Sorry for the late response, xCAT forks a 'xcatd: DB Access' process to help cache the db data which makes the db access single-threaded. I also think this is not a good way but it is a history problem. We have started https://github.com/xcat2/xcat-inventory which hopes to solve something about the db and object problem for xCAT.
In your case, I think you can just kill the 'xcatd: DB Access' process manually, this could make the db access concurrently.
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In order to be able to perform multiple queries from the xCAT database (for example, nodestat and lsdef) concurrently, we would like to know if there is a way to cause xCAT to be multi threaded. When we try to perform two things as described concurrently, one of them just waits for the other to complete before execution.
If there isn't a multi threading configuration for xCAT, we have proposed a solution: in addition to the current active xCAT, we will create a machine with xCAT installed, on which the only service that will run is xcatd, without anything else. Of course, the two xCAT instances will point to the same DB. As a precaution, we will make sure that the new xCAT machine will only be able to query the xCAT, and not to change anything (no chdef, etc.).
Will it be OK, or is it too risky to have to unrelated xCAT instances that point to the same database?
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