Quoting Lennart Poettering (2017-08-30 10:23:06)
> On Di, 29.08.17 13:20, Josh Triplett (j...@joshtriplett.org) wrote:
> > On Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 07:27:50PM +0200, Johannes Löthberg wrote:
> > > ---
> > > Dropped XDG_BIN_DIRS and add note about architecture-specificity of HOME 
> > > due to XDG_BIN_HOME.
> > 
> > This version of the proposal looks great to me, and thank you for
> > working on this.
> > 
> > Reviewed-by: Josh Triplett <j...@joshtriplett.org>
> > 
> > If this gets accepted, I would be happy to help work with various
> > projects to incorporate support for it. Unlike the other variables, I
> > think this only needs special support from software that *installs*
> > binaries to $XDG_BIN_HOME (falling back to ~/.local/bin), and not
> > software that just wants to access such files (for which it should use
> > $PATH).
> > 
> > I don't think this needs to be put in the standard, but people who want
> > to make $HOME less architecture-specific might want to set $XDG_BIN_HOME
> > to a path that includes the architecture triple, similar to multiarch
> > library paths.
> Looks fine to me too. IIRC I have commit access to the git repo, hence
> I might commit this eventually (ping me in two weeks about this if
> nobody else took care of this yet). However, before that happens I
> think we should wait for more replies, maybe others have opinions
> about this too, for example I am interested in Allison Lortie's
> opinions on this (added to CC), I know she has some interest in the
> basedir stuff, too.
> Allison, any chance you can comment?

As I haven't been able to reach Lennart in the intervening months, is 
there anyone else with commit access that could take a look at this?

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