I use following regexp. But output is different from that I expect.
Is this bug ?

[root@xcat01 ~]# pping mei[1-6]1xt
Warning: Invalid nodes in
mei11xt: ping
mei12xt: ping
mei13xt: ping
mei14xt: ping
mei20xt: ping
mei21xt: ping
mei22xt: ping
mei23xt: ping
mei24xt: ping
mei30xt: ping
mei31xt: ping
mei32xt: ping
mei33xt: ping
mei34xt: ping
mei40xt: ping
mei41xt: ping
mei42xt: ping
mei43xt: ping
mei44xt: ping
mei50xt: ping
mei51xt: ping
mei52xt: ping
mei53xt: ping
mei54xt: ping
mei60xt: ping
mei61xt: ping

(I expect following)
[root@xcat01 ~]# pping mei[1-6]1xt

mei11xt: ping
mei21xt: ping
mei31xt: ping
mei41xt: ping
mei51xt: ping
mei61xt: ping

Best Regards,
Keiichi Suzuki.
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