Hello Svenn,

did we ever talk about this? I somhow cannot find how to do it:

I would like to open a lot of xcircuit files from the command line:

xcircuit *.ps

If I do this now, only the first page is present in the page overview
with shift-P.

I think we talked about this at some point in time, but I can't
remember anymore.

I don't recall if we discussed this or not.

The rule (which I couldn't find on the web page about XCircuit usage,
so my fault there) is that you can pass any number of filenames on
the command line if they are in a comma-separated (not space-separated)

Realizing that that makes it very hard to do something simple like
"xcircuit *.ps", I just committed a patch to the xcircuit-3.10 git repo
to handle space-separated lists of files as well as the original comma-
separated lists.

As usual, the new tarball will be regenerated overnight.


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