I'm not seeing it in the commandline:

root@arthur:/data/home/vdheuvel/Desktop# cat /proc/$(pidof nxagent)/cmdline

On 13-04-18 15:39, Ulrich Sibiller wrote:
On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 1:54 PM, Bas van den Heuvel
<b...@better-it-solutions.nl> wrote:

Since version 4.1 I'm unable to start a docker inside x2go which uses X.

(Ubuntu 16.04 x64 x2goserver from ppa

In the past, I edited /usr/bin/x2gostartagent and removed the "-nolisten
tcp" part, and edited /etc/x2go/x2goagent.options to remove "-nolisten tcp"
This is not wrong, however I noticed that nxagent is running with that
option appearing twice in the command line. Can you please check how
the nxagent process is called (cat /proc/$(pidof nxagent)/cmdline?


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