Good morning all,

I'm still wrestling with a SciLinux 7.4 statelite deployment with xcat 2.13.11. 
   The dracut hooks don't seem to be working properly, which is both making it 
difficult to debug and also probably symptomatic of a larger problem.   Running 
genimage, a few things have caught my eye.

The package list is looking for busybox-anaconda, which doesn't seem to exist 
for SciLinux 7.  A bit of poking seems to suggest that it is deprecated, but 
it's not clear to me what a suitable replacement might be.  Is there a 
preferred solution/workaround?

The dracut install also is throwing a couple of errors.  Failing to install 
mlx_en is, I think, benign.  I am also getting this error: "dracut-install: 
ERROR: installing '/etc/udev/udev.conf'"  which seems like it might be more 
significant, especially in light of my dracut problems.  However, I don't know 
what might be causing this problem, nor how to fix it.

Any insight will be latched upon to with unseemly haste,

Jeff Berry
MRC-CBSU, Cambridge
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