I was getting hit with an email every 6 seconds last week, so locked down 
Postfix and Mailman to make it stop. Something about 3500 new messages in my 
inbox overnight didn't make me happy. The mail was
getting injected into Xastir.org so that's where I did the lockdown. This 
morning I reduced some of the restrictions in Postfix and mail started coming 

Unfortunately I couldn't firewall off a few addresses as the mail was coming 
from many IP's and they kept changing.

Xastir.org is using 4 different blackhole lists now, whereas it wasn't using 
any before. That should help in the future, at least once a spammer is known.

Please let me know if things aren't working for you.

Curt, WE7U.        http://we7u.wetnet.net
APRS Client Capabilities:  http://we7u.wetnet.net/aprs_capabilities.html
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