Hi All

I am trying to get x2go working on a virtual (headless) OpenSuse 13.2 KDE 
server.  I have used NoMachine in the past on a hardware Workstation with no 
issues.  It starts the session and reconnects fine when the line drops.  On the 
new server though the graphics are slow and on reconnect the colours on some 
applications are incorrect, (Eclipse - white on white isn't readable).

I've pulled the latest x2go client for the Windows laptop and installed x2go 
via Yast.

Now to side track a little.  I mostly use this virtual desktop from my laptop 
which can have 3 possible monitor situations.
1)On own - smallish widescreen
2)With internal screen and single external monitor at 1280x1024 (external is 
Display 2)
3)With 2 external monitors - Display 1 is the 1280x1024 I want to use

Sometimes I will pull laptop from docking station effectively switching to 1) 
above.  Then put back and need the display to be handled appropriately.  
NoMachine player does very well.  It seems to remember where I put the display 
and sends to the correct monitor, even on resume.

Using x2go client the fonts are too big.  Nomachine and PyHoca-GUI get it 
right.  Xlsfont on NoMachine and PyHoca show thousands of entries, x2go client 
has around 700.  I installed the fonts with the application.

X2go client crashes on resume.  I create session OK, full screen on the 
1280x1200 monitor.  On resume it tries to open a smallish window and then the 
xserver crashes.  The PyHoca does work as intended if I use "Maximise" but then 
the "window" takes over the monitor and I can't easily switch to other apps on 
that screen and back again.  CTRL-ALT-M will let me access other apps but then 
it's hard to switch back.  PyHoca full screen tries to use both screens on 
laptop - not what I want.

Sometimes I can't resume.  I get errors about nxproxy or no permission to 
display in error log.  Then I usually have to go to server and manually remove 
old session files and try to get a new session.  This hasn't been an issue so 
far but could be if I got disconnected while editing.

I really hope to get x2go to work as it seems far quicker than NoMachine in 
this circumstance.  But I do need it to be stable and reliable.  Nomachine 
server 3 (last one with virtual desktops) has worked great.  I can resume 
sessions in different resolutions and on different client machines and all my 
programmes are there, including remote apps throwing screens back to the 


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