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 tagged by  Mihai Moldovan
        on  Fri Jul 27 06:48:16 2018 +0200

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Upstream version


Mihai Moldovan (85):
      Makefile.PL: adjust embedded version number.
      debian/{control,compat}: bump DH compat level to 9.
      x2goserver/lib/x2gocheckport: remove executable flag.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/Makefile: do not stage rgb file any longer.
      debian/x2goserver-x2goagent.install: do not install rgb file/symlink any 
      x2goserver.spec: do not install rgb file/symlink any longer.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/etc: remove rgb file.
      debian/ remove reference to rgb file.
      x2goserver-fmbindings/Makefile: install 
share/mime/packages/sshfs-x2go.xml as a plain file, not an executable.
      debian/x2goserver.dirs: remove etc/x2go/x2gosql references, already 
handled by x2goserver-common.
      debian/control: bump versioned dependency upon nxagent for 
x2goserver-x2goagent to the first version that hardcoded the RGB file into 
      debian/control: Pre-Depend on new enough dpkg for the 
dpkg-maintscript-helper to be available.
      debian/x2goserver-x2goagent.{{pre,post}inst,postrm}: handle /etc/x2go/rgb 
conffile removal gracefully.
      debian/: remove obsolete x2goserver-{extensions,printing,xsession}.dirs 
files, should be correctly handled via the main Makefile and staging by 
*.install files.
      debian/x2goserver.dirs: remove all other obsolete entries that should be 
handled by the main Makefile and x2goserver.install staging.
      debian/x2goserver*{pre,post}*: rework scriptlets, use updated templates, 
add missing templates, more and better quoting, fix other misc. errors within 
the scripts.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/share/x2go/x2gofeature.d/x2goserver-x2goagent*: make 
      debian/rules: enable hardening and automatic passing of *FLAGS.
      debian/control: change http to https links.
      debian/control: pull in other changes from Debian downstream.
      debian/: remove obsolete x2goserver-fmbindings.dirs file.
      debian/x2goserver-xsession.lintian-overrides: whitespace/EOL change only.
      debian/*.manpages: prepend paths with debian/tmp/ in order to work around 
pre-compat-11 levels not falling back to looking into debian/tmp/ for files.
      debian/x2goserver.{install,manpages}: also install x2goumount_* symlinks.
      x2goserver.spec: bump nxagent requirement to
      x2goserver.spec: remove stale symlinks check workaround now that we pull 
in nxagent >= by default.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/Makefile: replace ${PREFIX}/bin/x2goagent wrapper 
script with a symlink to the ... x2goagent symlink in the NXLIBDIR.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/bin: remove x2goagent wrapper script.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/bin: add .keep file to keep this directory around.
      debian/ remove reference to x2goagent wrapper script.
      debian/ add .keep file in x2goserver-x2goagent/bin directory.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/Makefile: it's $(NXLIBDIR), not $(NX_LIBDIR).
      x2goserver-x2goagent/Makefile: add missing bin component in symlink 
target for ${PREFIX}/bin/x2goagent.
      x2goserver-common/Makefile: stage tmpfiles.d config file into 
      x2goserver-common/: move etc/tmpfiles.d to lib/tmpfiles.d.
      debian/ change reference from 
x2goserver-common/etc/tmpfiles.d to x2goserver-common/lib/tmpfiles.d.
      debian/x2goserver-common.install: move etc/tmpfiles.d entry to 
      x2goserver.spec: move references from etc/tmpfiles.d to 
      debian/x2goserver-x2goagent.{{pre,post}inst,postrm}: handle 
/etc/tmpfiles.d/x2goserver.conf conffile (re-)move to /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/ 
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: whitespace only.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: use global variable instead of hardcoded 
string (since the global variable is used latter on anyway).
      debian/control: depend upon libdbd-mysql-perl for MySQL/MariaDB support 
in perl DBD.
      x2goserver.spec: depend upon perl(DBD::mysql) for MySQL/MariaDB support 
in perl DBD.
      X2Go/Server/ add high-level MySQL/MariaDB support.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: wrap PostgreSQL code in own block, should 
not have any functional impact.
      {X2Go/Server/DB/,x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin}: move 
/etc/x2go/x2gosql/passwords/x2goadmin or ${HOME}/.x2go/sqlpass to 
.../x2gopgadmin and .../pgsqlpass respectively.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: generate more secure user-level database 
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: split out subroutines into main namespace, 
call them generically with correct parameters from specialized namespace.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: remove potentially confusing whitespace.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: fix up other try blocks; whitespace only.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: implement MySQL support, based on Walid 
Moghrabis changes, but slightly amended.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: update copyright header.
      debian/{inst,rm}: add support for mysqladmin 
password file.
      UNINSTALL: add reference to remove mysqladmin password file if 
uninstalling the tarball manually.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: no need to specify or use database for 
list_users operation.
      X2Go/Server/DB/ fix syntax error.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: don't use prototypes when functions actually 
take arguments.
      X2Go/Server/DB: add new file, implementing the MySQL session 
storage backend.
      X2Go/Server/DB/ copy over some (modified) functions and use them 
for validating session IDs, check user names at some places and the like, which 
will come in handy at a later point.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: whitespace-only change.
      X2Go/Server/DB/ move into new X2Go_in_progress_do_not_use 
top-level directory.
      x2goserver/sbin/x2godbadmin: error out when encountering MySQL server 
config for now.
      X2Go/Server/ error out when encountering MySQL server config for 
      x2goserver-common/etc/x2gosql/sql: add example MySQL section and add to 
"supported" backends list.
      x2goserver-common/etc/x2gosql/sql: reformat PostgreSQL comments.
      debian/control: deactivate libdbd-mysql-perl dependency for now, but keep 
as comment.
      x2goserver.spec: comment out perl(DBD::mysql) dependency for now.
      X2Go/Server/ don't use X2Go::Server::DB::MySQL for now.
      X2Go/Server/ comment out calls to X2Go::Server::DB::MySQL::*.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/etc/x2goagent.options: typo fix in comment only.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/etc/x2goagent.options: disable BIG-REQUESTS; leads 
to a lot of weird crashes and is currently not implemented correctly in 
nxagent. Fixes: #1266.
      x2goserver/bin/x2gostartagent: fix calculation syntax errors, drop 
useless subshells, don't use -o operator in plain test calls.
      debian/{libx2go-server-db-perl,x2goserver{,-common}}.postrm: do not try 
to run rmdir on /etc/x2go if it doesn't exist.
      x2goserver-printing/bin/x2goprint: work around atomicity problems with 
newer FUSE versions, create .ready file as .notready, move/copy to target file 
system and only then rename it in a hopefully atomic fashion.
      debian/*.{pre,post}*: rework scriptlets, use updated templates, add 
missing templates, more and better quoting, fix other misc. errors within the 
      *.{8,5}: pre-release date update.
      x2goserver.spec: backport dangling symlink check for 
      debian/: rename x2goserver.dirs to x2goserver-common.dirs, moving 
/var/lib/x2go to the -common package.
      debian/: new file x2goserver-printing.dirs: own /var/spool/x2goprint.
      debian/libx2go-server-db-perl.postrm: remove empty directory on purge if 
      debian/x2goserver-common.postrm: only remove files that the package 
actually owns (/etc/x2go/x2gosql/sql).
      debian/libx2go-server-db-perl.postrm: only remove files that the package 
actually created.
      x2goserver.spec: pull in GCC as a build dependency.
      x2goserver.spec: mask out variables in comments to avoid build-time 
warning messages.
      x2goserver.spec: work around build failure on Fedora Rawhide/29+ by 
pulling annobin in explicitly.

Mike Gabriel (26):
      x2goserver/man/man8/x2gostartagent.8: Fix grammar flaw reported by 
Debian's lintian tool.
      x2goserver/man/man8/x2goresume-session.8: Fix grammar flaw reported by 
Debian's lintian tool.
      debian/changelog: Add "New upstream release...".
      debian/control: Change D (x2goserver-xsession) on perl-modules to perl. 
The existence of the perl-modules package is an implementation detail of the 
Debian Perl packaging.
      x2goserver-x2goagent/bin/x2goagent: Fix license version (GPL-2+ not 3+). 
This script however is obsolete and should be replaced by a symlink to 
      Makefile.docupload: Switch license to GPL-2+.
      x2gocheckport: chmod a+x.
      license header hygene. List all copyright holder above the short form 
license. This prevents the licensecheck utility from being fooled.
      debian/copyright: Update reference template.
      X2Go: more license header hygene.
      libx2go-server-db-perl: more license header hygene.
      another update
      debian/*: Process with wrap-and-sort -a -s -t.
      debian/*: Process with wrap-and-sort -a -s -t -k -b.
      debian/x2goserver-printing.postinst: Make sure /var/spool/x2goprint is 
always created.
      debian/rules: Add dh-missing --fail-missing override.
      debian/*.install: Utilize install target rather than picking all files 
from the source tree ourselves.
      debian/: drop inert file (due to wrong file suffix): 
      debian/: drop x2goserver-xsession.links.
      X2Go Agent XPM: Rename from x2go.xpm to x2goagent.xpm.
      X2Go XPM icon: white background, not transparent.
      debian/x2goserver.postinst: when testing for existence of 
/etc/x2go/applications, also consider it being a dangling symlink (dangling 
symlinks are not caught by 'test -e', but need a 'test -L'. Thanks to Andreas 
Beckmann for helping with this. (Closes: DBTS#904515).
      debian/x2goserver-printing.postrm: Remove x2goprint's spool dir on purgal.
      debian/x2goserver-common.postrm: properly purge /etc/x2go and 
      debian/control: multiarch hinter script recommends annotating perl 
dependency with :any.
      debian/control: Bump Standards-Version: to 4.1.4. No changes needed.

X2Go Release Manager (2):
      Continue development


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