Please read this link related to bluetooth/udp

Maybe this could help

There are apps to control bluetooth devices via udp (like the android app: 
"serial transfer")

I have not tried but would be interested in case of success


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 Betreff: Re: [Xastir] Xastir on Android
 An: "Kurt" <>, "Xastir - APRS client software discussion" 
 Datum: Freitag, 26. Januar, 2018 14:44 Uhr
 The provided link fails due to
 extra characters on the end.
 Corrected link:
 Brett KQ9N
 On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 11:34 PM, Kurt <>
 > Well chute, (I
 fly amateur rockets)
 >   Here's a wiki on Xastir on android:
 > Android_via_GNUroot_and_XSDLMr. moderator
 let this link and others show
 > up
 please.  The only problem with this installation is one
 cannot connect
 > up B/T or I believe USB
 TNC's orwhat have you to make full use out of
 > Xastir.  It's only via -IS and
 that's it.  GPS share won't
 transmit one's altitude above sea level if interested in
 that.  It works
 > otherwise.  Get GPS
 Share up and
 > running before opening
 XSDL. Have GPS share set to "listen" and
 > it.  Fire up XSDL and
 > when you get the blue screen, minimize it.
 Now open GNUroot and put in the
 > crazy
 commands and minimize
 > the GNUroot
 Debian window and pull up XSDL you had minimized.  Yeah a
 > PITA (Pain In the A "you know
 what")Link for running GNUroot debian in
 > XSDL:  Guide: Installing and Running a
 GNU/Linux Environment on Any Android
 > It's
 very maddening in that the Wifi link had on the Android side
 > automatically there on the GNUroot
 Debian side!
 > If one pairs a B/T
 keyboard or mouse on the Android side, it's there on
 > the GNUroot Debian side!  Try and pair
 > Mobilnkd or AP510 and one is SOL. 
 In fact any B/T serial device other
 than the mouse or a keyboardwill not be accessible. 
 I've posted (politely
 > mind you) on
 the git-hub but no responses about B/T
 and I don't think I heard from the author either. 
 Xastir is castrated on
 > Android for
 > On the plus
 side, it does work and I've been able to do most
 > with my fingertips!  Yup,
 first timeI've controlled Xastir from a
 > touchscreen and it's pretty
 impressive.  One has to diddle with the XSDL
 > settingswith accessing the setup screen
 but it's not that bad.  A Nexus 7
 2012 is very serviceable and an N7 2013 is evenfaster. 
 They are a heck'a
 > va lot faster
 than the nearly defunct The Next Thing, "Pocket
 CHIP" which
 > is single
 > threaded.  If one wants to see what
 Xastir looks like on a 4 inch screen
 this is it but unfortunately I thinkT.N.T. and the Pocket
 Chip is going
 > defunct.  1Ghz single
 threaded CPU is pretty slow these days and I had to
 > run the system as "root" to get
 my external B/T TNC's to connect and run
 > an Rf mouse in the USB port........Plus,
 having to plug in an external
 > battery
 (though they are a dime a dozen now) in the micro USB charge
 > asthe power requirement goes up
 with the Rf mouse and B/T running.
 > If GNUroot could get access to B/T stuff
 that's paired on the Android side
 besides a Freak'in mouse or
 keyboard, this would be a "killer" app for Xastir
 on Android.  Kurt KC9LDH
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