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> I was just wondering whether I should install the new Xastir alongside the 
> current version (in new directories of course) or simply run the Lee???s 
> script in the current directories.  I have never had to do this before, so 
> would appreciate some help.  Or should I uninstall the current version, which 
> is installed from source.

When you say you have already installed Xastir from source, was it source from
Git, or the old 2.0.8 tarball from Sourceforge?

There is NO difference between the 2.1.0 tarball code and the git master
branch except a version number.  If you're already building from git master, 
don't bother installing 2.1.0.  You can just "git pull" in your source clone 
directory again and rebuild/reinstall in the same build directory you used 
last time.  That's what using the live git version is all about --- you don't 
bother to wait for releases (which these days come very rarely, although I 
hope to fix that), and you get the incremental fixes as they happen.

If you're using 2.0.8 tarballs, just pull down the 2.1.0 tarball from
Github and do what you did to build  and install 2.0.8 --- it'll overwrite the 
old one.

I can't really see any reason to install the new one in a separate place, or
to remove the old one first.  The only reason I can see to uninstall the old
version is if it's really old (like 2.0.6 or 2.0.4) and you want to get rid
of the old, broken .geos for servers that went away and which those old 
versions installed.  

The only reason I can see to uninstall Xastir before upgrading is if the
old install is from a package management system --- in that case, the new
source-built would be installing to /usr/local, and the old was installed in
/usr.  And then there are issues with fixing up your xastir.cnf and other 
config files.  But that's not what you said you did, so that's not an issue.

I don't even see much benefit to re-running helper scripts to do the new build,
either.  Most of those are great ways to get the first build done, because they
take care of installing all the dependent libraries for you.  But if you've
already got a build, you've already got those libraries, and the rest of it is 
just "configure" and "make" and "sudo make install." 

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