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> Tom Russo
> This may come a little late but I was wondering if the script to support 
> wxnow.txt weather stations  could incorporate a date and timestamp.  It will 
> make it possible to check whether the weather station is sending proper 
> updated data.  You may recall that some months ago you wrote me a script 
> called wxnow.pl that I have been using constantly.  Thank you again for that. 
>  The date and timestamps could print on the View|Own weather data window.  I 
> was also wondering if the new script would include an option to display the  
> weather station name.  In the current version, the station name is a Davis 
> and cannot be changed, as far as I can see,

As it is now, no, it would not be possible.

The wxnowsrv.pl script is constrained by having to masquerade to Xastir
as if it were a Davis or Lacrosse weather station --- so it must do exactly
what the Davis and Lacrosse servers do, which is provide exactly one line
of output, with the weather data in it.  No weather stations in Xastir
have the option of providing datestamps on the data.

The Xastir code to handle Davis weather stations is kinda kludgy and depends
on the presence of a string that says the station is a Davis.  Even LaCrosse
weather stations masquerade as Davis to get past this bit of code --- my
own weather station is a LaCrosse, and has been reporting to CWOP as if it were
a Davis for many years.  Allowing a different string would mean having to hack 
on some messy bits in the weather station code, which is more than I have time 
to do right now.

You'll have to get the time stamp information out-of-band, since it's already 
in the WXNOW.txt file.

Sometime this year maybe I can look over the weather station code and see if
I can untangle the decoding so that other station types can be handled without
pretending they're all coming from a Davis.  But it won't be anytime soon,
and it won't be in the 2.1.0 release.

Tom Russo    KM5VY
Tijeras, NM  

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