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I Have a fresh, up-to-date install of debian 9 x86-64, including x2go from
the repos (the package version is

So far kde5 is working pretty well. Sure, not as  fast as XFCE, but quite

With kde5, however, I'm running into an issue at logout: right after
clicking the logout button, the display into the session window goes black,
and a few seconds later, it shows a dialog stating that ksmserver
segfaulted. Clicking "Close" results a briefly displayed second, similar
dialog stating the same about drkonqi, and then, after closing that, yes,
the session terminates.

Using the "Shutdown" button results in exactly the same behaviour.

The client is running on up-to-date debian 8 x86 (32 bits). The client
package version is

Has anyone noticed this issue before? Any hints?

Best regards,

this is a known issue and a flaw somewhere in KDE. Some time ago I already had reported this to Debian BTS [1].

The KDE maintainers in Debian said, that this would need someone who sends this issue to KDE upstream. I have that on my list (somewhere at its end), moving the item further up on my to do list now.


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/892271

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