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        on  Thu Feb 15 23:06:56 2018 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version


Guangzhou Nianguan Electronics Technology Co.Ltd (1):
      Add SupeReNicer support.

Harald Nordgard-Hansen (1):
      Correctly quote the tests against $DISTRIB_RELEASE in x2goruncommand that 
were badly quoted (which caused them to report the wrong result and to create a 
file called "=" in the user home directory). Aligning all tests to use the same 
style of quoting fixes this. (Fixes: #409).

Helmer Teles (1):
      Make umask that is used when mounting client-side folders via SSHFS 
configurable in x2goserver.conf. (Fixes: #331).

Henning Heinold (1):
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: remove trailing whitespace.

Horst Schirmeier (1):
      Remove stale X11 lock files in cases where x2goagent mysteriously 
disappeared (e.g., due to kill -9 or a crash). (Fixes: #630).

Jan Engelhardt (1):
      Replace script x2gobasepath by script x2gopath that makes it much easier 
for distro packagers to tweak the installation paths of X2Go Server components.

Jürgen Hötzel (1):
      Use bash-builtin 'type' instead of to be avoided 'which'. (Fixes: #305).

Kaan Ozdincer (1):
      debian/po: Translate DebConf templates to Turkish.

Lars Wendler (1):
      Use "printf" instead of "echo -n". (Fixes: #668).

Martti Pitkänen (2):
      debian/po: translate DebConf templates to Finnish.
      debian/po/fi.po: update Finnish DebConf templates translation.

Matthew L. Dailey (2):
      Fix command/version detection for GNOME/Unity on Ubuntu. (Fixes: #105).
      x2gocleansessions: Redirect stdin, stdout and stderr to /dev/null, test 
for the existence of the file descriptor before issuing the close, only capture 
the file descriptor backreference in the regex and send any close failures to 
syslog. (Fixes: #678).

Mihai Moldovan (218):
      xsession: whitespace and typo fixes.
      extensions: whitespace, typo fixes and documentation update.
      general: update copyright notices, whitespace fixes. Happy new year!
      general: change X2go -> X2Go.
      x2goserver.spec: create group and user if they don't exist only.
      x2goserver.spec: create DB file via x2godbadmin createdb if the file does 
not exist OR (exists and has zero size). Fixes installation problems.
      x2goserver.spec: also add fix to the perl-X2Go-Server-DB package.
      Revert "x2goserver.spec: also add fix to the perl-X2Go-Server-DB package."
      x2goserver.spec: only create session DB in x2goserver's post install 
      x2goserver.spec: add support for %{_datadir}/applications symlink in 
      x2goserver.spec: don't use %{_sbindir} for chkconfig and service on 
      x2goserver.spec: change deprecated and removed PreReq to Requires(pre) 
      x2goserver/bin/x2gogetapps: respect NoDisplay and Hidden values, don't 
parse the full desktop file if there are non-Desktop Entries groups.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gogetapps: first define an array, then use it...
      x2goserver/bin/x2gogetapps: do not print spurious newlines.
      debian/changelog: sync with release/4.0.1.x branch.
      x2goserver.spec: add sudo and logcheck as BuildRequires and Requires. 
Don't own directories that are owned by sudo and logcheck.
      x2goserver.spec: typo fix in comment: Recommands -> Recommends.
      x2goserver.spec: fix installation on OpenSUSE 12.3 and higher: has 
replaced pwdutils with shadow. Also affects SLE{S,D} 12.
      x2goserver.spec: add workaround documentation for sudoers on *SUSE 11.
      x2goserver.spec: add shadow/shadow-utils/pwdutils Requires to 
x2goserver-printing sub package.
      x2goserver.spec: move shadow/shadow-utils/pwdutils Requires to 
x2goserver-common sub package (where they are actually needed.)
      x2goserver-extensions: add runcommand.d hooks to x2goserver-extensions 
Makefile. Fix changelog.
      Revert "Make X2Go Server aware of Rick Astley (RICKROLL)"
      {debian/control,x2goserver.spec}: add new dependency on bash.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosessionlimit: don't iterate over the whole groups file.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: revoke all PRIVILEGES before trying to 
delete a user on postgres.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: re-fetch the current sessions' status 
before handling it.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: rename %remembered_sessions_since to 
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: rename 
%remembered_sessions_status_since to %remembered_sessions_status_since_time.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: give suspended-but-running sessions a 
grace period of one iteration.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: fix ugly missing whitespace.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: move up session status sync a bit, 
don't update session state when session has been removed from the database.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: unify log messages. Move dangling line 
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: whitespace only.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: also delete entries in the other, 
overlooked hashes.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: move socket and lock file cleanup into 
time-based block for finished/failed sessions.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: add @remembered_finished_sessions 
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: don't add failed/finished sessions to 
remembered list if that list already includes them.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: don't use gmtime (time ()) but merely 
time ().
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: add debugging output to show the state 
change when updating the cached state result.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: add timestamp to debug output.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: only output status refreshing debug 
message if the old and new states actually differ.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: also (correctly) log to syslog if 
started with --debug parameter.
      debian/control: add new dependency on xkb-data to x2goserver.
      x2goserver.spec: add new dependency on xkeyboard-config to x2goserver. 
Fixes: #903.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: changes to Robert Nowotny's SSH_PORT 
patch. Fixes: #922.
      libx2go-server-db-perl/lib/ don't 
use deprecated defined (@array) construct which never really did what one would 
expect (defined () can only be used on scalar values.)
      x2goserver/bin/x2goruncommand: whitespace and comment changes only.
      debian/changelog: merge with release/4.0.1.x branch.
      x2goserver-xsession/etc/Xsession: use /bin/bash explicitly on RedHat-, 
Gentoo- and SuSE-based systems.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gomountdirs: remove blowfish Cipher spec hardcoded for 
sshfs mounts.
      debian/control: maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers 
      x2goserver/bin/x2goruncommand: whitespace only.
      debian/changelog: merge with release/4.0.1.x branch.
      debian/control: add myself as uploader.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gofeaturelist: whitespace only.
      debian/: remove x2goserver-x2goagent.dirs and hope it's really unneeded, 
because the Makefile creates these directories correctly.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/: rename share/x2go/rgb back to etc/rgb.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/Makefile: install etc/rgb as in 
${SYSCONFDIR}/x2go/rgb again and create a symlink from that to 
      debian/x2goserver-x2goagent.install: re-add etc/rgb file.
      x2goserver.spec: re-add etc/rgb as a config file.
      x2goserver.spec: correctly create and specify the x2goserver-x2goagent 
subpackage, instead of a standalone x2goagent package.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/Makefile: fix left-over reference to share/x2go/rgb.
      x2goserver.spec: fix dependency upon versioned nxagent.
      x2goserver.spec: let x2goserver depend upon x2goagent-virtual, add 
Provides: keyword to x2goserver-x2goagent (also need to be implemented within 
X2Go's nx-libs master branch.)
      x2goserver-x2goagent/share/x2go/x2gofeature.d/: rename 
x2goserver-agent.features to x2goserver-x2goagent.features.
      x2goserver.spec: add script/symlink ${LIBDIR}/x2go/bin/x2goagent to 
installed file list.
      x2goserver.spec: split up x2gosql installed file list part into actual 
directories and files.
      x2goserver.spec: disable stale symlinks check for now (and add comment to 
re-enable it once we've switched to nx-libs 3.5.99 or higher for good.)
      x2goserver.spec: actually export NO_BRP_STALE_LINK_ERROR in a correct 
way/with the correct value. Never blindly trust the internets if something 
looks odd.
      x2goserver.spec: add %{_libdir}/x2go/bin as owned directory for 
      x2goserver.spec: exclude %{_bindir}/x2goagent from being packaged into 
x2goserver package.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: add Perl documentation and --help, -h, 
-? and --man options. Fixes: #1065.
      x2goserver/man/man8/x2gocleansessions.8: drop obsolete man page.
      x2goserver-xsession/etc/Xsession: fix uname calls when (potentially) 
creating session log/error file and add uname call where necessary.
      x2goserver-xsession/etc/Xsession: include hostname in session-x2go-errors 
file name. Part of #923.
      x2goserver.spec: add new dependency on perl and the Cwd module to 
x2goserver-xsession. Part of #923.
      debian/control: add new dependency on perl-modules for Cwd. Part of #923.
      x2goserver-xsession/etc/Xsession: rotate old log/error file before 
appending new data. Fixes: #923.
      x2goserver-xsession/etc/Xsession: fix wrong variable usage. Fixes: #1073.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: move in-file POD to end of file, 
rather than "commenting" out all the remaining code. Fixes: #1068.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: add -d short parameter for enabling 
debugging capabilities to POD.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: exit earlier when not finding the required 
"x2gouser" user.
      x2goserver.spec: add mandatory perl-generators Build-Requires as per
      debian/po: tiny fixup on author name.
      debian/changelog: sync up with release/4.0.1.x branch.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: don't overzealously try to remove old 
nxagent sockets.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: convert X2GO_PORT searching algorithm to 
pure bash and let script fail if no display port is available.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: fix syntax error introduced in last 
change to this file.
      x2goserver.spec: x2goserver-x2goagent needs nxagent and higher.
      debian/control: whitespace fixes.
      debian/control: add BD on dh-systemd.
      debian/rules: call the systemd addon to process and install the systemd 
service file.
      debian/rules: don't fail if we don't have the systemd addon. whitespace fixes and typo correction.
      debian/changelog: syntax fix.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: make compatible with changes in Arctica's 
      debian/changelog: add closure for #1151.
      x2goserver.spec: correct usage of mime and desktop database upgrade 
scriptlets and dependencies.
      Simplify systemd usage a bit and make sure that it's restarted on Fedora 
and RHEL-based distros.
      x2goserver.spec: use Suggests instead of Recommends, as an even weaker 
      x2goserver.spec: fix RPM spec syntax error in shared-mime-info dependency 
      x2goserver.spec: fix %{?fedora} macro usage.
      x2goserver.spec: add the correct package name to the %posttrans 
scriptlet, we only need it for x2goserver-fmbindings.
      x2goserver.spec: make sure that we don't go into branches just because a 
macro is not defined on our platform.
      x2goserver.spec: work around a bug in SuSE's mime DB update script...
      x2goserver.spec: make sure that there's always at least one (nil) command 
in the if command list.
      x2goserver.spec: break older SLES builds on purpose to see what branch is 
*actually* taken.
      x2goserver.spec: fix typo in %if condition (0%?{?fedora} instead of 
      x2goserver.spec: contrary to other information that says "brackets" and 
consistent with RPM's source code, grouping is done via "(" and ")" in 
      x2goserver.spec: more platform-specific condition fixup.
      x2goserver.spec: pull in shared-mime-info as a build requirement only on 
*SuSE and add comment regarding why desktop-file-utils is always needed.
      x2goserver.spec: also add a trans(action)-requirement on shared-mime-info 
for older RHEL-based distros.
      x2goserver.spec: RPM spec does not allow %elif or %elseif, which lead to 
all weird kinds of errors.
      x2goserver.spec: there is no %trans scriptlet, we're using %posttrans, so 
the dependency should be specified as Requires(posttrans) as well.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: fix a typo that caused the script to not 
work properly - with or without Arctica's nx-libs.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: rename ${setxkbcomp_opts} to 
${setxkbmap_opts}, that's what it really is.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: setxkbmap expects a parameter called 
"-option", but nxagent uses the key "options". Make setxkbmap happy.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: $BASH_REMATCH is tricky, actually fetch 
the first match.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: only match up the first ending quote 
character in a non-greedy way.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: try to enable lingering via systemd's 
loginctl utility before calling x2goagent. Fixes: #1198.
      x2goserver-xsession/etc/Xsession: support Devuan just like Debian, give 
useful error message in case the OS is unknown.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: fetch hostname via "hostname -s" and do 
not rely on the HOSTNAME variable.
      x2goserver/bin/x2golistshadowsessions: whitespace only.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: close syslog at program exit.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2gocleansessions: whitespace only.
      debian/changelog: merge in changes from current release branch.
      x2goserver-xsession/etc/Xsession: add support for OS RT via 
/etc/os-rt-release (file needs to be created by upstream first, bug pending.)
      X2Go/Server/DB/ fix command name in error messages.
      debian/changelog: sync with release/4.0.1.x.
      x2goserver/lib/x2go{,}: allow arbitrary-length 
user names, user names starting with digits and drop $ as a valid user name 
character. Fixes: #1229.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goruncommand: use dbus-run-session to start a new dbus 
user session if available.
      debian/control: depend upon dbus for dbus-run-session.
      x2goserver.spec: pull in dbus-run-session if possible.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-session: backport HOSTNAME changes from 
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-session: catch errors while inserting values 
into database more gracefully. Fixes: #1230.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: write hostname errors to stderr to make 
X2Go Client (and maybe PyHoca?) fail.
remove hopefully redundant HOSTNAME export commands.
      debian/control: depend upon newer x2goagent package that now provides the 
x2goagent.options file.
      debian/changelog: sync with release/4.0.1.x branch.
      Add missing change data for 581a6d2a5568df25ab6d4d7c320bd17250ccef0f.
      debian/changelog: sync with release/4.0.1.x branch.
      x2goserver/bin/x2go{resume-session,startagent}: revert error catching 
while inserting values into database.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: log x2goagent startup command to syslog in 
debug mode.
      x2goserver/bin/x2go{resume-session,startagent}: use the actual system's 
host name instead of the short name only.
      x2goserver.spec: actually add logcheck Requires.
      x2goserver.spec: RPMify x2goserver-xsession description.
      x2goserver.spec: remove qt4 stuff, we're not using the framework here.
      x2goserver.spec: split out logcheck files into an x2goserver-logcheck 
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: reenable XFIXES extension.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/etc/x2goagent.options: reenable XFIXES extension.
      x2goserver.spec: add correct Group: to x2goserver-logcheck package.
      x2goserver.spec: give the x2goagent-virtual package a specific version, 
derived from the x2goserver version.
      x2goserver.spec: let x2goserver-x2goagent conflict with the former 
x2goagent package.
      x2goserver.spec: let x2goserver depend upon its own x2goserver-virtual 
package for now.
      debian/control: fix nxagent dependency.
      debian/control: dip into cold water and depend solely upon 
x2goserver-x2goagent in a versioned fashion.
      x2goserver/lib: new wrapper script x2goqueryconfig to fetch a config 
value out of the global x2goserver.conf file.
      x2goserver-common/etc/x2goserver.conf: add x2goagent.port_randomization 
configuration option.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: use x2goagent.port_randomization 
configuration value.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: fix shellcheck warning related to arrays.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: update copyright notice.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: fix most shellcheck warnings, whitespace 
errors, use more quotes and curly braces.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: drop obsolete X2GO_BIN environment 
variable usage.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: make shellcheck happy by referencing 
"${SAVED_DISPLAY}" once.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: checking for the exit status of a variable 
assignment isn't helping us in finding out if x2goagent is still running.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: replace perl call with bash pattern 
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: some shells do not handle quotes in 
pattern substitutions gracefully.
      x2goserver/lib: new script x2gogetfreeport, consists of duplicated 
functionality in x2gostartagent.
      x2goserver/lib: new script x2gogetrandomport, contains the port 
randomization (or pseudo-randomization) features that are part of 
x2gostartagent, but need to be accessible by other scripts as well.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: remove spurious semicolon and add quotes 
on the lib path line.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: start using x2gogetrandomport, delete 
now-duplicate code.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: fix return code that should have been 
zero, indicating success.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-session: remove spurious semicolon and add 
quotes on the lib path line.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-session: properly randomize first port, just 
like in x2gostartagent.
      x2goserver/bin/x2go{startagent,resume-session}: use x2gogetfreeport 
instead of duplicating the same code everywhere. Fixes: #1230.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: fix hostname detection.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-session: fix shellcheck warnings, use 
bash-style tests, more quotes, curly braces, wrap literal strings in single 
quotes, avoid useless constructs, fix whitespace errors and probably more.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: use single quotes for literal strings, 
bash-style checks, more curly braces, terminate options for commands that use 
outside input (variables), fix copyright notice.
      x2goserver/lib/x2gogetfreeport: use single quotes for literal strings.
      x2goserver/lib/x2gogetfreeport: use error code 1 for general failure, 
shift parameter sanitization failure codes up.
      x2goserver/lib: new script x2gocheckport, containing common functionality 
for port checking.
      x2goserver/lib/x2gogetfreeport: check start and end paramters in a 
stricter fashion.
      x2goserver/lib/x2gogetfreeport: use the check_*_port functions, require 
current host name as a parameter and adapt x2gogetfreeport usages accordingly.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-session: actually check if the old port values 
have been refurbished within the system and reassign them.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-ression: whitespace fix only.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: fix most other shellcheck warnings, more 
quotes, curly braces et. al.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: check and adapt exit codes.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-session: fix most other shellcheck warnings, 
more quotes, curly braces et. al.
      x2goserver.spec: install new files 
x2go{checkport,get{free,random}port,queryconfig} into the lib dir.
      x2goserver/lib: add new perl wrapper script for X2Go::Utils::is_true 
called x2goistrue.
      x2goserver.spec: add x2goistrue to %files section.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: replace inline perl with calls to 
x2goistrue and x2goqueryconfig.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: support disabling or enabling RANDR 
Xinerama in x2goagent via any parameter in the form randr_xinerama=value (with 
value interpreted by x2goistrue).
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: pass in xinerama configuration value via 
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: add FIXME entry for the SHADREQ_USER 
optional parameter.
      x2goserver/bin/x2go{startagent,resume-ression}: instead of disabling 
RANDR Xinerama if no xinerama support has been requested, switch to modifying 
the xinerama nx/nx option.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: disable Xinerama support by default, more 
compatible with the old behavior (and python-x2go/PyHoca).
      x2goserver/bin/x2go{resume-session,runcommand}: drop obsolete and 
now-unused NX_XINERAMA_CONF variable.
      x2goserver/lib/x2gogetrandomport: fix function name, leading to startup 
      x2goserver/lib/x2go{check,getfree}port: parameter expansion and single 
quotes don't mix well.
      x2goserver/lib/x2gocheckport: fix X2GO_LIB_PATH -> x2go_lib_path typo.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: output variable expects a string, not an 
      x2goserver/lib/x2goistrue: perl strips empty parameters from @ARGV, so 
work around that gracefully.
      x2goserver/lib/x2goistrue: use shift unconditionally and check the 
parameter to be defined instead.
      x2goserver/bin/x2goresume-session: handle missing xinerama parameter in 
options string gracefully, skipping that part (and the other optional geometry 
string) correctly.
      x2goserver/etc: add new tmpfiles.d/x2goserver.conf file, protecting 
session directories from systemd's tmpfiles deletion.
      x2goserver/Makefile: install and uninstall etc/tmpfiles.d/x2goserver.conf.
      x2goserver-common/Makefile: whitespace (lineup) only.
      x2goserver.spec: fix logic when checking for "distro version lower than 
      x2goserver.spec: add new conffile /etc/tmpfiles.d/x2goserver.conf on 
systems that actually use/have systemd.
      debian/x2goserver.install: install new /etc/tmpfiles.d/x2goserver.conf 
      x2goserver.spec: actually install /etc/sudoers.d/x2goserver conffile on 
non-SuSE systems.
      x2goserver-xsession/etc/Xsession: change interpreter to bash.
      x2goserver.spec: backport /etc/x2g/applications behavior from upstream 
Fedora spec file.
      x2goserver.spec: create applications file in %install section, not %pre.
      x2goserver.spec: remove useless x2goagent-virtual Provides: and let 
x2goserver-x2goagent obsolete older x2goagent packages.

Mike DePaulo (17):
      debian/changelog: add-in stanza for release
      Support GNOME Flashback session on Ubuntu 13.10+ and on debian Jessie 
(cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      Give thanks to Eugene San for the last commit.
      Improve the comments in x2goagent.options
      Update Changelog: Alex\'s last 2 commits will be part of
      Fix support for Cinnamon 1.4. (Fixes: #569) Update the logic for 
launching Cinnamon 1.6 and 1.8. Fix the logic for launching Cinnamon 2.0 and 
2.2. (Fixes: #572)
      Fix launching GNOME 3 Fallback session (GNOME 3.4 & 3.6) on distros other 
than Ubuntu and Debian (Fixes: #599)
      changelog: Add warning about GNOME Flashback support
      changelog: Typo fix
      Make X2Go Server aware of the Openbox and IceWM desktop environments 
(Fixes: #605,#606)
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      TERMINAL Session: Add support for qterminal
      Make X2Go Server aware of Rick Astley (RICKROLL)
      TRINITY: Add support for Q4OS
      Fix gnome-flashback on Ubuntu 14.04 and hopefully other distros with 
gnome-flashback 3.8
      Lay the groundwork for gnome-flashback on Ubuntu 15.04 and other distros 
with gnome-flashback 3.10 & later
      Fix finding upstart-udev-bridge for gnome-flashback on Ubuntu 15.04+

Mike Gabriel (660):
      Continue development...
      Fix x2gosessionlimit script.
      /debian/control: Fix x2goagent dependency.
      fix for commit d70b136ab99623678f34c12f2175570a856eaa77
      typo fix in new upstream version
      Add -pie as linker flag. Fixes non-position-independent-executable 
(x2gosqlitewrapper.c). The executable is now completely position independent.
      Wrap padsp around rdesktop calls if pulse is used as audio protocol.
      Add option ,,-r sound:local'' to rdesktop calls if pulse is enabled.
      Add rdesktop and pulseaudio-utils to Suggests.
      Proxy X2Go client-side shares into remote desktop session.
      use if clauses instead of ampersand shell constructions
      /debian/control: typo fix
      For applications inside of a session, use NX's Xrandr library instead of 
Xorg's Xrandr library (partially closes #28).
      Depend on nx-libs (>= which has the Xrandr symlinks folder.
      Make sure when launching desktop session through the Xsession mechanism 
that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable stays intact. Closes #29.
      /debian/control: Maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers 
      Priority: optional.
      /debian/control: fix typo in longdescs
      * Bump next upstream version to
      typo fix in x2goserver dependency
      fix function name in X2Go::Log
      more fixes for X2GO::* module transistion
      Transform into proper Perl module X2Go::Server::DB, 
package X2Go::Server::DB in separate package: libx2go-server-db-perl.
      /debian/changelog: typo
      x2goserver package: Depend on libx2go-log-perl, libx2go-server-db-perl.
      whitespace fix
      fix for X2Go::Server::DB transition -> make sure that db_* functions are 
available in the &main namespace
      we do not provide Perl modules, we provide packages
      fix package name in X2Go::Server::DB
      fix in perldoc template
      add forgotten files for X2Go::Server package
      Transform into small wrapper script and move the 
SQLite3 into Perl package X2Go::Server::DB::SQLite3.
      update wrapper script, last commit was the test version
      Move x2gosqlitewrapper into package X2Go::Server::DB::SQLite3 Perl 
      Fix file permission.
      Move PostgreSQL DB code into Perl package X2Go::Server::DB::PostgreSQL.
      changelog fix
      add perldoc header to SQLite3 db backend, make sure all man3 pages get 
installed into libx2go-server-db-perl package is a module now, return True at the end
      bumb VERSION.* files to
      Only extend LD_LIBRARY_PATH by Xrandr extension for KDE. Breaks GNOME.
      Move X2Go SQL configuration files (/etc/x2go/x2gosql) into package 
      update version and date in man pages
      Install /etc/x2go/x2go_logout with its directory x2go_logout.d via 
Makefile installation.
      Move x2goserver.conf into separate package: x2goserver-common. Provide 
man page for x2goserver.conf.
      follow-up commit, call Makefile in x2goserver-common from main Makefile
      fix man page section in Makefile
      fix x2goserver-common.install
      wrap too-long changelog line
      Use Breaks/Replaces to exchange x2goserver.conf in x2goserver package by 
x2goserver.conf in new x2goserver-common package.
      Move code in pre/post+inst/rm scripts around (from x2goserver package to 
libx2go-server-db-perl and x2goserver-common).
      more packaging fixes
      Move several x2goserver-* package to x2goserver's Recommends field.
      fix control file
      let libx2go-server-db-perl also break x2goserver
      make sure the x2gouser can access his own home
      Fix new SQLite3 wrapper for db_getmounts Perl call.
      Fix list output in new SQLite3 wrapper.
      Remove redundant setting of loglevel in x2gogetapps.
      import changelog entry from
      Add a very basic SIGCHLD handler to x2gocleansessions. on SIGCHLD let the 
script wait for cleaning up after its children.
      Fix x2gogetapps when rendering multi-section .desktop files.
      add BTS closures
      Fix ,,Only extend LD_LIBRARY_PATH by Xrandr extension for KDE. Breaks 
GNOME.'' from last release.
      fix x2golistsessions_root with SQLite3
      fix function names in
      Detect i18n name of Desktop folder via XDG_DESKTOP_DIR environment 
      move source_environment function into Perl package, use File::BaseDir for 
      move changelog entry from to
      /debian/control: Depend on libfile-basedir-perl.
      instal into libx2go-server-perl package
      fixing Perl package chaos... (arggh)
      Make session type label XFCE a valid session that starts xfce4-session.
      Fix typo fix in x2goagent introduced by an earlier commit (closes 
upstream issue #50).
      Revert "Fix typo fix in x2goagent introduced by an earlier commit (closes 
upstream issue #50)."
      Fix database call in x2gogetagent.
      modify changelog entry for last commit
      fix environment sourcing
      fix missing i18n desktop code in x2goumount-session
      fix i18n Desktop detection(2)
      skip comment lines while sourcing XDG vars
      work-in changelog entry of bugfix release
      Use DISTRIB_RELEASE to query Ubuntu release versions and detect Unity 
launch command.
      syntax fix
      Detect GNOME and UNITY startup commands via DISTRIB_RELEASE version 
number and by using the bc command for comparing versions.
      Do not fail if X2Go::Utils::source_environment() cannot find the file to 
be sourced.
      fix changelog entry
      changelog cleanup
      Fix failures of x2gogetagent that was related to faulty regexp in SQLite3 
DB wrapper script.
      Fix startup of GNOME and UNITY sessions (issue introduced with
      release (cherry-picked from release branch, changelog update)
      Fix x2godesktopsharing, we had added to many quotation marks in 
      remove debug code
      release (cherry-picked from release branch, updates changelog)
      add-in changelog entry of
      fine-tune layout of x2gopath
      Adapt Xinerama path in x2gopath: use $base for detecting the path to the 
Xinerama libs, as well, as is done with all the other paths.
      Fix mounting of multiple paths, thanks to Pascal Vibet. (Closes upstream 
issue #67).
      Honour CFLAGS when compiling the server's sgid wrapper script (closes 
upstream.issue #83).
      apply CFLAGS patch to libx2go-server-db-perl/Makefile, as the sgid 
wrapper build has been moved to that file for
      rewrite bug closures from Closes: <nnn> -> Fixes: <nnn>
      Revert "simplify installation of files in /etc/x2go"
      rename nxagent.options to x2goagent.options
      move latest patches from Oleksandr and Reinhard into release series 
      bump development version to
      whitespace/indentation fix
      post-release addition of fix for #93
      Rely on $PATH when invoking x2gocleansessions.
      fix typo
      Add X2Go Server feature X2GO_LIST_SHADOWSESSIONS.
      Add Reinhard Tartler to Uploaders.
      happy new year
      update version in man pages
      update version+date in man pages
      fix syntax error + whitespaces in Perl packages
      fix x2golistshadowsessions code
      mark version as preview
      Make CFLAGS usable in x2goserver. (Fixes: #83).
      follow-up commit for last cherry-pick
      Fix build-arch target in x2goserver/Makefile. (Fixes: #121).
      Allow for deploying X2Go Published Applications system-wide on a per-user 
basis (in /etc/x2go/applications-per-user/<username>).
      fix changelog
      fix transistion from x2goserver -> x2goserver-common
      Do parse profile/xprofile files in X2Go's Xsession file. (Fixes: #149).
      work-in changelog entry from, but do not cherry-pick the commit 
as it is deprecated for the master branch
      Add markdown files for most of the X2Go Server project folders. (Fixes: 
      many typo fixes in the top .md file
      Break execution of x2gosuspend-session / x2goterminate-session if the 
script is called without session as first argument and $X2GO_SESSION not set. 
(Fixes: #82).
      Make x2goruncommand aware of the Cinnamon desktop shell. (Fixes: #117).
      allow cinnamon command in lower case, as well
      fix typo in x2goterminate-session/x2gosuspend-session
      fix commit 163fb7f
      replace/fix prerm documentation in x2goserver.prerm
      As LP issue #985202 has been fixed, we revert back to keeping the XFIXES 
extension enabled by default.
      Revert "As LP issue #985202 has been fixed, we revert back to keeping the 
XFIXES extension enabled by default."
      /debian/control: + Let x2goserver bin:package depend on xfonts-base and 
fontconfig. (Fixes: #163).
      Use make_path from File::Path in x2godbadmin to create user directory if 
not present.
      changelog update: add closure for issue #200
      Revert "changelog update: add closure for issue #200"
      changelog: add closure for issue #200
      Security fix for setgid wrapper libx2go-server-db-sqlite3-wrapper.c. 
Hard- code path to during build via 
defining a macro in the Makefile.
      clean up debug output
      move changelog entry for setgid fix to release
      drop unneeded includes
      Create session log symlink after launching x2goagent. Fix order of target 
and symlink name when executing the command.
      cherry-pick from release branch: update changelog for release
      Make pre-set DESTDIR and PREFIX traverse through all Makefiles. Do not 
include DESTDIR in Makefile-hard-coded path in x2gosqlitewrapper.
      set prefix in /debian/rules
      Make x2gomountdirs / x2goumount-session UNC path aware.
      whitespace fix in changelog
      typo fix in x2gosuspend-session comment
      Add support to x2gocleansessions to suspend session via state changes in 
the session DB.
      Add support for terminating sessions via the session DB.
      Raise the frequency of the x2gocleansessions loop to every two seconds.
      Send SIGKILL to blocked X-Server (x2goagent) processes, if they do not 
disappear within 20secs. (Fixes: #32).
      only remove old sessions from the DB if the agent process is gone (not 
while it is still there)
      syntax fixes
      another follow-up fix
      fix missing curly bracket
      fix for one of the last commits
      fix missing parentheses
      split up changelog entry for into and
      Partially revert USED_PORTS detection code back to the old-style awk-way. 
(Fixes: #155).
      changelog fix
      release (changelog update, cherry-picked from release/4.0.0.x 
      release (changelog update, cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x 
      update changelog file from release branches
      Syntax fix in x2goumount-session.
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.0.x branch)
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      Accelerate resuming of sessions. Fix failures when resuming sessions that 
result from the latest changes in x2gocleansessions.
      Revert "Accelerate resuming of sessions. Fix failures when resuming 
sessions that result from the latest changes in x2gocleansessions."
      Accelerate resuming of sessions. Fix failures when resuming sessions that 
result from the latest changes in x2gocleansessions. (Fixes: #247).
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      Improve session status management in x2gocleansessions.
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      Make x2goumount-session tolerant towards usernames that contain spaces 
(Fixes: #202).
      Multiply query USED_DISPLAYS and USED_PORTS in x2gostartagent to minimize 
race conditions in cases where many clients launch session simultaneously.
      Make X2Go Server aware of the MATE desktop environment.
      The gnome-terminal TERMINAL returns immediately and runs in background 
starting with GNOME 3.8. Thus, set IMEXIT to false for gnome-terminal. (Fixes: 
      x2goumount-session: allow args $X2GO_SESSION <server-mount-point> in 
addition to $X2GO_SESSIOn <client-directory>.
      /debian/changelog: typo fix
      release (cherry-picked from branch releases/4.0.1.x)
      Do not hard-code paths to NX code in x2goruncommand anymore. Use x2gopath 
instead. (Fixes: #273).
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      Fix client-side unmounting of shared folders.
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      /debian/control: Update LONG_DESCRIPTIONS
      Install Xsession file as executable.
      lower case in English text
      wrap too-long changelog line
      Fine-tune x2goserver-xsession/Makefile: if /etc/X11 has Xsession.d and/or 
Xsession.options they get symlinked into /etc/x2go. Otherwise Xsession.d and 
Xsession.options are created under /etc/x2go as empty dir/file. (Fixes: #278).
      Move xfonts-base from Recommends: field to Depends: field (bin:package 
      Fix automatic keyboard setup (via x2gosetkeyboard) while resuming a 
session. (Fixes: #285).
      Provide sudoers.d/x2goserver file that allows sudoed commands under KDE 
(by pertaining the env var QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM. (Fixes: #276).
      With PostgreSQL as session db backend, prevent the root user from 
launching sessions. Also, prevent x2gouser_root from being added as a 
PostgreSQL user. (Fixes: #310).
      Work around buggy X2Go Client on Mac OS. If the keyboard type is set to 
"query", we force X2GO_SET_KBD to 1. (Partly resolves: #112).
      indentation fix
      Raise Standards: to 3.9.4 (no changes needed). Move xfonts-base to 
Recommends: field of bin:package x2goserver.
      fix parentheses
      Make init script LSB compliant.
      drop deprecated config file location
      Execute DB status changes as late as possible during suspend / terminate.
      Load config files from a Perl package (X2Go::Config).
      make sure all Perl packages get installed into .deb package
      fix changelog
      typo fix
      more typos
      Disable SupeReNicer by default.
      Fix session handling for cross-user-account desktop sharing. Now session 
names of desktop sharing session start with the username of the user who is 
requesting the desktop sharing, rather than the username of the person who 
shares his/her desktop.
      Do not superenice desktop sharing / shadow sessions.
      Do not superenice desktop sharing / shadow sessions.
      remove trailing dot from init script message
      Start/resume rootless sessions without geometry parameter. Esp. using 
X2GO_GEOMETRY=fullscreen for rootless sessions lead to an extra 1x1 px session 
window (nxagentCreateIconWindow in nxagent's Window.c).
      move x2goruncommand fix to upstream LTS release (
      fix for commit e6cdad13
      move X2GO_GEOMETRY fix into 4.0.1.x release series
      Typo fix in x2goruncommand (for MATE session startup).
      follow-up commit for 8d72da3
      move x2goruncommand fix from Oleksandr Shneyder into release
      remove duplicate log entry
      update changelog from other branches
      changelog fix
      pull in new changelog entry for release branch
      Continue development for LTS release branch... (cherry-picked from 
release/4.0.1.x branch)
      test-wise switch to source/format 1.0 (latest dpkg won't allow 3.0 
(native) with -0 as revision)
      debian/source/format: Switch to format 1.0.
      change version scheme
      Revert keyboard workaround for Mac OS X, as it causes other issues. 
(Fixes: #348).
      change versioning scheme
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.0.x branch)
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      work in changelog entries for and
      Use mktemp instead of tempfile (because Fedora does not have the tempfile 
binary). (Fixes: #347).
      Replace makepasswd by pwgen (because Fedora does not have makepasswd).
      debian/control: drop makepasswd dependency
      Grab systemd service file from Fedora and ship it upstream.
      Add init script for RPM based distro. Taken from the Fedora package.
      Ship x2goserver.spec (RPM package definitions) in upstream project. 
(Thanks to the Fedora package maintainers). File differs from the Fedora file 
      Fix x2goresume-session. The several parameters placed into the NX options 
file are expected by x2goresume-session at very specific positions. This we 
broke by trying to fix the fullscreen/geometry issue in x2gostartagent. Thanks 
to Harvey Eneman for tracking this down!!! (Fixes: #355).
      Improve parsing of the NX session.log file where unexpected extra logging 
takes place during session suspension/resumption. Thanks to Gerald Richter for 
finding this!!! (Fixes: #356).
      x2goserver.spec: Clear (Fedora package) changelog.
      Use same init script name as on Debian (x2goserver.init, 
      x2goclient.spec: Bring debian/control and x2goclient.spec in sync.
      Drop obsolete components x2goserver-compat, x2goserver-pyhoca.
      typo fix
      drop x2goserver-compat from Makefile.docupload
      x2goserver.spec: fix Perl packages
      Makefile: pre-set the PERL_INSTALLDIRS var with ,,vendor''.
      x2goserver-fmbindings/Makefile: install x2gofm.
      x2goclient.spec: fix install path for X2Go::Server::DB Perl package
      x2goclient.spec: add Group: fields for subpackages
      x2goserver-fmbindings/Makefile: install share/applications and share/mime.
      x2goclient.spec: remove duplicate %file entries
      fix for commit 9e15a9e
      fix(2) for commit 9e15a9e
      Makefile: pre-set the PERL_INSTALLDIRS var with ,,vendor''. Use 
pure_install rather than install.
      x2goclient.spec: fix installation of several files
      get rid of x2goserver .packlist file in %{perl_vendorlib}
      fix .packlist file removal
      x2goserver.spec: fix installation of x2goserver init script
      x2goserver.spec: make sure x2gofeature.d directory is created
      session DB creation on postinst...
      x2goserver-printing/Makefile: create feature.d directory before 
installing files into it.
      Handle TCP listening of x2goagent in x2goagent.options. (Fixes: #354).
      X2Go session DB creation revisited...
      Clean up Makefiles, remove commented out line.
      try to remove placefolder in a way that may work for EPEL-5, as well
      Set buildroot if we build for EPEL-5.
      Use deprected %{_initrddir} macro for EPEL-5 builds.
      x2goserver.spec: typo fix
      fix for commit 65810d3
      rpm/x2goserver.init: fix scripts names inside the script
      x2goserver.spec: fix version of RPM package
      x2goserver.spec: add lsof to Requires: field
      Use xkb ruleset 'base' rather than xfree86 as on RHEL systems the xfree86 
symlink to base rulset does not exist.
      changelog update
      Provide RHEL/Fedora support in x2goserver-xsession.
      x2goserver.spec: Take advantage of native RHEL support (since
      x2goserver.spec: Install SQLite3 wrapper as setgid x2gouser. (Fixes: 371).
      x2goserver-xsession/Makefile: fix syntax error
      Assure that SQLite3 session DB file gets created on install (unless 
PostgreSQL is used as session DB backend).
      Make sure x2goserver-*.features files do not get installed multiple times 
into various packages.
      Make sure X2Go Server (x2gocleansessions) starts after installation.
      Only sanity check for existence of /etc/x2go/Xsession.d on Debian 
(derived) systems.
      x2goserver.spec: update MIME and desktop database after 
installation/removal of x2goserver-fmbindings
      add some more debug code to x2gomountdirs
      Avoid one argument system calls and backticks in x2gocleansessions and 
      Provide man page for x2goserver.conf.
      move vulnerability fix in x2gocleansessions/x2golistsessions_root to
      whitespace fix
      update changelog entry
      Avoid one argument system calls and backticks in x2golistsessions.
      Avoid one argument system calls in x2golistshadowsessions.
      Provide Perl functions to capture stdout/stderr with multi-argument 
system calls.
      Avoid one argument system calls and backticks in x2goprint.
      fix system() call in x2golistsessions_root
      Avoid one argument system calls and backticks in SupeReNicer.
      Avoid backticks in x2goshowblocks, move script to <prefix>/sbin/ as it is 
for being run with root privileges.
      Handle situations in SupeReNicer where the agent PID is not set.
      Start working on an abstraction layer (as Perl package 
X2Go::Server::Agent) that handles all (NX) agent specific actions. Move 
duplicate code into that new Perl package.
      fix for commit 5c939ac5
      fix for commit 5c939ac5
      Security audit of complete code tree, avoid one-argument system calls 
where possible, avoid backticks, use more quotes in shell scripts.
      fix for commit 9941f225
      Sanitize session ID, port numbers, display number and PID number before 
writing it to the session DB.
      changelog maintenance
      improve changelog entry
      Add libcatpure-tiny-perl to Depends: field of libx2go-server-perl.
      Use versioned dependency with (= {:Version}) style.
      Remove dpkg-statoverride during remove on prerm, not on purge in postrm.
      fix for last commit
      Move x2gosql config to x2goserver-common.
      Revert "Use versioned dependency with (= {:Version}) style."
      debian/changelog: fix too-long-line
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      x2goserver.spec: fix installation of new Perl man pages
      Continue development on stable branch of X2Go Server... (cherry-picked 
from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      Fix x2gofm.desktop syntax. (Fixes: #391). x2goserver.spec: Enhance 
requirement of desktop-file-utils, validate x2gofm.desktop during package build.
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.0.x branch)
      Sanitize session name in x2gostartagent, as well. Fixes problems with 
custom session commands containing characters that get sanitized out.
      Allow dots (".") in sanitized session names.
      fix for last commit
      release (cherry-picked from release/ branch)
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      whitespace cleanup
      fix X2Go::Server::DB::PostgreSQL backend
      happy new year
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.0.x branch)
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      Build hotfix for RPM packages (x2goserver.spec):
      whitespace clean in x2goserver.spec
      Continue development on LTS release branch...
      Use perl instead of sed for search+replace in session names sanitizing. 
(Fixes: #404).
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      Continue development on main release/4.0.1.x branch...
      Log SSHFS output and errors to ~/.x2go/C-<session>/sshfs-mounts.log. 
(Fixes: #415).
      x2goserver.spec: Let builds for EPEL-7 behave like recent Fedora builds.
      import changelog entry of
      update version in man pages
      If x2golistmounts is used with out cmd options <session_id>, then the env 
var $X2GO_SESSION (current session) will be used.
      Fix x2gostartagent. Make sure the -nolisten tcp option is configurable 
via x2goagent.options. (Fixes: #424).
      Safely remove desktop files for client-side shared folders. Remove the 
correct desktop file, even if the shared folder has already been (forcefully) 
umounted. Such situations occur in cases where the connection gets interrupted. 
SSHFS will then get removed by the Linux kernel and we have to "guess" what 
desktop icons is actually to be removed.
      If x2goumount-session is used without cmd option <session_id>, then the 
env var $X2GO_SESSION (current session) will be attempted to used.
      rephrase changelog line
      Fix broken file descriptor closures in x2gocleansessions. (Fixes: #441).
      whitespace fix in copyright headers
      X2Go::Utils: Provide function is_true() and simplify x2gocleansessions 
with it
      follow-up commit for a01baa88f8616f305525012b88af14c60ba4bb65
      Revert "follow-up commit for a01baa88f8616f305525012b88af14c60ba4bb65"
      now really fix the file descriptor closures
      Provide proper Gentoo support in x2goserver-xsession portion of X2Go 
Server. (Fixes: #445).
      debian/*.doc-base: Provide *.doc-base files for bin:packages containing 
HTML man pages or other documentation.
      debian/x2goserver.init: status option / LSB header
      debian/config: Explicitly call set -e. Makes lintian happier.
      x2gofm.desktop: Drop obsolete Encoding key from .desktop file.
      debian/copyright: Provide DEP-5 compliant copyright file.
      debian/rules: Detect Git-created ChangeLog file if present (created by 
X2Go upstream's build scripts during package build).
      Fix typos / hyphen-as-minus signs issues in x2goversion.8 and 
      debian/copyright: Add auto-generated file (by 
licensecheck+CDBS) for later reference.
      Several style and dependency fixes. Use Conflicts: instead of Breaks: for 
unversioned package conflicts.
      Spcial handling of x2gofm.desktop. In EPEL-5 the Encoding key is still 
required for .desktop files.
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      debian/changelog: add-in stanza for release
      Fix hanging of x2goserver init script. Cherry-pick a322d8c from master 
branch. (Fixes: #471).
      Add COPYING (GPL-2) file to base project folder.
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      Provide string sanitizers. Esp. a sanitizer for X2Go session IDs.
      convert sanitizer type to lowercase always
      Add tunneling port allocation for TeleKinesis framework.
      packaging postinst scripts: Make sure X2Go session DB files get updated 
during postinst.
      debian/rules: Improve dh_auto_clean override.
      fix changelog entry
      Let x2goversion exit with an error if the X2Go component cannot be found.
      fix comment in X2Go::Server::Agent::NX Perl package
      Manually cherry-pick fixes from and for improvement in 
detecting suspended and terminated sessions.
      Fix changelog entry for last commit.
      Fix changelog entry for another commit (2).
      Detect started/starting/resumed/resuming sessions by explicitly scanning 
the NX session log file for those keywords.
      Manually cherry-pick fixes from and for improvements in 
detecting suspended and terminated sessions.
      Only use teki_* fields with PostgreSQL DB backend if TeKi is enabled.
      Execute post-start.d extension scripts _after_ the session information 
has been submitted to the session DB. This allows execution of x2golistsessions 
and other X2Go commands in post-start.d extension scripts.
      Test if telekinesis-server is installed server-side. If so, prepare the 
telekinesis session sub-directory.
      Interpret NX sessions marked as "aborting session" as (not yet) 
terminated sessions.
      Provide config option for server-side/global clipboard behaviour in 
x2goagent.options. (Fixes: #506).
      Be aware of poly-instantiated /tmp directories bind-mounted under 
/tmp-inst. (Fixes: #406).
      debian/control, x2goserver.spec: Update versioned D: x2goagent (>= This assures that X2Go works with poly-instantiated /tmp directories.
      fix for last commit
      fix for last commit(2)
      Fix session creation with TeKi for Pqsql session DB backend.
      follow-up for last commit
      Re-arrange parameter order of x2gocreatesession and related DB functions. 
Make sure the session ID comes first and we have only optional parameters 
towards the end of the paramter array.
      follow-up for last commit
      use tabs instead of spaces
      simplify path search for /tmp-inst
      Enforce immediate socket cleanup/closure after session suspension and 
termination. (Fixes: #302).
      On suspend: Call x2goumount-session before sending SIGHUP to x2goagent.
      add closure for #353 to old relase
      Refuse client communcation if server-side hostname is not set up 
correctly (Fixes: #468).
      improve last commit
      Fix string comparion in x2goumount-session.
      Fix problems with unmounting shared folders on session suspension/ 
termination. Remove extra parentheses from the fusermount execution call. 
(Fixes: #407).
      Use type -p instead of which in x2goumount-session. Suppress output to 
stdout properly.
      Use if--then--else--fi during x2goagent resuming in x2goresume-session 
      fix optionality of Telekinesis support in x2goresume helper script
      More reliably sync the NX session state with the status information in 
the X2Go session DB.
      Provide --updatedb feature in x2godbadmin if DB backend is PostgreSQL.
      Replace D (bin:package x2goserver): libtry-tiny-perl -> libtrycatch-perl.
      Require perl(TryCatch) instead of perl(Try::Tiny).
      typo fix
      revert to using Try::Tiny due to heavy dependencies in various older 
      Revert "typo fix"
      Revert "Require perl(TryCatch) instead of perl(Try::Tiny)."
      Revert "Replace D (bin:package x2goserver): libtry-tiny-perl -> 
      fix/finish TeKi related code in x2godbadmin (PostgreSQL part)
      x2godbadmin: another fix...
      fix typo in x2godbadmin
      x2golistdesktops: Also detect sharable desktop sessions behind abstract 
kernel namespace sockets.
      Add logcheck rules for X2Go Server. Thanks to Frank Werner for sending 
them in.
      fix for commit 22a4bd1f152ff9f11a7e1da3a6a6ceefb47f0a2f
      Correctly use diversions from stderr to stdout in shell commands. (Fixes: 
      logcheck file: add EOL at EOF
      typo fix :-)
      some whitespace fixes
      Require Perl(Switch) / libswitch-perl as dependency (bin:package 
      no more script x2gonxcleanup
      cleanup changelog
      add bug closure for #523
      Don't die if no session state file is found, as it will break X2Go 
completely after upgrading from versions << if sessions are still 
running/suspended during package upgrade.
      Make sure x2gogetagentstate gets packaged in bin:package x2goserver.
      report missing state file to STDERR
      don't use the STDERR bareword
      add curly braces around STDERR file handle
      grammar fix
      fix support in X2Go::Server::Agent::NX
      typo fix
      Provide support for client-side choice of clipboard security. (Fixes: 
      some man page updates
      Detect the exit of rootless applications that forked to background on 
application execution. (Fixes: #122).
      move last commit into release candidate
      Make x2goruncommand more robust.
      Don't fail Xsession startup if any of the profile scripts returns with an 
      Silently timeout in x2golistdesktops if calls to x2golistsessions and/or 
xwininfo don't produce output within one second. (Fixes: #543).
      debian/changelog: wrap too-long-lines, fix typo.
      x2goserver.spec: Install {libdir}/x2go/x2gormforward into bin:package 
      Allow email addresses as login usernames. (Fixes: #573).
      add closure for #557 (fixed by commit 9833956)
      Fix accessing ARGV in X2Go::Utils:check_x2go_sessionid sub. (Fixes: #575).
      fix typo in changelog
      add closure for #495 (fixed by commit bf318af)
      add closure for #511 (fixed by commit cee4857)
      add closure for #547 (fixed by commit bf318af)
      Abort session startup if env var $USER or $SSH_CLIENT are not set. 
(Fixes: #558).
      Allow length of username up to 48 characters (was: 32 characters). 
(Fixes: #574).
      wrap too-long-lines in changelog
      Abort session if env var $HOME is not set or if $HOME contains non-ASCII 
characters. (Fixes: #397).
      Export XAUTHORITY env var in x2goruncommand to enable privilege upgrade 
for applications started via pkexec. (Fixes: #458).
      x2gocleansessions: Don't print to stderr if the session state file cannot 
be found. This can happen during session startups. Report to system log instead.
      Bump Standards: to 3.9.5. No changes needed.
      Mark x2goserver-pyhoca bin:package as deprecated.
      Don't use Perl package File::ReadBackwards anymore.
      x2goserver.spec: Sync Fedora .spec file with our upstream-provided 
      Fix x2gormforward for 4.0.1.x release series (the X2Go::Log Perl module 
only exists in X2Go Server >=, the 4.0.1.x release series has to use in `x2gopath lib`. (Fixes: #617).
      x2gogetagentstate: remove commented-out code
      update changelog stanza of upcoming release
      cherry-pick changelog changes for X2Go Server release from 
release/4.0.1.x branch
      cherry-pick release stanza from release/4.0.1.x branch
      cherry-pick changelog entry for BTS fix #623 (in
      Handle stale X11 socket files in cases where x2goagent has mysteriously 
disappeared (e.g. kill -9). (Fixes: #626).
      fix comment
      fix for last commit
      place log message at correct position
      add syslog warning if X11 socket file cleanup occurs
      follow-up for #626 bugfix
      Make sure that incompletely started up sessions get wiped from the 
session DB after 10 seconds.
      debian/control: Upgrade x2goserver-xsession from Suggests: to Recommends:.
      Fix unreliable removal of client-side folder sharing desktop icons.
      release (cherry-picked from release/ branch)
      cherry-pick changelog entry for release from release/4.0.1.x 
      release (cherry-picked from release/4.0.1.x branch)
      cherry-pick changelog entry for release from release/4.0.1.x 
      Use File::Which to detect if sshfs command is available before trying to 
mount a client-side folder.
      Fix TeKi storing Telekinesis ports in PgSQL-based session DB. Allow 
negative port numbers for the case that Telekinesis is not installed.
      Fix db_insertmount (SQLite). Pathnames must not be enclosed by 
      Be a bit more tolerant when trying to detect if a desktop icon is to be 
removed (using regexp, not eq).
      Prevent bash failures when sourcing external bash scripts beyond our 
scope. (Fixes: #632).
      x2goumount-session: typo fix
      x2gogetapps: Support scanning of sub-directories when searching for 
.desktop files. (Fixes: #633).
      Additionally adapt to building on openSUSE/SLES.
      x2goserver.spec: typo fix
      x2goserver.spec: fix for last commit
      Make man2html an optional tool. Don't fail if it is missing on the build 
system (required for openSUSE/SLES builds).
      Add to R: x2goserver-xsession.
      No shell expansion possible in obs-build, detect perl version only for 
non-SUSE builds.
      x2goserver.spec: Don't mention /etc/x2go/x2gosql/sql twice (directly and 
with wildcard).
      Fix x2goserver-xsession/Makefile on SUSE. Detect SUSE distro and create 
Xsession related directory symlinks (xinitrc.d and Xclients.d).
      x2goserver.spec:typo fix
      x2goserver-xsession/Makefile: Fix for detection of SUSE system.
      x2goserver.spec: No %{_sysconfdir}/x2go/Xclients.d on SUSE systems.
      Trigger Xsession code for SUSE systems (look for /etc/SUSE-brand for SUSE 
system recognition).
      debian/changelog: typo
      Hack for x2goserver-xsession/Makefile during SUSE builds. If directoy 
/usr/share/doc/packages/brp-check-suse is present, the build env is also 
considered to be a SUSE system.
      Don't fail in %post during X2Go session DB creation.
      x2goserver.spec: More scriptlet fixes.
      x2gosqlitewrapper.c: Fix rpmlint error: no-return-in-nonvoid-function. 
Return the exitcode of execve().
      fix for last incomplete commit
      x2goserver.spec: Own some more directories.
      x2goserver.spec: Own even more dirs (1)
      The macro %{_sharedstatedir} is %{_localstatedir} on SUSE build systems.
      Use %{_localstatedir} instead of %{_sharedstatedir}.
      Use proper if... then... clauses.
      x2goserver: postinst script fix
      For SUSE builds: Add to R: shadow (useradd, groupadd).
      fix previous cherry-pick
      Replace historical "egrep" with "grep -E".
      Systemd support for SUSE >= 12.10.
      fix for last commit
      fix for last commit (2)
      x2goserver.spec: More systemd integration for SUSE.
      x2goserver.spec: systemd fixes, /var/lib/x2go fixes
      Set %defattr macro for every bin:package.
      SUSE and Fedora/RHEL have different package group names.
      silence rpmlint a bit more
      typo fixes
      more rpmlint fixes
      Add x2goserver-rpmlintrc file to handle some rpmlint errors and warnings.
      x2goserver.spec: Get rpmlint fixed.
      x2goserver.spec: more rpmlint fixes
      SUSE has openssh, but no openssh-server.
      x2goserver.spec: Clean up and re-arrange BRs and Rs.
      x2goserver.spec: SUSE has xinit, not xorg-x11-xinit.
      Add to R (x2goserver): perl-X2Go-Server.
      x2goserver.spec: typo fix (causing FTBFS on Fedora/EPEL)
      Add to R (diverse): perl(Config::Simple), perl(Switch) and 
      Fix call of x2godbadmin --updatedb during package upgrade.
      x2goserver.spec: fix EPEL build failures
      Fix gramma in error message (in x2goresume-session).
      x2gocleansessions: Call x2gormforward also on terminated sessions. This 
will make sure that re-assigned ports are really available on new session 
      x2golistsessions(_root): Only update session state in session DB if 
x2goagent's state file really exists. This addresses a problem that occurs when 
x2golistsessions gets called via an x2gobroker-agent. The x2golistsessions 
script may show session states (--all-servers) of sessions on other servers 
that have session states files on their remote /tmp dirs. These files are not 
accessible for that x2golistsessions script and should simply be ignored.
      fix for last commit (export has_agent_state_file, thanks for nanook for 
bringing up this issue on x2go-user ML)
      fix for last commit
      fix for f2ca618e1
      Provide pam_namespace support for has_agent_state_file() function.
      fix for last commit
      Fix missing session list output if state file does not exist on the 
machine that runs x2golistsessions(_root).
      fix for last cherry-picking...
      x2goserver.spec: Move Requires(pre): into correct package; Only require 
permissions package on SUSE system.
      Add to R (x2goserver): perl(File::BaseDir).
      whitespace fix
      Don't hard-code /var/lib/ in $HOME path of to-be-created user "x2gouser".
      Add to BR: findutils.
      Accept more verbose "DENY" output from x2godesktopsharing.
      improve last commit
      Move X2Go Desktop Sharing options around. Make sure all desktop sharing 
relevant options are provided at the beginning when evoking the 
"x2godesktopsharing client" command.
      Make sure that all "su"-to-user-contexts use /bin/sh for wrapping around 
the executed command (in x2gocleansessions and x2golistsessions_root)
      debian/x2goserver.service: Provide system system service file.
      debian/po: Translate DebConf templates to Danish.
      Also enforce /bin/sh as shell in su command in x2goprint.
      Revert "Move X2Go Desktop Sharing options around. Make sure all desktop 
sharing relevant options are provided at the beginning when evoking the 
"x2godesktopsharing client" command."
      README.i18n: Add file that explains the translation workflow for this 
package. Thanks to Mark Pedersen-Cook for drafting this file.
      debian/ Install README.i18n file into bin:package 
      Make SSH agent forwarding work after having reconnected via SSH and 
having resumed a session. (Fixes: #672). Thanks to Robert Siemer for coming up 
with that idea.
      add closure for #671
      Trigger Xsession code for SUSE systems (look for /etc/SUSE-brand or 
/etc/SuSE-release for SUSE system recognition). (Fixes: #671).
      Fix cross-user X2Go Desktop Sharing after being broken by implementing 
clipboard mode feature (and probably other code changes).
      improvement for last commit
      wrap too-long-line in changelog
      Document session startup / resumption failures (and their reasons) in 
server-side log output.
      wrap too-long-line in changelog
      Revert "wrap too-long-line in changelog"
      wrap too-long-line in changelog
      fix typo in changelog
      fix symlink (abs -> rel) for x2goserver.service
      be more precise with error message for unset X2GO_CLIENT env var
      Add C (x2goserver: x2godesktopsharing (<<
      add closure for #675
      Don't make x2goserver bin:package authoritative for non-X2Go directories. 
(Fixes: #676).
      Bump Standards: to 3.9.6. No changes needed.
      fix duplicate Conflicts: field in debian/control
      For Fedora-like systems, don't make x2goserver bin:package authoritative 
for non-X2Go directories. (Fixes: #676).
      Handle AD domain users gracefully when X2Go is used with SQLite DB 
backend. (Fixes: #664).
      update changelog for
      Allow usernames in session IDs of length 48 chars.
      Remove macro call %systemd_pre for Fedora/EPEL-7 builds. No such macro in 
Fedora/RHEL7. (Fixes: 698).
      add forgotten file debian/po/tr.po
      Allow usernames in session IDs of length 48 chars (changelog update only).
      Start sshfs with a timeout of 30 seconds (because it never finishes if 
something is wrong with the client-side TCP socket). Also remove/unmount 
mountpoints erroneously registered sshfs mountpoints if sshfs command times 
out. (Fixes: #405).
      Handle execution of ss command from Perl script x2golistdesktops in a way 
that not only works on Debian, but also on Fedora et al. (Fixes: #727).
      Add C (x2goserver: x2godesktopsharing (<< (Fixes: #700).
      Create system user x2gouser with $HOME in /var/lib/x2go.
      Don't depend on libdb-pg-perl for armhf builds. (Fixes: #712). Thanks to 
Heinrich Schuchardt for providing information on this.
      Upgrade to D again (bin:package x2goserver): xfonts-base (Fixes: #770).
      x2goserver.spec: Always set BuildRoot: parameter.
      BuildRequires: SUSE <= 11.3 has xorg-x11, xinit.
      fix commit two commits ago
      No Bashisms in scriptlets.
      rpmlint requires xdg-utils at build time.
      backport a fix from release/4.0.1.x branch in x2goserver.spec: Don't let 
creation of x2gouser fail if it already exists.
      x2goserver.spec: Requires (x2goserver-xsession): SUSE <= 11.3 has 
xorg-x11, not xinit.
      rpmlint requires shared-mime-info at build time on SLE <= 11.3.
      "%set_permissions" / "%verify_permissions" macros are not know in SLE <= 
11.3. Using "%run permissions" and "%verify permissions" instead.
      Forceful BR on glib2-branding-SLE for SUSE <= 11.2.
      fix for last commit
      fix SUSE version check
      On SUSE, add permissions.d/x2goserver.
      fix builds on SLES 11.3
      fix permissions file
      fix permissions file(2)
      fix permissions file(3)
      SUSE-branding fix
      fix permissions file(3)
      Revert "SUSE-branding fix"
      Revert "Forceful BR on glib2-branding-SLE for SUSE <= 11.2."
      Provide legacy support for old File::Path packages in x2godbadmin. 
(Fixes: #715).
      Fix wrong evocation of x2gosyslog ("error" -> "err").
      fix for c37724f
      Use "undef $dbh" instead of "$dbh->disconnect()". Fixes SQLite3 issues on 
SLE 11.x.
      Make sure to return "1" in X2Go::Server::DB Perl functions that don't 
return anything by default.
      move previous commit to release branch
      Fix SQLite wrapper permissions (02775 -> 02755).
      Only call $dbh->sqlite_busy_timeout() if the $dbh object is capable of 
that. Works around a too-old DBD::SQLite package on SLE 11.x.
      Make it possible to change the state of shadow sessions.
      Provide --debug option for x2gocleansession that allows running 
x2gocleansessions in foreground (and in debug mode).
      Properly clean up shadow sessions for the session database.
      various changelog fixes
      sync in fixes from x2gosever.spec on release/4.0.1.x branch
      remove duplicate code from x2gostartagent
      Legacy for applications (and X2Go scripts) that expect $SSH_CLIENT to be 
set in the X2Go session's environment. (Fixes: #644).
      Add man page for x2gogetapps. Weave into that a security / disclaimer 
message as proposed by Stefan Baur. (Fixes: #728).
      Use if then clauses for creating user/group x2goprint.
      debian/x2goserver.preinst: Use proper comment header explaining about 
preinst script argument calls (not postinst).
      debian/changelog: Fix phrasing.
      debian/changelog: Fix spelling error.
      Move x2goagent wrapper package around nxagent into X2Go Server.
      debian/changelog: Add closure for #1047.
      Update execution logic of the x2goagent wrapper script. The script now 
sets the env var $NXAPP and then calls the nxagent wrapper script. For this to 
work properly, the x2goagent symlinks has to be placed into directory where the 
nxagent executable is installed ($LIBDIR/nx/bin/, normally).
      x2goserver.spec: Hand over %{_libdir} as $LIBDIR to x2goserver's 
Makefiles. Required for x2goagent symlink to be properly installed into the 
same folder where the nxagent executable gets installed.
      undo revision change in prev commit
      x2goserver.spec: Also hand over %{_libdir} as $LIBDIR when executing make 
      Revisit packaging for latest change in x2goserver-x2goagent. Don't inject 
$(LIBDIR) rather than injecting $(NXLIBDIR) via debian/rules and 
      debian/changelog: fix too long line in previous changelog entry
      Add B-R: nxagent. Needed for %{_prefix}/%{_libdir}/nx/bin to be owned.
      debian/changelog: rephrase previous changelog entries to recent changes 
in the .spec file
      debian/changelog: bump revision to (because of an 
earlier mistake)
      x2goagent wrapper script: Use exec command to launch nxagent. Put "$@" in 
      debian/x2goserver-x2goagent: Make sure the .features file for 
x2goserver-x2goagent ends up in its bin:pkg.
      Fix B/R for x2goserver-x2goagent. We need to break/replace x2goagent (<<
      x2goserver/bin/x2goruncommand: stop exporting LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using 
Arctica's nx-libs and its new Xinerama feature. Fixes: #1153.
      Make x2goruncommand aware of the LXQt desktop shell.
      Nooo... we need to break/replace x2goagent (<< 2:
      x2goserver/x2gosqlitewrapper.c: fix implicit declaration of execv().
      Fix resizing when resuming sessions.

Oleksandr Shneyder (13):
      remove "-nolisten tcp" option with XDMCP sessions
      Fix SSHFS mounting from Ubuntu clients
      create /tmp/.X11-unix if not exists
      Fix "server" command line option for x2golistsessions call in 
      fixed x2goruncommand
      - Fix datetime output format in X2Go/Server/DB/
      x2gostartagent, x2golistsession, x2gosuspend-session and 
x2goresume-session getting agent state from ~/.x2go/C-$SID/state. This should 
help to avoid  session damage. (Fixes: #302).
      Move session file to /tmp/.x2go-$USER. Remove nxcleanup script. Remove 
unused dependencies.
      Fix x2gostartagent fails if kbd is not "auto". Remove comma at end of 
options file.
      Set default value for clipboard to "both" in x2gostartagent and 
      Clean user SSHD process if connection between server and client lost. 
This should fix error "Global request tcpip-forward failed".
      Fix x2godbadmin. Set right column name "tekidata_port" in create table.
      Unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the case when x2gostartagent started from 

Orion Poplawski (11):
      Use new script x2gopath in Perl::API. (Closes: #86).
      Install Xsession file as executable, make Xsession.d directory location 
configurable during build process, do not create unused Xsession.options. 
(Fixes: #278).
      Fix wrong path to xinitrd.d in Xsession (section for RPM based distros). 
Also, add some existence/readability checking. (Fixes: #414).
      Fix the x2goserver.service unit file. Allow systemd to track the service 
after startup. (Fixes: #428).
      x2goserver/bin/x2golistdesktops: drop -u parameter to ss. Fixes: #799.
      x2goserver.spec: Requires(post) does not imply Requires, and missing ones 
on grep and the SQLite perl module.
      x2goserver.spec: Fedora >= 21 and (Open)SUSE >= 11 now allow Recommends.
      x2goserver.spec: perl(:MODULE_COMPAT...) is only needed for perl modules.
      x2goserver.spec: fix NXLIBDIR path to use %{_libdir} directly.
      x2goserver.spec: delete .packlist which may be in different locations.
      x2goserver.spec: sort some %files entries.

Reinhard Tartler (3):
      do not inject the broken NX_libxrandr for kde sessions either
      simplify installation of files in /etc/x2go
      Introduce /etc/x2go/nxagent.options to allow overriding nxagent options

Rok Mandeljc (1):
      x2golistsessions: Import db_changestatus into name space. (Fixes: #267).

Stefan Baur (1):
      x2goserver/bin/x2goruncommand: add the other trinity launcher scripts in 
order from newest to oldest. Fixes: #985.

Tor Perkins (1):
      x2goserver/bin/x2goruncommand: capture x2goruncommand debug output for 
x2gofeature X2GO_XSESSION. Fixes: #1035.

X2Go Release Manager (8):
      general: sync changelog with changelog on release/4.0.1.x branch.
      general: sync changelog with changelog on release/4.0.1.x branch 
      debian/changelog: merge with release/4.0.1.x branch.
      debian/changelog: sync with release/4.0.1.x branch.
      debian/changelog: sync with release/4.0.1.x branch.
      */man/*/*: update dates and version in manpages.
      */VERSION.*: remove -preview tag.


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