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 tagged by  Mike Gabriel
        on  Fri Jun 30 21:21:54 2017 +0200

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Adam Jackson (1):
      dix: Remove arch awareness from servermd.h ( v2, nx-libs v4)

Mihai Moldovan (5):
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/fix_rhel6' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/fix-ftbfs-on-mips64el' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/fix-ftbfs-on-hppa' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/browser-scrolling-improvements' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/mese-quilt-without-quilt' into 3.6.x

Mike DePaulo (1):
      nx-libs.xpec: Fix FTBFS on F24 due to missing Xfont2

Mike Gabriel (25):
      nx-X11/config/cf/gnuLib.rules: Drop ancient Vcs comment. Erroneously 
sneaked in with reintroduction of GNU/<non-Linux> support.
      debian/copyright: Update copyright attributions.
      Merge branch 'mikedep333-f24-ftbfs' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'salva-install-as-non-root' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/remove_unused_defines' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/fix_sync_segfault' into 3.6.x
      nx-X11/extras/Mesa: Drop bundled Mesa, place a symlink to imported Git 
subtree of Mesa_6.4.1 instead.
      Mesa subtree: Adapt build process for building against Mesa that gets 
pulled in via git subtree. Drop various unused files from the bundled Mesa version 
when creating release tarballs.
      Merge branch 'frantracer-mesa-squash-subtree' into 3.6.x Fix tarball creation, now that we pull in Mesa as a 
git-subtree. This basically moves versioned folders around and drops the Mesa/ 
and Mesa.patches/ symlinks.
      Merge branch 'frantracer-mesa-update-6.4.2' into 3.6.x
      Mesa.patches: Have Mesa.patches_6.4.2 rather as a copy than as a symlink 
to Mesa.patches_6.4.1. Rebase 
4004_define-USE_IEEE-macro-for-more-platforms.patch against Mesa 6.4.2 while 
being at it.
      Mesa.patches_6.4.1: Add missing EOL at EOF to series file.
      Fix FTBFS on mips64el architecture due to missing definition of the 
_XSERVER64 macro.
      nx-X11/config/cf/ Drop AsOutputArchSize macro from 
Sparc(64)Architecture ifdef-block. It does not seem to be used anywhere else.
      Fix FTBFS on Linux based HP-PARisc 32-bit systems. Thanks to John Paul 
Adrian Glaubitz from FU Berlin for providing access to a corresponding porters' 
      debian/patches: Update 016_nx-X11_install-location.debian.patch (line 
numbers only).
      hw/nxagnet/Atoms.c: In DEBUG mode, we need validateString() which is not 
statically defined in Utils.h. Thus including it for DEBUG builds.
      hw/nxagent/Window.c: Introduce NX_REAL_WINDOW window property.
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/nx-real-wid' into 3.6.x
      nx-libs.spec: Use mesa-quilt with Fedora builds, but rely on fallback 
mode in mesa-quilt for RHEL and SUSE.
      mesa-quilt: Provide a fallback patching method on systems where pulling 
quilt into the build env is not trivial.
      README.Mesa.patches: Define some rules for patch naming and numbering 

Oleksandr Shneyder (1):
      nxcomp: Set TokenSize to 1536 for link type ADSL and WAN. Improving 
non-xrender based  browser scrolling behaviour when link type is set to ADSL or 

Salvador FandiƱo (2):
      Propagate DESTDIR and PREFIX from Makefile
      Don't force root ownership of dirs when installing

Ulrich Sibiller (3):
      nx-libs.spec: fix FTBFS on RHEL6
      remove BuildRman define
      Args.c: fix sync option parsing

ftrapero (6):
      Squashed 'nx-X11/extras/Mesa_6.4.1/' content from commit 53d1bc0
      Include mesa-6.4.1 project
      Squashed 'nx-X11/extras/Mesa_6.4.2/' content from commit 475b1f7
      Include mesa-6.4.2 project
      nx-X11/extras: Add symlinks to Mesa_6.4.2 and patches Fix resolution of symbolic links and removal of useless 
Mesa versions


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