On 04/14/2018 09:30 PM, Mihai Moldovan wrote:
I haven't had an idea how to help further, thus kept quiet.
This is interesting though - and could explain your problems.

First of all, you shouldn't set LD_LIBRARY_PATH at all. The new X2Go Server
versions don't do it and you shouldn't either. /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu in
there should even be fully redundant and messes with the default linking order.
Not just that, but it means that our DT_RUNTIME trick in nxagent, which is
supposed to override libX11 linking against a compatibility symlink (libX11 ->
libNX11) installed in a specific directory, is not working - hence loading the
wrong libX11 library and thus leading to nxagent failing to open its internal

hi Mihai

thank you so much! the /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
was indeed the culprit! after removing it, I am now able to log in all my

I checked my file modification history for .bashrc, I added this path for a
subset of my machines on March 11. It was also the window when I
applied the package updates throughout my cluster, so I mistook the
issue to the new packages. my bad!

once again, thank you for the insightful suggestions, and I am so happy
x2go works again!


Be careful when you mess with stuff with that.


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