Hey Tom, Everyone,

I would appreciate it if *everyone* on the list who uses AX.25 networking
routinely would test out this code --- it impacts *everyone* who uses AX.25
networking in Xastir.

The Ax.25 stack in the Linux kernel is falling apart and there have been various discussions about this on the UROnode list and elsewhere. The situation is that other (non-AX25) Linux kernel developers have been making changes, updates, deprecations, etc. to keep up with general kernel modernization efforts but without testing any of the changes on the AX.25 side of things. It seems that if it compiles, it must be working. Not true! For various classic packet uses, 3.17.x was the last version before things started getting really broken.

Most of these have been reported to the "AX25 kernel maintainers" but those people say they *aren't* the maintainers on the kernel side.. just the userland side. Putting it another way, we don't have any Linux AX.25 maintainers anymore! Unless we can find some folk who have the technical chops to fix some of these issues (I wish I did), I imagine the native AX.25 stack in Linux will become toxic and ultimately removed. If there is anyone who is willing to give this a try, I can connect you with a few other people who have a consolidated list of issues and some possible fixes. Some of those fixes were previously rejected from the kernel maintainers for various reasons without offering solutions.

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