Nothing custom to any of mine which makes it what I want.  Particularly,
when the database gets corrupted, I want to get rid of it and start fresh.

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On Wed, 7 Mar 2018, Stefan Baur wrote:

Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 07:46:09 +0100
From: Stefan Baur <>
Subject: Re: [X2Go-User] nxagent

Am 07.03.2018 um 01:45 schrieb Robert Dinse:

     What I do:

    apt purge nx* libnx* *x2go*

That does not sound clever.
"purge" also removes config files, which may not be what you want,
especially if you made custom changes to any of them.  A simple "remove"
will leave them in place (status "rc" when checking "dpkg -l" output),
so a new installation (no matter which version) can pick up on them.

Anyways, if you're in this mess on a production system, because you
chose to ignore our previous warning [0] about switching to saimaa or
disabling auto-updates, and don't have a proper backup, either, then at
least make sure to back up /etc/x2go/ *before* running a "purge" command.

Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur


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