Hi all,
we want to use x2go for a custom application that requires additional fonts.
We installed the x2go-server on a CentOS 7 machine from EPEL repository and the x2go-client on Windows 7 (32-bit).
When starting a session with xterm as application, that works as expected. But when starting a session with our custom application, it complains about not finding the fonts.
We realized that in the x2go session, the font path as reported by "xset -q" is:
Font Path:
But when opening a PuTTY session with X11 forwarding the font path as reported by "xset -q" is:
Font Path:
For the latter case, we used VcXsrv as X server on the Windows PC, an our custom application works.
It seems that X11 forwarding in PuTTY uses the font directories of the X server on the Windows PC, but x2go uses the font path on the x2go-server (CentOS machine).
How can we change this behaviour? Setting font path with e.g "xset fp+ fonts/100dpi/" returns:
xset:  bad font path element (#97), possible causes are:
    Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
    Directory missing fonts.dir
    Incorrect font server address or syntax
regards, Ralph
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