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Mihai Moldovan (9):
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/nxproxy-autoreconf' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/nxcompshad-autoreconf' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/nxcomp-autoreconf' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/find-libjpeg-without-pkgconfig' into 3.6.x
      nxcomp/ we don't need to specify empty optional parameters.
      nxcomp/ fix copy-and-paste typo (nxcompshad.pc.)
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/libnx-x11-autoreconf' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/nxagent-render-cleanup' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/drop-nxcompshad-cygwin-support' into 3.6.x

Mike Gabriel (61): Remove even more files from nx-X11/extras/Mesa/. This version has been used for generating the tarball.
      Mesa.patches: Disable 4001_Fix-non-working-GLX-in-64bit-Xorg-7.0.patch. 
It patches a file, we don't build and that we remove in
      nxagent man page: Fix layout near -nxrealwindowprop option.
      Report Xlib-side window IDs to session.log in machine readable form. This 
feature can be enabled by the cmdline options -reportwids and 
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/report-window-ids' into 3.6.x Drop obviously not needed '--since 1970' option from 
'git log' call.
      m4/nx-macros.m4: Add autotools macros derived from and nxcomp* files.
      nxproxy: Switch to autoreconf.
      debian/rules: Drop redundant --with-symbols configure option, '-g' 
already gets added by debhelper.
      nxproxy/ Have AC_LANG before NX_COMPILER_BRAND. Thanks to 
Ionic for spotting this same flaw in nxcompshad.
      debian/control: Add B-D: automake (required for Debian jessie, Ubuntu 
trusty and Ubuntu xenial).
      nxcompshad: Switch to autoreconf.
      nxcompshad/src/Regions.h: Avoid warning: ‘typedef’ was ignored in this 
declaration. Drop typedef declaration from _XRegion struct.
      nxcompshad/src/Core.cpp: Don't redeclare (and shadow) curLine. Use 
curWorkLine instead.
      nxcompshad/src/Shadow.cpp: Drop duplicate prototype for 
NXShadowRemoveAllUpdaters(). Already in Shadow.h.
      nxcompshad: Prototype for NXShadowResetOptions() missing. Export it as 
public symbol via Shadow.h."
      nxcompshad: Rewrite Logger class methods to properly take advantage of 
the 'gnu_printf' format attribute.
      debian/control: Process with wrap-and-sort -s.
      debian/copyright: White-space cleanup.
      debian/control: Add B-D: libtool (required for Debian jessie, Ubuntu 
trusty and Ubuntu xenial).
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/fix_keystroke_files' into 3.6.x
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/cmdline' into 3.6.x
      nxcomp: Switch to autoreconf.
      nxcomp/ Re-add previously available configure options 
--with-valgrind and --with-info as renamed options --enable-valgrind and 
      nxcomp/,m4/nx-macros.m4,nxcomp/src/Socket.h: Use 
AC_CHECK_TYPES to detect if type 'in_addr_t' is available.
      debian/rules: Drop override_dh_clean target. Not required anymore, as 
configure files get removed correctly now.
      nxcomp: Trivially fix local variables shadowing variables of same name 
from higher scope.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: Avoid duplicate usage of proxyFD (global variable) 
and *proxyFD (function parameter).
      nxcomp/src/Proxy.cpp: Fix index usage of nested loops.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: Drop duplicate prototypes (which already exist in 
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: Rename local variable 'handler' to 'signalHandler'.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: Don't reuse global variable names as function 
parameters in SetupDisplaySocket().
      nxcomp/src/Transport.cpp: Don't redeclare local variable if it can be 
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: Drop global variable diffTs, declare it in every 
funtion where it is needed.
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: Don't use global variables as function paramters in 
      nxcomp/src/Loop.cpp: Don't mix using global proxyFD and a local p(roxy)FD 
variable (in WaitForRemote() and ConnectToRemote()). Rename local variable name.
      nxcomp: Add __attribute__((noreturn)) to more functions where appropriate.
      Merge branch 'sunweaver-pr/fix-multi-trapez-requests' into 3.6.x
      nxproxy/src/ Actually define nxproxy_CFLAGS, so the various 
compiler warning flags get enabled at build time of nxproxy.
      nxcomp/ Don't rely on pkg-config alone when it comes to 
testing for presence of libjpeg shared lib and header files.
      Merge branch 'uli42-pr/versionprop' into 3.6.x
      m4/nx-macros.m4: Add NX_STRICT_OPTION and NX_DEFAULT_OPTIONS macros 
(borrowed from's xorg-macros.m4).
      nx*/ Use newly introduced macro NX_DEFAULT_OPTIONS instead 
      debian/rules: Add configure option --disable-silent-rules.
      Convert nx-X11/lib/ build flow from imake to autotools.
      nx-X11/programs/Xserver/Imakefile: White-space fix.
      debian/control: Add D (libnx-x11-6): libx11-data.
      debian/rules: Use tabs as first indentation level.
      debian/rules: Re-order configure options for the sake of more beauty.
      Makefile: Use $(RM_DIR) rather then plain rmdir in clean-env target.
      Makefile: Check for dir existence before attempting to remove it.
      nx-X11/Makefile: Only run full CleanEnv code, if imake is installed in 
the build-system.
      nx-X11/programs/Xserver/Render.c: Re-introduce nxagentGlyphsCleanup() 
from libNX_Xrender's formerly removed XRenderGlyphsCleanup().
      nxcompshad: Drop Cygwin/Win32 support. Has been untested and unused for a 
long time.
      nx-X11/extras: Drop Mesa-6.4.1 related files.
      debian/copyright: Update copyright attributions.
      debian/control: Bump Standards-Version: to 4.0.1. No changes needed.
      hw/nxagent/Window.c: Fix spelling error in debug message.
      Mesa.patches: Add 5001_nasty-typo-fixes.patch. Fix some nasty typos in 
Mesa's code ending up in the nxagent binary.
      debian/rules: Strip static libraries before installing them into the 
lib*.dev packages.

Oleksandr Shneyder (1):
      Render.c: Improve situation for multiple trapezoid requests.

Ulrich Sibiller (5):
      Improve keystroke file handling
      pass filename as parameter to nxagentProcessOptionsFile()
      rename nxagentOptionFile to nxagentOptionsFilename
      treat options parameter as option string if it starts with nx/nx
      Set NX_AGENT_VERSION property for root window


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