xCAT Version 2.13.7.lenovo2

xCAT does a really good job of selecting the install disk and creating a
default partitioning scheme.
However, when specifying a custom partition script, xCAT does deliberately
"rm" the generated /tmp/partitionfile just before running the custom
partition script.

Is there a legitimate reason for doing so?

I have a use case where I simply want to enforce a maxsize on the root LV.
To do this currently, the entire partitioning scheme must be written into
the custom script, which isn't difficult and can even get the value for
install_disk from /tmp/xcat.install_disk. But, if future versions of xCAT
make improvements in the partition generation logic, the custom script will
not get any benefit from them.

I suggest that it would be better to leave the xCAT generated
/tmp/partitionfile in place so that the user can reference it if needed or
If leaving the auto-generated file in place is not possible (for whatever
reason), an alternative is to rename it. Just as long as it's kept around
for possible reference by the user's custom script.

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