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x2go pushed a change to annotated tag 2019.08.20
in repository x2go-keyring.

        at  a17eb65   (tag)
   tagging  34d673c2ed234c7b142aae3082189c5bfecaedd5 (commit)
  replaces  2012.07.23
 tagged by  Mihai Moldovan
        on  Tue Aug 20 18:29:34 2019 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2019.08.20


Mihai Moldovan (99):
      common: update copyright notices, whitespace fixes. Happy new year!
      common: change X2go -> X2Go.
      debian/changelog: add entry for last change.
      Makefile: remove unnecessary newline.
      debian/rules: add myself to Copyright header.
      t/keyids-complete.t: use spaces instead of tabs.
      t/keyids-complete.t: more quotes and curly braces!
      t/keyids-complete.t: even more quotes!
      t/keyids-complete.t: use the last directory in the stack instead of the 
top-level directory.
      runtests: use more quotes and curly braces.
      runtests: use spaces instead of tabs.
      debian/control: change maintainer to the mailing list.
      debian/control: add the old package maintainer to the Uploaders field and 
      debian/control: add build dependency upon jetring to create keyring files 
more easily.
      debian/control: add build dependency upon gnupg, needed anyway.
      debian/control: add Multi-Arch: foreign.
      debian/control: replace gnupg Recommends with a version-less one.
      debian/control: add ${misc:Depends}, mostly for good measure.
      debian/changelog: fixup.
      t/keyids-complete.t: use bash.
      debian/control: add build-dependency upon bash.
      t/keyids-complete.t: make return-code an integer.
      t/keyids-complete.t: use pushd/popd instead of cd.
      t/keyids-complete.t: update comment.
      t/keyids-complete.t: use find ... -print0 | while read -r -d '' ... 
instead of for loop.
      t/keyids-complete.t: more quotes.
      runtests: use trap and explicit exit statement while switching to using 
the mktemp command.
      runtests: switch to bash.
      debian/control: add build-dependency upon coreutils.
      runtests: rework counters and exit status.
      runtests: rework quoting and shellcheck warnings.
      debian/rules: simplify file... a lot.
      debian/control: add build-dependency on debhelper >= 7.
      Makefile: replace with jetring-based top-level Makefile from 
debian-archive-keyring package.
      runtests: adapt to new layout.
      t/keyids-complete.t: adapt to new layout.
      t/no-expired.t: switch to bash.
      t/no-expired.t: improve quoting.
      t/no-expired.t: make exit code variable an integer.
      t/no-expired.t: adapt to new layout.
      debian/: add docs file, installing README.
      debian/: add install file, installing actual data.
      debian/postinst: sync with debian-archive-keyring package.
      debian/: add postrm file, copied from debian-archive-keyring.
      scripts/: remove create-prerm-script.
      debian/: remove prerm.template.
      debian/: add compat file, using dh-9 features.
      debian/control: bump up dh dependency to 9.
      debian/changelog: bump version to 2019.08.04.
      debian/postinst: update version for removals to 2019.08.04.
      Rename x2go-keyring-gpg to active-keys.
      Rename x2go-maintainers-gpg to x2go-maintainers.
      removed-keys/: add empty index file.
      x2go-maintainers-removed-keys/: add empty index file.
      Add README.maintainer file, copied from debian-archive-keyring and 
      x2go-maintainers/: convert to new mechanism, add own key, drop key for 
Oleksandr Shneyder (invalid format).
      x2go-maintainers/: re-add key for Oleksandr Shneyder.
      active-keys/: convert to new mechanism.
      Makefile: accept empty indices.
      active-keys/: sign index.
      removed-keys/: sign index.
      x2go-maintainers/: sign index.
      x2go-maintainers-removed-keys/: sign index.
      keyrings: add signatures.
      .gitignore: rework.
      runtests: fix tempdir -> tmpdir typo.
      t/keyids-complete.t: fix stupid while -r ... read typo.
      t/keyids-complete.t: avoid using a subshell via pipes.
      t/keyids-complete.t: fix key name checking.
      active-keys/: add new RSA4096-based X2Go Packages Automatic Signing Key.
      keyrings/: refresh signature.
      debian/rules: don't use --no-parallel with dh commands in compat-9-mode.
      debian/rules: make sure we pull in gnupg2 on older Debian versions.
      Makefile: make gpg binary pseudo-selectable via a variable, defaulting to 
      Makefile: manually try to clean up keyrings via --export | --import if 
the filtering command that uses newer GnuPG 2 syntax fails.
      Makefile: switch back to unversioned gpg binary.
      debian/control: depend on gnupg package only.
      keyrings/x2go-archive-keyring.gpg.asc: refresh signature after actually 
inserting the correct key.
      README.maintainer: update documentation.
      keyrings/: update signatures on all keyring files.
      Makefile: create empty keyring files if the index file is empty.
      Makefile: for good measure, also verify signatures on 
      Makefile: we don't need keyrings/x2go-maintainers-removed-keys.gpg as a 
prerequisite for checking index signatures.
      Makefile: likewise compare signatures on 
      Makefile: add maintonly target for generating gpg-1.4/2.0-style keyrings.
      Makefile: fallback to old-style keyring signature checks if the default 
new-style ones failed validation.
      README.maintainer: update documentation to include old-style keyrings and 
their signatures.
      Makefile: do not require a full build and verification run for the 
maintonly target.
      Makefile: do not try to run gpg1 to export and import keys if the 
keyrings are actually empty.
      Makefile: add old-style keyrings to cleanup.
      keyrings/: refresh signatures on new-style keyrings.
      keyrings/: add signatures on old-style keyrings.
      .gitignore: refresh with old-style and vim backup files.
      Makefile: check file size on prerequisite, not the just-generated target 
      keyrings/: refresh signatures on all keyrings.
      t/no-expired.t: make mawk-compatible.
      debian/install: clear out.
      debian/postrm: don't try to remove a symlink that never existed.
      debian/changelog: pre-date to actual predicted release date.

Mike Gabriel (1):
      Rename LICENSE file to COPYING.

X2Go Release Manager (1):
      release 2019.08.20


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