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Mihai Moldovan (18):
      debian/changelog: fixup.
      x2go/backends/terminal/ supply xinerama parameters to 
x2gostartagent and x2goresume-session, currently defaulting to false since this 
feature is not implemented.
      python-x2go.spec: also add fdupes package as a build dependency for 
RHEL-based distros.
      python-x2go.spec: correctly pythonize package, for Fedora, RHEL/EPEL and 
      python-x2go.spec: fix package names in %package (and its %description) 
and %files sections.
      python-x2go.spec: add dependency on the python-configparser backport.
      python-x2go.spec: actually disable python3 builds on OpenSuSE.
      python-x2go.spec: OpenSuSE Leap 15 and TumbleWeed renamed python-xlib to 
      python-x2go.spec: local %defines are buggy in older RPM implementations, 
work around by using %global instead.
      python-x2go.spec: merge python(2)-x2go section in main section, since we 
cannot redefine subpackages.
      docs/source/ set minimum sphinx version to 1.0.
      docs/source/ drop minimum sphinx version requirement again, 
detect version manually and adapt config based on this information.
      docs/source/ fix parse error due to wrong else usage.
      docs/source/ import sphinx module.
      python-x2go.spec: older OpenSuSE Leap versions don't support 
%{python2_sitelib} - use %{python_sitelib} instead.
      python-x2go.spec: document %(python_module} definitions.
      python-x2go.spec: override python_module macro for OpenSuSE Leap 42.3, 
the shipped version does not what later versions do correctly.
      python-x2go.spec: %{sle_version} is not defined on TW, so use a 
%{suse_version} check additionally to catch this variant.

Mike Gabriel (73):
      Port to Python3.
      Bump upstream version to
      debian/python-x2go-doc.lintian-overrides: Add EOL at EOF.
      debian/rules: Don't build API documentation twice.
      Obviously, gevent from Python3 is quite critical towards circular import 
      x2go/ whitespace fix at EOF.
      Futurize: Re-add Python2 support back into python-x2go.
      x2go/**.py: Add __package__ and __name__ definitions to all Python files.
      backends: No need to ship a stub gconf backend anymore. GConf is dead.
      python-x2go.spec: No need to run 2to3 at build time anymore. Python X2Go 
now natively supports Python2 and Python3.
      x2go/backends/control/ Drop debug print output.
      x2go/backends/control/plain.p: Fix passphrase unlocking of private keys.
      x2go/tests/ Fix (permissions, header).
      debian/control: Add D (python*-x2go): python*-future.
      python-x2go.spec: Add B-R python*-future.
      python-x2go.spec: Move python*-foo dependencies to %package sections. Add 
python*-future as a runtime requirement.
      x2go/backends/control/ Handle password based authentication 
failures graceful. Uncomment previously commented out code.
      x2go/backends/control/ Resolve Python 2 vs. 3 type issue on 
returned data from SSHClient.exec_command().
      x2go/ As we need to avoid circular imports, figure out with a 
work-around if to-be-stopped thread is of X2GoGuardianSession type or other.
      x2go/backends/profiles/ Fix broker URL assembling when no 
port is given (i.e. convert None to '' manually).
      debian/rules: Temporarily disable API documentation builds. Switching to 
Sphinx is probably the way to go.
      debian/control: We need python2 and python3 related packages alike under 
      python-x2go.spec: Disable epydoc API documentation builds for now on RPM 
based distros, too. We will probably switch to Sphinx for API documentation 
      Various I/O + Unicode fixes for various write() calls.
      x2go/ Esound is soooo old-school. Dropping it.
      x2go/ Avoid variable name collisions in nested exception 
      x2go/backends/terminal/ With Python3, decode stderr reads.
      Various __doc__ string improvements and fixes.
      Some more __doc__ string fixes.
      Start using Sphinx API documentation tool.
      Makefile.docupload: Wrap around Sphinx's Makefile in docs/ subfolder.
      x2go/ Add __AUTHOR__, so we can use it in API documentation.
      API __doc__ strings: Rough / automated switch from Epydoc to Sphinx/reST.
      API Epydoc2Sphinx conversion: Replace 'C{...}' by ... (monospaced text).
      debian/: Adapt to building API docs with Sphinx.
      update debian/changelog
      Makefile.docupload: Add docupdate target. Don't rebuild API doc for all 
files, only for files that changed.
      API doc: another white-space cleanup + fixes for all open Sphinx Build 
      docs/Makefile: Use sphinx-build command as found in PATH.
      debian/control: Add to Build-Conflicts: python-sphinx. We need Python3 
Sphinx for building the API docs.
      python-x2go.spec: Blind shot at attempting API doc build for RPM packages.
      API documentation: Convert class name only links to reST links.
      API documentation: Convert full class name path links to reST links.
      API doc: Switch to 'classic' theme.
      x2go/ Fix a __doc__ string head line.
      Makefile.docupload: Add clean target.
      Makefile.docupload: whitespace fix.
      Drop unit test framework. Never really used (though we should have). 
(Fixes: #1259).
      Update docs/source/*.rst. Non-used unit tests removed from source code.
      x2go/ Add with_command option to list_sessions() method.
      version bump to, due to slightly changed API
      python-x2go.spec: At least in openSUSE, Sphinx is python3-Sphinx (with 
capital S).
      x2go/ Python3 fix in get_key_fingerprint().
      Natively support xinerama option.
      x2go/ Python3 fix in get_workarea_geometry().
      x2go/backends/terminal/ Initialize cmd_line list before 
prepending env vars.
      x2go/backends/terminal/ x2gosession-resume handles xinerama 
support differently from x2gostartagent. Adding it as cmdline parameter No. 9.
      x2go/backends/terminal/ All command parameters need to be 
      sphinx hyperrefs: Fix all remaining hyperrefs that are still in epydoc 
      sphinx docs: Update loads of param and type fields to sphinxy format.
      sphinx docs: It needs to be :mod:, not :module:.
      sphinx docs: The logging module is x2go.log, not x2go.logger.
      sphinxy docs: Convert bold / italic from Epydoc to Sphinxy markup.
      x2go/ Fix documentation of default log level ('or'ed not 'and'ed).
      x2go/backends/*: Drop winreg backends. Never worked on them, will 
probably never come.
      documentation: Correctly refrence X2GoClientPrinting and 
X2GoClientSettings. Also mention broker based X2GoSessionProfiles backends.
      documentation: typo fix in class name.
      x2go/ Re-tested our interactive PyShell session launch with 
Python3. Works!
      x2go/ Update list of supported features.
      x2go/ Avoid ares resolver for now, as it currently is broken 
in Debian testing.
      Makefile.docupload: Add apidoc target.
      docs/source/: Update API doc tree, winreg modules removed.

X2Go Release Manager (1):
      Continue development


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