As part of a conference protocol plugin for Pidgin (like the one for
Lync), we have the ability to create meetings.

We need to spawn a "new meeting" editor in the client of the user's
choice, pre-populated with meeting dial-in information, conference-
specific attendees, etc.

I've implemented a plugin for Evolution which supports this:

dbus-send --print-reply --dest=im.pidgin.event_editor \
       /im/pidgin/event_editor im.pidgin.event_editor.CreateEvent \
       string:"Organizer <>" \
       string:"Meeting summary" \
       string:"Meeting location" \
       string:"Meeting description" \,

Right now I'm shipping that Evolution plugin as part of my own code
base, but I think it makes most sense to standardise the DBus API and
split it out. Then it can be implemented in other calendar
applications, and used from other places (like the Lync plugin for
Pidgin, at least).

Does it make sense for this to be a fd.o specification?

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