Thank you! I already was about to ask when it is going to be released,
as it works so well!

I already switched to the ubuntu nightly builds when I noticed the QT
issues - these were not solved by the nightly builds, but I noticed that
the nightly builds were actually working *much* better than the stable

- With stable my taskbar icons often didn't get refreshed or disappeared
at all and I sometimes had to restart the window manager to get the
icons back. Solved in nightly builds (heuler) :)

- Xinerama just works perfectly now. In stable Xinerama didn't work well
with my dual screen setup and I typically disabled Xinerama. With heuler
it all works :)

With nightly/heuler I noticed one issue, though. I often switch between
full screen (sized on my two screens and just a normal window). If now
my keyboard layouts don't match (I have multiple german layouts
defined), the full screen key is not recognized. With stable, different
local and remote layouts were not an issue.


On 02/23/2018 08:20 AM, Stefan Baur wrote:
> Hi!
> We would like to inform you that a new X2Go stable version is about to
> be released, most likely around March 1st, 2018.
> In fact, the release is already ready - we are actively holding back the
> binary package builds at the moment so you have a chance to react.
> If you have set all your servers to automatically update to new
> releases, we suggest that you disable this mechanism now until you have
> verified that the new version works for you.
> If, on the other hand, you test and deploy updates manually, no change
> is required.  Please test the new X2Go stable version as soon as it
> becomes available, so that we have a chance to fix any remaining issues
> that slipped through our testing early on.
> Should you encounter major problems with the new version, we suggest
> switching to the ESR branch, codenamed "saimaa".  This branch will
> continue to receive security updates, but is (and will remain) based on
> what you currently know as "stable".  Some packages, like cups-x2go,
> pinentry-x2go, x2godesktopsharing, x2go*bindings, are not part of saimaa
> and thus must be pulled from the regular repository.  This requires
> proper setting of repository priorities, so packages existing in the
> saimaa repository take priority over packages from the regular
> repository.  If you need assistance with this, please make sure you have
> disabled automatic updates before doing anything else, then ask for help
> either in our IRC channel #x2go on freenode, or on the x2go-user Mailing
> List.
> However, if you are a daredevil and already want to access binary
> packages that pretty much match what we are going to release soon,
> temporarily change your X2Go repository entry to the timestamped heuler
> repository bearing the timestamp of 2018-02-16, pull the update, then
> switch your repository back to stable.  Note that this is a procedure
> not recommended for the average user.  Try and use at your own risk.
> Kind Regards,
> Stefan Baur
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