Thanks for your response. Please see my responses below:

* On 03/07/2018 07:34 PM, h i wrote:
> >I've been experiencing problems with opening applications and resizing my 
> >x2go
> >client window after installing the newest version x2go-server.
> >The issues occurs on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04.
> >What happens now is that every time I maximize my x2go-client window, the 
> >images
> >on screen rapidly flicker and won't stop until I minimize the screen.

>>The flickering is a known problem, but as far as we can tell only appears on
>>Windows (and even then not with all X servers, but prominently with VcXsrv, 
>>we bundle). It's tracked here: 

> Also, each time I move the window, a quick flicker occurs across the screen.

>Probably related to the move being something alike to a resize and thus also
>triggering the new xinerama code.

> >This never occurred before this new release.

>There is no known workaround currently, though it might be possible to just
>ignore multiple resize events in nxagent if the requested size doesn't change.
>We'll have to see how that goes.

I think I might have to roll-back to the previous x2goserver version. At least 
with our setup, we never had a flicker issue until this most recent  update.

> >On the client side, I upgraded to the from and experienced 
> >some
> >issues. I have to click on the outside/top-right edge of the session panel 
> >for
> >the login session window to appear. Any thing closer to the middle, and it 
> >won't
> >respond.

>This is not an issue, but an often requested new feature. I've changed the
>click-sensitive area to an upside-down L shape around the session settings that
>can be modified within the tile. Actually like this, where "s" denotes a
>click-sensitive area:

|sss                        |
|sss                        |
|sss                        |
|sss                        |

>The problem so far has been that users can normally edit some exposed settings
>within a tile, but doing so proved to be very difficult since an incorrect 
>triggered a session startup instead of changing a setting, which was happening
>quite often.

>The sensitive area isn't small and figuring that out shouldn't take long
>usually, so I guess you've just been unlucky to always click on the right hand
>side which is typically insensitive but in the upper part.

Interesting. Yeah, I never had an issue with the sensitive area. Understandable 
that others might have an issue.

> >Once logged into a session, the flickering resulting
> >from moving/maximizing the window is much worse.
> >
>> Fortunately, I was able to revert back to x2go-client

>Huh, the flickering should be always the same, whether a session has been
>started with or Though, potentially there could be a
>difference: versions prior to won't be able to utilize the Xinerama
>feature in X2Go Server, so when connecting with older client versions
>Xinerama will always be disabled in nxagent.

>> However,is there a way to revert back to this previous version/configuration
>> of x2goserver. Right now, it is has been a lot of flickering while to trying 
>> to
> >do routine tasks with the current release.

>That's what the Saimaa release is for. You'll have to switch repositories and
>make sure to pin the release.

>After doing so, you should be following issue reports that affect you and
>eventually switch back to the stable server release, since Saimaa is not 
>any bug fixes or new features, apart from security-related issues.

What is Saimaa release, and why are there two separate releases for x2go now?

Is the saimaa release from here:


Thank you for your help.


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