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I'm using x2go from a maintaining program tools.

My program offers the choice of the session mode: SHADOW or XFCE/UNITY/.... The program choice is validated by modifying the parameter command of session in .x2goclient

It has worked, by I have sometimes (and often) problems to open the session in the required mode. It often, even the parameter command has been changed, opens in the last used mode, and when the session is opened, in this case, I have a notification which says that the session is restored.

I have tried removing the corresponding files in .x2go, but it doesn't solves anything.

Well, removing the folders concerned by the user and corresponding to session type which is not the desired.
Exemple :
 - if I open SHADOW session, I remove folders: S-alain*SHAR*
 - if I open XFCE session, I remove folders: S-alain*XFCE*

But after having opened a session, and having closed it (X button), if I try to open a new session of the other type, x2go ask me to choose between:

alain  :0
alain  :50

It seems that :0 is always shared session, and 50 is always XFCE/UNITY/KDE/...

But, How can I avoid having to choose it ?

Do I use the good way to close the session ?
Is there another way to close it ?

Alain Aupeix
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