On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 09:44:13AM -0700, Kyle Korndoerfer wrote:
> (OpenEJB v0.9.2 & XDoclet v1.2.1)
> After looking around, it seems that the OpenEJB task in XDoclet only
> supports generation of Session Beans and not B/CMP's. Is this accurate?

I'm not really sure what is in the XDoclet support.  Any of the
XDoclet guys aknow?  The two of us working together can probably get
you whatever you need.

BMPs are really easy as they could be done just like stateful and
statless beans.  CMP in 1.0 is provided by Castor JDO, which is
already supported by XDoclet, so that should be easy as well.  The one
thing added by OpenEJB is the ability to put Castor OQL strings for
CMP finder methods into your openejb-jar.xml.  There would possibly
need to be some kind of additional support in XDoclet for that.

Any ideas from the XDoclet crew on this?

> Also, from looking at the download page I noticed that the current
> version was released over a year ago. I was under the assumption that
> since OpenEJB was being used in the Apache Geronimo project, that the
> development would be fairly active on OpenEJB itself. Is OpenEJB in
> active developement in it's current form or has development been merged
> into the Geronimo project?

Well the issue is that we have a little too much concurrent
development going on.  All the team works on OpenEJB and Geronimo, so
we are a little stretched.  We've been putting a lot of work into
Geronimo and an EJB 2.1 version of OpenEJB (OpenEJB 2.0) and still
poking at OpenEJB 1.0 (the next logical release after 0.9.2) which is
really close to being cut.

We're going to get there.  Anyone using 0.9.2 will be able to use the
forthcoming 1.0 without any changes to config files or anything, so
it's safe to get started with that.  Support for the OpenEJB 1.0
config files in OpenEJB 2.0 comes and goes but will eventually be put
back in permanently and released as an official OpenEJB 2.0 release.
It's actually been unofficially released with Geronimo 1.0 M1 already,
but the main features of OpenEJB (embeddability and simple
configuration) are not yet there.


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