typedef.
      nx-X11: Enable -Wpedantic as default CFLAG. This is to detect redefined 
typedefs when building nxagent.
      randrproto: It was discovered that nx-libs shipped two different version 
of randr.h and randrproto.h. This commit leaves the newer file versions in the 
package and let's the build process use those everywhere.
      include/extensions/damageproto.h: Use nx-X11's xfixesproto.h and 
damagewire.h instead of's.
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/fix-protoheader-mess' into 3.6.x
      Imake.tmpl: Use gccmakedep instead of makedepend.
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/use-gccmakedep' into 3.6.x
      lib/X11/XKeysymDB: Update to last version found in (between 1.3.5 
and 1.3.6).
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/update-X11s-XKeysymDB' into 3.6.x
      run-nxproxy2nxagent-over-network: New test script that tests 
nxproxy/nxagent connectivity between networked hosts.
      testscripts: Rename run-nxagent and run-nxagent-over-sockets.
      run-nxproxy2nxagent-over-network: Improve comment that describes script 
usage. Fix commented-out NX_HOST assignment.
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/decouple-xserver' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/decouple-xserver' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/upgrade_libX11' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/libX11_debian_backports' into 3.6.x
      debian/libnx-x11-6.symbols: Update symbols for new backports in libNX_X11 
      nxcomp/{Client|}Proxy.cpp: Typo fix in error messages.
      hw/nxagent/{Clipboard|Events}.c: Typo fix in error messages.
      debian/rules: Don't modify/create post{inst,rm} scripts during 
dh_makeshlibs. This avoids adding ldconfig calls to such scripts.
      debian/*.triggers: Call ldconfig via a trigger for all shared libraries.

Nickolai Zeldovich (1):
      XListFontsWithInfo: avoid accessing realloc'ed memory

Peter Hutterer (1):
      Add XF86TouchpadOn and XF86TouchpadOff to keysymdb

Ulrich Sibiller (45):
      move xkblib to xserver
      remove misc dir
      ensure that <X11/..> headers references use nx-X11 files if existing
      whitespace cleanup
      Revert "Fix wrong include"
      Fix FTBFS with gcc 4.4
      nx-libs.spec: Fix warning because of double reference to nxproxy.1.gz.
      copy files from libX11 to xserver dir
      xserver: use own copy of XKBsrv.h header
      xserver: use own copy of XKBstr.h header
      xserver: use own copy of XKBrules.h header
      xserver: use own copy of XKBrules.h header
      xserver: use own copy of XKBgeom.h header
      xserver: remove define XKB_IN_SERVER
      xserver: drop XKBSRV_NEED_FILE_FUNCS
      replace transport.c link by xstrans.c
      xserver: adapt xkbsrc includes syntax to match upstream
      xserver: add missing xkbfile.h
      fix wrong include in XlibInt.c
      update all files with NX relevant changes to libX11 1.3.4
      improve header guards
      update src files *[ch] to libX11 1.3.4
      update lcUniConv subdir to libX11 1.3.4
      update makekeys.c to libX11 1.3.4 (+ fix)
      adapt include files to libX11 1.3.4
      Remove CRAY support
      set USE_XCB define to 0 to prevent compiler complaints
      update X.h and Xproto.h because of GenericEvent
      XlibInt.c: shorten one ifdef
      Lift XKB*.c to libX11 1.3.4
      Purge more remaining VCS refs
      remove more NEED_REPLIES/EVENTS
      Add (Free|Get)EventData.c from libX11 1.3.4
      Update some missing files to libX11 1.3.4
      update xcms files to libX11 1.3.4
      update xlibi18n files to libX11 1.3.4
      replace {x11,xim}trans.c links by libX11 1.3.4 solution
      Xutil.h: Fix wrong include path
      update files from modules dir of libX11 1.3.4
      Update keysym includes
      adapt Imakefile to call makekeys correctly after update
      Use both __APPLE__ and __DARWIN__ defines
      nxcomp: Fix typo in usage message.
      Pending.c: conditionally include stdio.h

Vadim Troshchinskiy (1):
      Check if unixPath is NULL before accessing it; this fixes crashing of 
nxagent when TEST is enabled.

Vadim Troshchinskiyddd (1):
      Fix nxproxy hostname parsing.


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